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Chuyang gazed up at Chu Xingyun, his chest beating violently, his eyes were red and his face was full of indignation.

Originally, he was going to take the gold stamp from Chu Xingyun’s hand with a brutal attitude today, and make a good irony to show his strong strength.

At this moment, however, he fell to the ground in awkwardness and was ridiculed and taunted by Chu Xingyun.

At this scene where Chuyang lost face, he wants to vent his anger by rushing up yo Chu Xingyun and stabbing him with thousands of knives.

However, Chuyang knows the truth that a good man does not suffer losses at present. He rolls backwards, stands up in a panic, and looks at Chu Xingyun Road: “The despicable dog hides his strength and keeps me in the dark!”

“Today, even if I am unlucky, to be defeated by your hands, but three days later, in the family assembly, you will not be so lucky, the three elders jointly will name impeachment, then, the patriach’s gold seal, even if you do not want, you will have to hand it in!”

After that, Chuyang turned to leave the courtyard.


Chu Xingyun shouted angrily, stepped out and threw out his sword.


A piercing sound of breaking the sky sounded, and the sword was like a meteor. Under Chuyang’s frightened gaze, it brushed past his ear and nailed directly to the door beam.

Chu Xingyun’s thin figure seemed much taller, pointing to the sword on the door beam, said coldly: “Again, the gold seal of the patriach does not belong to you at all. Even if it is threatened by the three elders, I will never compromise or surrender it.”

Chu Yang was frightened by the momentum of Chu Xingyun and turned pale. He stared at Chu Xingyun fiercely and said fiercely, “Well, I’d like to see how you can’t compromise.”

When he spoke, Chuyang pulled out his sword, stepped out of the threshold, and glanced back at Chu Xingyun.

Just think of the embarrassing appearance of Chu Xingyun’s impeachment by three elders at the family meeting three days later, his heart quickens sharply, his face is no longer angry, but full of expectation.

When Chuyang left, the whole courtyard immediately quieted down, Chu Xingyun stood in place, his eyes glittering, constantly recalling what Chuyang had just said.

“Brother Yun, I’m sorry.” At this time, Shuixiang came over, his face full of apology: “I am not good, otherwise you will not encounter these things Brother Yun, I am the one to be blamed.”

“Those guys have had their eyes on the patriach’s gold stamp for a long time. Even without you, they will find other reasons. You don’t have to worry about it.” Chu Xingyun rubbed Shui Xiong’s hair and said firmly, “But you can rest assured that at this family meeting, I will never let their tricks succeed!”

Back in the room, Chu Xingyun closed the door and went directly into the inner space of the samsara stone.

“At the family meeting, the three elders will surely make every effort to make me surrender the gold seal of the patriarch of the family, especially in the realm of cultivation, they will certainly make a fuss.” Chu Xingyun’s eyes sank slightly.

True spiritual mainland, respecting military force, strength, is the root of everything.

Today, Chuyang’s courage to come and provoke is based on the fact that his cultivation seems to be higher than Chu Xingyun. If Chu Xingyun is the realm of Emperor Wu, don’t think Chu’s family, even the king of Liuyun Dynasty should bow to him.

At the thought of this, Chu Xingyun no longer meditated, sitting on his knees, immediately but out out a complicated handprint.

“Congeal!” In a moment of silence, Chu Xingyun’s closed eyes opened, and in an instant, his inner spirit began to roll up, just like a flame, burning constantly in his body.

This silk flame, burning in Chu Xingyun, finally, covered every piece of flesh and blood of the body.

At this moment, Chu Xingyun’s practices are nameless, but he found them in an ancient relic when he traveled through the real spiritual continent in his last life.

Heaven and Earth are divided into five levels: human, spiritual, holy, heaven and nature.

But this anonymous merit method is very strange and does not mark any grade.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt about the strength of the Nameless cultivation technique. Apart from improving the speed of practice, there is also an extremely anti-heavenly ability: transforming Martial Objects!

As we all know, human beings can communicate with heaven and earth as long as they perceive the existence of the spiritual spirit of heaven and earth. They can only be called real warriors if they condense the spiritual spirit of Wu in the body.

Martial Objects have many different forms and different powers. According to the strength of Martial Object, it can be divided into nine grades.

Grade 1 Martial Object is the weakest and Grade 9 Martial Object is the strongest.

