Chapter 599. Whoa, whoa, six elements!


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– How many in the end the undead level commander in chief? – Mo Fan looked back, every hundred meters was visible a huge undead level commander in chief …

And how many high level mages are there?

Mo Fan saw six or seven high-level wizards attacking one majestic bone giant. And even standing far from the battle, the skin felt the effects of high magic used against him, but at least henna. In response, the giant released over ten thousand bone arrows, and it is unknown how many high-level magicians turned into a cloud of blood.

“Not every high-level magician can single-handedly defeat such a thing, so the level of the bone giant is already the senior commander in chief …” said Yao Nan calmly, seeing the fright on Mo Fang’s face.

Mo Fan did not say anything, apparently when fighting against monsters of this level, the rank of mage plays not such a big role, and even high-level magicians are not able to decide the outcome of the battle.

But if they did not, then the city walls have long been broken through, and the hordes of the undead would have arranged their own bloody feast!

* woo-oo *

While Mo Fan was in his thoughts, a golden light suddenly flashed in a dense veil of clouds in the distance, and filled with the golden rays the aura of the breath of death!

The next moment, Mo Phanim appeared in a huge golden sword, descended from heaven!

It was a sword, completely woven from golden rays, its blade seemed to be able to hold between heaven and earth, before this golden sword appeared …

* woo-oo *

Another droning sound sounded from heaven, and the sword was right above the bone giant.

The sword of light pierced the bone giant, crushing it to the ground, and the body of this seemingly invincible giant began to crumble.

The mountain of bones collapsed, the sword of light with a buzzing sound rose up again, and the bone giant finally ceased to show signs of life, and turned into a pile of snow-white bones!

This view appeared before Mo Fang’s eyes, soaring in the air, the sight that happened before him made his heart beat faster!

– This is … What is this magic! – in amazement barely spoke Mo Fan.

Literally just now, Mo Fan thought that magicians were helpless in the fight against an enemy of this kind, he was afraid that even high-level magicians could not control the situation on the battlefield, when suddenly a sword appeared from the heavens that cut off the alarm in his heart!

The majestic bone giant was the level of a senior commander, and those six to seven high-level wizards could absolutely oppose the monster, and the sword that fell from the sky killed him in an instant, and the real shock is hard to describe in words!

– The magic of the highest level – Justice of the Light: A Punishing Sword! – Yao Nan’s eyes radiated light.

The highest level of magic, of course. The path to it is extremely long, and therefore not everyone has enough life to cultivate to it, to the strength, similar to the power of the creator!

– Justice of Light: Punishing Sword! – Moe Fan’s panic in the soul disappeared, replaced by quiet calm.

This is your mother just magic, punishing sword, merciless justice of light!

“Come on,” Yao Nan grabbed Mo Fang’s hand and flew straight to the city wall.

They flew farther and farther from the battlefield, but in Mo Fang’s head, everything was a scene with a sword of light, piercing the majestic bone giant and crushing it with one blow!

I remember once, high school students were very much grieving that they had aroused the magic of light, but they would have seen, what he saw …

– Yao Nan, in the textbooks that I read is written, that there is nothing higher than the highest level of magic, but nevertheless, is there something stronger? Asked Mo Fan, about a thought that suddenly came to his mind.

– You have not yet reached a high level of magic …

“Can’t you just ask?” – Yao Nanju Mo Fan did not let me finish.

“There are, for example, in those competitions of five continents that you participate in, you will get a chance to meet with magicians of a higher level, only this is no longer called magic, but called spells,” answered Yao Nan. He met Mo Fane’s eyes, who listened to him with a serious look, having laughed a little, he shook his head from side to side, and spoke again, “It seems that it will rain soon, I suppose the last rain this season, and after the snowfall will begin, the undead will freeze underground and the city will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Yao Nan, if he had not been a magician, he wouldn’t have badly predicted the weather, because soon there was really cold rain washing the ground after a hard battle.

Although, at first it rained down here in the city.

The night was not over, and the guard on the wall, already wearing raincoats, still barely kept. This icy water not only did not support the fighting spirit, but simply demolished it, it is incredible that there are still magicians in the distance.

Mo Fan and Yao Nan have already returned, and standing on the tower walls, they looked at the battle in the distance, and all they had to do was pray for those fighting there.

“With such a frown, if the incident had not happened, the battle would have ended a long time ago, if Dussiao would have happened, the gloomy titan would not have survived,” Yao Nan was sure of his boss. He stood on the wall regaining his breath, and at the same time chatting with Mo Fan.

“I don’t like rain very much,” said Mo Fan.

– I love it very much. Mo Fan, you need to be baptized once, and if you make a breakthrough to a high level just by cultivating, then it is unlikely to be something great. It seems to me that when you went up to the middle level, you also received some help … ”said Yao Nan Mo Fang with a serious air.

There are no people who are clearer than Yao Nan who understands Mo Fang’s true power, and if he can step towards high-level magic, then in addition he will be able to awaken two more elements!

Six elements!

Who in this world is able to control more elements than he!

“Looks like you’re interested in my breakthrough,” said Mo Fan.

Yao Nan is closely associated with the hunter league Clear Sky, and it looks like Ling Ling or old Bao told him that he was a two-element birthble, unlike those who only awaken one element at a time!

– The initial level or the average level upon waking, they all have a limit. But when you break through to a high level, your combat power rises very sharply! Six elements collected in one body, in addition to each element superimposed various spiritual seeds, spiritual entities, in general, as if just two high-level magicians! Said Yao Nan.

– Just idle talk, you understand how much I strained with money? – answered Mo Fan.

– Well, yes, hehe. But I still strongly advise you to first bring the fire element to a breakthrough to a high level, so you can awaken the fifth and sixth elements. This is even more than that of the spellcasters, I think the dark church would give a lot for someone like you, only you cleaned them out once.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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