Chapter 603. The Mystical Persecutor


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Su Xiao Luo as if nailed to a place, and tears are about to flow.

She did not understand why the elder decided to do this, and if it were not for Liu Zhu’s defense, all the villagers would have been killed with the hands of Phan Gu.

And she is also a vampire, from which she was generally to protect them. If Elder Sesan did not hide the inhabitants of the village of Yanbai, in order to preserve the village, then it is not clear why he is doing this now?

A variety of different magic raced past Su Xiao Luo, and exploded near the ruins of the house where Liu Zhu was located …

“It will go, one corpse will not change anything, in the end, here and so many people were killed,” the commander said in a cold tone, his brows furrowed, and he stopped the attacks.

– People here are not she killed! – indignantly said Su Xiao Luo.

– Anyway, the main thing we caught one, – indifferently said the girl-hunter in a red dress.

“You … how can you do that?” Not only have you slowly arrived here, are late, allowing so many deaths of innocent people, so now you also want to throw all the atrocities against it! Shouted Su Xiao Luo.

– We are late? Didn’t we arrive just in time, and it was not she who caused so many deaths here, since you can blame us for something here, ”said the girl-hunter in a red dress.

“Elder, say something, tell them …”

Elder Sesan did not say a word, just lowered his head and stared into the ground with empty eyes.

– Hey, dead body?

“Didn’t you blow her up?” – said one of the hunters.

– It is unlikely that the body of this girl is unusual, I just hit her with a burning fist, and she even that …

The hunter approached the ruins, in search of the body, but found nothing but clothes, the gloomy commander of the detachment immediately pushed him away to find the corpse to possess, but also did not find anything.

– Let her go? – the hunter-girl in a red dress said in amazement.

“Oh, that’s impossible, urgent arrest warrant!” Such a creature should not be in the ancient capital … – covering the embarrassment, anger, said gloomy commander.

The cold rain continued to pour, flooding the old narrow alleys.

A charming and gentle silhouette emerged from the gloom smoothly, her hair was wet and in disarray, her clothes were rags, and the skin on all exposed parts was in scars and abrasions.

She, leaning on the wall, walked unevenly forward, sometimes coughing up blood.

“Hehe, tell them that the girl turned out to be smarter and didn’t drink what I gave her, otherwise now I would have lifted her up to the sky somewhere in a secluded corner,” a rough voice sounded from the other end of the alley.

“And we … I liked these long legs so much, this waist … Chief, chief, come here faster!” – the young man with an earring pointed at the silhouette in the middle of the alley.

– Looks like drunk. It turns out that I have enough silhouette to become firm, wow, this waist, legs, butt!

“Let him go, in the end there will be someone more juicy, oh, take a look at her clothes … it looks like she’s already already,” said the young man with the earring excitedly.

– Come on, catch up, I’ve never had sex in the rain, wow, as I imagine, and already excites!

Several drunken young people rushed forward, and their leader with a thick gold chain came close to Liu Zhu and stared at her face.

If you don’t look, it’s really juicy prey, besides being extremely beautiful, it’s also so tender, and the clavicles looking for tattered clothes attract you!

– Beauty, we live right next to the alley, don’t you want to go to us, sober up? – Said the “chief”, opening the umbrella.

“Yes, yes,” said two young people at the same time, already in their dirty thoughts.

Liu Zhu took a deep breath, and her eyes drastically changed color, to completely not human …

She looked at the heated hooligans, what they would have done to her, if she were really a fragile defenseless girl.

– Garbage! – Liu Zhu swore coldly.

– Oh, why did you decide that we would do something inappropriate for people !? – smiled the young man with an earring in his ear.

“Give me first … first I …” another young man reached out to Liu Zhu, he could not resist the urge to touch her long, gorgeous legs!

Liu Zhu fiercely turned, and bloody fangs looked out over her scarlet lips. In the eyes of the young man, they glittered with a sharp dagger, making him feel his exorbitant fear!

The young man scamped with fear, froze in place, unable to move a finger.

Liu Zhu looked at those who were far away, and the playful smiles on their faces immediately gave way to fear, and their confidence, trembling.

“Accompany me to the place where you live,” Liu Zhu said in a cold tone.

“Aha,” the three guys immediately nodded, and, like slaves accompanying the lady, opened umbrellas, led her to the end of the alley.

Liu Zhu’s bloody fangs were still above his lips, and she glanced at the neck of one of the young men …

The harder the bloodsucker’s injury, the stronger the desire for fresh blood, and she already distinctly smelled the blood of these three, mixed with strong alcohol, and struggled with herself, knowing that it would be enough to drain these three to heal immediately.

Liu Zhu took a deep breath, she needs to give up the thought of sucking their blood.

Her sick of one kind of these three, not that the thought that her lips will touch their necks!

Reaching the end of the lane, they were at a rather nice house, Liu Zhu ordered them to enter first, then sent one for new clothes, and the second for hemotherapy.

The clothes were delivered quickly, but the hemopreparation turned out to be too expensive, moreover, it was required to register as a magician, and a simple spani, like this trinity, would not sell it. This put Liu Zhu in a difficult position.

She lost a lot of blood, and if you do not restore it, then everything can end very sad.

– Who’s there? – just at that moment, when she was thinking about what to do next, with her keen hearing she heard that there was someone in the yard.

The man moved very quickly, and she barely heard him, in fact, it is very difficult for a human magician to go unnoticed by her ears.

Liu Zhu went outside, there was no one there, but in the rain curtain there were several bright red bundles …

“Hemopreparat?” Liu Zhu was immediately amazed to find the find.

She immediately looked around, wanting to know who had left the thing that was so necessary for her, but there was not a soul around.

“But who is this, from where does he need to know what I need … didn’t this someone follow me all the time?” Liu Zhu looked at the bundle with hemopreparation with doubt.

She didn’t understand anything, she just picked up and drank the hemographer.

If this one wanted her to die, he could easily have already killed her, because she is now so weakened that a meeting with absolutely any average wizard would doom her to certain death.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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