The reason why Shui Qianyue is called the first genius of Xifeng City is that besides her fast training speed, Martial Object is her martial object is grace 4.

In the poor Xifeng City, you cannot find another person with this rarity.

To some extent.

According to common sense, Martial Object is a gift from heaven and earth, and it can not be changed by manpower at all. Nameless Cultivation technique is an exception.

It can not only devour other people’s Martial Object, but also absorb the essence, as the source, to transform the practitioner’s Martial object, so that the martial object’s grade can be continuously improved.

It is precisely because of this unknown merit method that Chu Xingyun leaped from an obscure waste owner to become a famous hegemonic emperor.

However, although it is against the heavens, it also has great defects.

After practicing Nameless cultivation technique, the practitioner can swallow other people’s martial objects but only high-level ones.

In other words, if you want to swallow martial object, you can only choose grade three or more martial object, grade one and grade vtwo matial object, can not be swallowed.

This defect is very strange. After Chu Xingyun’s research, he can clearly conclude that this unknown skill is still incomplete.

“In my last life, when I got the Nameless Cultivation technique, I had already entered middle age and missed the best period of practice. Now, I am still young, maybe I can perfect the names cultivation technique, and at the same time, I can upgrade my martial object to the level of grafe nine, or even higher!”

At the thought of this, Chu Xingyun’s heart was full of boldness, and his mind moved slightly. A false shadow of a long sword appeared behind him.

This long sword, for which he was laughed at by others, is grade one and has little effect. Even the long sword sold by the blacksmith’s shop is better than his martial object! ___________

But Chu Xingyun’s eyes, without a trace of dislike, closed slightly, and immediately entered a state of practice.

With the help of the previous life’s practice experience, Chu Xingyun used his weak power to continuously temper the martial object. After a moment, he soon completed a big week.

Suddenly, a strong sense of pain came, making Chu Xingyun’s face extremely pale, as if martial object was to be torn apart alive, and he trembled with pain.

If it was someone else, he would have passed out.

But Chu Xingyun gritted his teeth and persisted with strong will. Even though he was trembling and sweating, he did not choose to give up.

“Break it for me!” Chu Xingyun took a deep breath and bombarded the spirit towards the martial object.


A muffled sound came from the body. Suddenly, the pain disappeared like running water. The sword suspended in front of him suddenly changed, and there was a dim light all over his body.

In terms of grade, it remains unchanged and is still the most rubbish martial object.

But after careful investigation, it will be found that the long sword emits a mysterious breath, which is like the embryo of the sword, which will surely be able to reveal its sharp edge and become the supreme sword in the future.

“It deserves to be an unknown skill. While transforming martial object, it also made me break through successfully and step into the triple heavenly level of quenching body.” Chu Xingyun felt the vigor of his body and showed a happy expression on his face.

But before long, the joy disappeared, and instead he frowned and looked grave.

In six hours, we succeeded in practicing the nameless cultivation technique, and led to promotion from the level 2 of the quenched body to the level 3 of the quenched body. This progress was extremely frightening.

But such streng is still unable to deter the three elders, and maintaining the patriach’s gold seal is difficult.

“If I have enough spiritual materials and Dan Yao, I can double the speed of practice. Unfortunately, all the family property of Chu family has been stolen by people. Now I am not much different from beggars.”

Chu Xingyun gritted his teeth fiercely, not to mention Dan Yao, even the cheapest first-class spiritual material, also needs hundreds of two silver, which is undoubtedly a huge sum of money for him who is poor and white.

Moreover, what he practices is the nameless cultivation technique. The more he practices to a higher level, the more resources he needs.

If you want to devour other people’s Wuling, you also need to be tough, otherwise, you will only encounter a strong counter-attack and hurt your life.

These two points make Chu Xingyun feel deeply helpless.

“Yes!” When Chu Xingyun was troubled, a flash of light suddenly flashed through his mind.

He seemed to be mad. He laughed and even talked to himself. He mocked himself for being too foolish. He clearly owned a huge golden mountain and was distressed by hundreds of silver.

In the past generation, Chu Xingyun was a powerful emperor, who traveled through the whole genuine spiritual continent with rich experience, and all of them were deeply remembered in his mind.

Although he is now sixteen years old again and is no longer repaired, these memories have not disappeared.

In his memory, besides the nameless cultivation technique, there are many martial arts and Kung fu. If you take one out at random, it will be enough to make a great sensation in Xifeng City.

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