Chapter 6: Imperial family


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“We acknowledge the give-up of Zepes Indu. Winner Anos Voldigord”

With the owl’s voice, the magic barrier at the doorway has been removed.

But it’s strange.It’s just a reaction that the spectators say they don’t know, despite claiming to be the name of the Devil King Anos.

Does this mean that there are too many unreachables to deceive the name of the Demon King and do not stop now?

Being too famous is also a problem. But, well, you have to prove it with your abilities.

“It was a good game.”

He reaches out to Zepes for his good fight. He shook his body as if frightened.

“Kuh, shit! I’m stupid! Remember!”

Zeppes ran away, spitting out a mess of speech.

HM.What would he be so resentful that there would be no resentment at the end of the match? Sure, I was rejected because of me, but I wasn’t killed.Next year, I guess it is enough to take the exam.

Rather, while fighting me, I can go home with satisfaction.If you’re a demons in the mythological era, you’ll be crying with happiness in history.

“After a one minute break, we will have a duel with the next candidate.”

“No need”

Every time I take a duel that does not become such a preparation exercise, I take a break for one minute, and as expected, I also get tired.After all, the other four must also deal with them.I want to pray that it is not a small fish at least.

“I’ll skip the break at the request of Anos Voldigord.”

At that time, a flow of magic could be seen from the passage where Zepes fled.

“Gyaa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa!

A scream resounds. Next, a long-haired demon appeared from the doorway. She has a nervous look with wrinkles between her eyebrows. It was grabbing Zepes’ neck with one hand.

“Oh my brother … oh, I was bad …. Forgive me.


A sluggish, long-haired demonic crushes Zepes’s throat. Magic particles gather there.Bees and black thunder burn the whole body of Zepes.

“Gyaa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa!

In an instant, Zepes turned into charcoal. The long-haired demons discard it like garbage and walk to me.

“My brother was taken care of.”

So that’s it. Zepes’ brother? Apparently it seems better than my brother, but I don’t like it.

“If it’s a revenge for my brother, it’s a good line.”

“It’s shameless for my blood relatives to lag behind as a hybrid.It’s a pity that at least I did it with this hand.”

Is hybrid a mine? Well, I can’t stand a whale at all, but if I’m a hybrid, I’ll be a descendant of that hybrid, is that OK?There’s something in your brother’s quarrel about your mother, which is humorous.

“I think your brothers help each other?”

“It’s a sweet man. You’re a demon royal with power.”

Good grief. Which is sweeter? There is no point in killing mischief just because it is weak.If it is weak, you can use it weakly.It would not survive in mythological times if you commit folly that wastes allies.

“It looks like you’re wrong.”

Resuscitation: “It’s a boring sense of justice.There’s always something you can declare a give-up to what you’ve done if you kill it and use the great magic of <>.”

As the man says that, I worry and give my gaze to the audience.

So that’s it. Over there? In the third row, there are demons who are not wearing uniforms. Probably a candidate. Can you see the next opponent?

But I don’t understand.In the row of F where I was lined, I was passed straight through this arena, and the practical test started immediately.There must have been no chance to go to the audience seats.

“I don’t know. We’re purebred demon royals, or royalties, can choose an opponent. It’s not the same as a hybrid that’s just mixed with the blood of the founder.”

HM. The alphabet written on the invitation.I guess that was based on how my blood was mixed. But I don’t know who thought it, but it’s humorous.

Neither pure blood nor mixed blood has anything to do with how much of my power you have inherited.It’s like telling me to kill me before reincarnation.

First of all. The theory that pure blood is strong and that blood is mixed is weak.A drop of Demon King’s blood is enough.To be honest about not thinking about this is honest.

“Is it finally understood my position?”

“No, I don’t think I care about silly things.”

Pik, and a man’s temple cramps.

“… I’m sloppy, right?”

“Oh, no shit. The Demon King is so strong that it’s just called on its own. Is that pure blood?

To my ridicule, the long-haired demons warp their faces uncomfortable.You may be proud to be my direct line, but it’s boring pride.

