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“Since the City Lord does not want to believe, then I have nothing to say, vicious, let’s go.” Chu Xingyun made Gu Cyan mountain a Chu Family guest, just want to make Chu Family stronger nothing more.

The other party does not agree, he does not care, completely do not mind.

“Leave step!” Chu Xingyun just turned around, Qin Yuyan stopped and went to Chu Xingyun and asked: “According to your method, be sure to let Gu City Lord step into Earth Spirit realm?”

“When did Chu Xingyun say empty words?” Chu Xingyun asked, and at the corner of his mouth, a smile filled with confidence made Qin Yuyan fall into meditation.

After a while, Qin Yuyan turned his head to Guyan Mountain Road: “Accept the conditions of the Chu Family Master.”

Gu Cyan mountain looked stagnation, the next moment, he found that Qin Yuyan’s gaze changed, became very cold, with a divine light that could not be disobeyed, completely covered his body.

This kind of look, as if to say, Gu Cyan mountain If you do not agree, then Qin Yuyan will never be light.

“Well, I promised these two conditions.” Gu Cyan Mountain sighed, and my heart was completely hopeless.

He put two nucleus on the table, and he was powerless: “The two nucleus, you hold it first, then the next few, I will search for full power, please give some time.”

Qin Yuyan made a look to Qinshan, Qinshan immediately clear comprehension, and hurriedly headed for the Treasury.

Not long after, Qinshan came back, and there was a fine wooden box in his hand. There were four spirit cores in it, all of which were Spirit Beast from Spirit Gathering Ninth Level Day, which perfectly met Chu Xingyun’s requirements.

“No problem, these six spiritual cores can last for a while.” Chu Xingyun said with satisfaction, found a blank piece of paper and wrote down the insights about cloud evil energy.

“According to my above cultivate, soon, you can step into the Earth Spirit realm, but you must remember to be gradual and can not be eager to seek success.” Chu Xingyun handed the paper to Gu Cyan mountain, and again warned repeatedly .

“You don’t know my dark symptoms, just give a method, is it a bit sloppy?” Gu Cyan mountain is not happy, Chu Xingyun has never asked about the dark matter from beginning to end, but now he said that according to his method It’s ridiculous to step into the Earth Spirit.

“If you don’t believe it, then tear this paper away, I don’t care.”

Chu Xingyun is too lazy to explain to Cyan Mountain, facing the Qin Yu flue: “This time, I will stay in the Baibao Building for a while, you will find two cultivate secret rooms, arrange me and vicious.”

Since he got six nucleus, Chu Xingyun was ready to fight the heat and immediately begin to compress Linghai.

Inside the Treasure House, there are quite a few cultivate chambers. Qin Yuyan specially selected two of the best for Chu Xingyun and scorpion venom.

As for Cyan Mountain, I also found a cultivate room in the Treasure House, so that he had any problems, and immediately turned to Chu Xingyun. Of course, in his heart, there is not much way for Chu Xingyun. Expectations, dead horses as a living horse doctor nothing more.

Hōng lóng lóng !

The door of the chamber was closed, and Chu Xingyun immediately took out a nucleus and placed it in front of him.

This spiritual nucleus exudes a particularly violent spiritual fluctuation, giving people a feeling of a violent beast that cannot be tamed with human power, even if it is separated by a distance, this feeling is extremely strong.

“Martial Artist of Body Tempering Ninth Level relies on Spirit Gathering Ninth Level’s Spirit Beast Spirit Core to compress Linghai. If anyone knows this move, I must think that my brain is in the water.”

Chu Xingyun suddenly gave a wry smile.

Spirit Beast’s nucleus is equivalent to the spiritual sea of Martial Artist. It is the storage of spiritual power. The Spirit Beast nucleus of a Spirit Gathering Ninth Level Day must contain a lot of spiritual power. If a brain rushes into the body, That picture can be imagined…

However, Chu Xingyun does not doubt the true and false of Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering.

He is a close friend with the Martial Emperor. He is a close friend. He often talks about the Martial Study. The method of Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering is said by the Martial Emperor, and it has been demonstrated personally.

“Hū!” Deep took a deep breath, Chu Xingyun took out a lotion and poured it in.

In an instant, the pure spiritual power of the inner strength of the spiritual fluid broke out in Chu Xingyun, walked through the meridians everywhere, and finally merged into the belly of the Dantian, forming a whirlpool of vagueness.

This vortex is the spiritual sea of Martial Artist.

In this step, Martial Artist cultivation will definitely be overjoyed, and the hopefulness of the Spirit Gathering Sea will be ready to enter the long-awaited Spirit Gathering realm and become the real Martial Artist.

However, Chu Xingyun did not. He waited until the Linghai gradually formed a moment, and his hands moved with his heart. He used the spiritual power to completely wrap the spiritual core, and beginly madly absorbed the violent spiritual power inside.


The violent genius just broke into the meridians, and Chu Xingyun had a muffled sound.

Two completely different spirits collide with each other, just like the wave, the beginning of the crazy collision, every collision, is a severe pain, so that Chu Xingyun’s face is painful because of the beginning distortion.

“Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering, give me the compression!” Chu Xingyun snorted and immediately begin to run the Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering method, blending the two spirits together, spinning in a frenzy, solidifying, and then compressing.

This process was extremely boring, and it took ten days to go.

Chu Xingyun sat in the inner space of the Samsara stone. In front of him, the spiritual powers of the six spirits have been swallowed up, becoming dull and dark, no different from the stones on the roadside.

At the same time, in his Dantian, there is a strange vortex, not big, only the size of the thumb, slowly rotating, emitting a gentle glow.

“The sixth turn!” Chu Xingyun opened his eyes and spit out his breath as he was relieved.

After this period of incessant sleep, he finally completed six compressions, compressed Linghai into a thumb size, as long as three times of compression, you can do it.

In fact, in the current state of Chu Xingyun, as long as he wants, he can easily step into the Spirit Gathering realm at any time, and when he enters Spirit Gathering, he will far surpass those of his peers.

After six times of compression, Linghai is equivalent to six times the spiritual power. I ask, the spiritual power of ordinary people, what to compare with him, the gap is cloud and mud, it is not too much.

But for this reason, Chu Xingyun has greater expectations for the completion of nine compressions of Linghai.

The spiritual power is nine times pure, and its terrifying, and the foundation of this kind is well played, and with the Martial Study method that he masters, it is no different than strengthening the strength, and the strength is several times more than before.

“Ten days have passed, I don’t know what the poisoning and Gushan mountain are.” Chu Xingyun made a certainty, and immediately left the inner space, move towards foster.

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