“It doesn’t matter if you create a privileged class.There are always such people. But the Demon King is the one who turns down all powers and all laws by his own power. But now it’s the privileged side.”

The ridiculous speech was disturbed, or the long-haired demons skipped the glance.

“In the words of now, let us regard the feat of our founder as a criticism of the imperial family, which should only be persecuted by the imperial monarch Liorg Indu.”

“Why did I talk about me so I downplayed my feat?”


“I’m a sick guy. I say I’m the founder.”

Then Liorg glanced at the hatred and stared at me.

“You, do you know what you are saying?”

“What is it? Did I say I?”

Then, Liorg shouted, saying he had exceeded his patience limit.

“That disrespectful attitude that you deceive yourself to be the founder is worth death!”

“I don’t know. In your opinion, is the reincarnated Demon King a bogus who doesn’t know who he is?”

Shichima Imperial Family: “Shut up! You are a deadly sin to suspect the truth!”

Hey, the seven demon royals. Another strange name has come out, but I guess I’ll look into it.

“What you’re saying is absolutely groundless, but I don’t blame you, because the Demon King is not a verbal proof.”

“Thank you! Again, I’m fooling the words of the Seven Deities!”

I don’t mean that, but it’s annoying.

“Okay, come on. I’ll tell your body that I’m the founder.”

I guessed that if I provoke, I would jump right away, but unexpectedly he looked in the direction of tomorrow.A seat.

“Tell him what happens to those who have criticized the imperial family.”

According to Riorg, three demons in the audience seat jumped into the arena.

“Hmm. Are you sure? Right now, you should be in the middle of the entrance exam?”

When asked, Liorg said as a matter of course.

“I’m afraid of what. This is a clear entrance exam. It would be tedious to beat each person, so I’ll just save you time. It’s natural to prove that you are the founder. Is ”

The owl flying in the sky is probably a referee, but he doesn’t seem to have any particular breach of the rules.

So that’s it. Is this also a privilege?If the power of the royal family is beyond the reach, they may be passed by such means.

“But what about four people?”

“It’s too late now. I regret my statement and die.”

“What are you misunderstanding? You’re saying too little.”

Riorg’s look was steep.


“They say that four fish are not enough to prove their founder. Well, let’s all go with the goosenecks there.”


Even before Riorg guide, the demons watching this scene in the audience seats jump into the amphitheater one after another.Probably pure blood.I always turn my face to seem dissatisfied with me.

Is it a place like 8 ○ people in total?

“The mouth is the source of disaster.”

“It’s absolutely because I didn’t have to sacrifice if you didn’t say anything extra.”

Liorg frowned unpleasantly, but immediately laughed as he reconsidered.

“Even though it is a villain who deceives the ancestor, even if he unilaterally kills him, the royal family breaks down. For one second, he does not go out of his way. In the meantime, prepare for powerful magic at best.”

“Well. As soon as I got more friends, I started to hit a big mouth. He looked down.”

The man who had been angry before, however, was just laughing just because he could afford.

“Are you free to talk? Another one second passed.”

Liorg’s words seemed to be proud, and I just smiled.

“Click on it.

“What’s wrong? Did you go crazy?”

Demon eye “Can’t you still notice? Elaborate better”

The evil eye is the eye that sees magic.When warned, Riorg finally puts his magic into his eyes and uses his magical eyes to detect the flow of magic. Immediately he was surprised.

You may have noticed that your magic is running away.

The demons surrounding me screamed like a scream.

“What, what is this …? Magical power is on its own …?”

“It’s an idiot … I didn’t even swing the magic circle …”

“This guy … to the royal family of eight hundred people …… at the same time magic …?”

“What did you do? What did you do?”

Yeah, this is a sloppy thing.

“Sorry, take control of your magic power, or else you have to–”

The faces of the demons that surrounded me turned blue, and managed to control my own magical power that was running away. But I can’t make it.

“I’m going to die”

At that moment, a gleaming sound resounded, and the eighty-thousand who came down to the amphitheater exploded like a lit gunpowder.

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