Chapter 604. The greatest achievement.


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Under the veil of rain was a gray tower, which was located in the very center of a long wall. It is not known how much rain and wind precipitated it over the years …

Throughout the wall, as usual, there were numerous magicians. Hearing the siren, they arrived at the tower.

Through the rain clouds barely penetrated the morning light. Many magicians who performed the mission outside the wall, returned to the tower just because of such weather.

“All of you have done your best today …” said Yao Nan.

– How long does this situation last? – asked Mo Fan.

– It all started in the summer and has been going on for many months. We still have not established the reason, – answered Yao Nan.

– It can not always be! Each night turns into their dances, people are forced to hide inside the city, and all magicians must constantly be on guard of the wall, ”said Mo Fan.

The situation in Xi’an was much more complicated than Mo Fan thought. What should be the residents that are constantly in fear!

– What happened? What kind of panic? – a military adviser quickly ran to the officer.

“There remains a small detachment of the military, which is surrounded by a herd of skeletons, and we do not have enough people to send there and help them,” the officer answered.

– Who is the squad leader? The adviser asked Zhu.

“Van Man …”

Advisor Zhu looked in the direction of Yao Nan and Mo Fang. At this point, people really lacked. Not only was the wall periodically subjected to attacks by the undead, so most of the magicians were sent on a mission to destroy the gloomy tyrant that was the supreme “commander” of the ghouls.

Rescue squad required a large number of people, and it is strong magicians.

– We are two already exhausted. If we go there, it will be a one-way ticket for us, ”Yao Nan said to Zhu’s counselor.

Mo Fan’s magical energy has not yet recovered. If he goes to the rescue of that squad, he will not only not save them, those people will have to drag him too. Yao Nana was about the same. And although he still had some strength, they were clearly not enough to go along with the local ghoul of the commander-in-chief level.

“Let them hold at least until dawn,” the counselor breathed heavily.

“Yes,” said the officer.

As the officer said, the Van Man squad was relatively close to the outer wall. A magician like Mo Fan, with the possibility of night vision, could easily see a herd of bony undead in the distance.

White color meant that the herd of undead consisted of skeletons, and the fact that they covered a small detachment of military men with a wall. Occurring periodically glow said that magicians resisted as they could.

As Mo Fan watched the distance, a loud exclamation was heard from the other side.

Yao Nan also looked that way. Seeing a white glow in the sky, he happily said:

– Everything worked out! They won!

– Who? – asked Mo Fan.

– Twilight tyrant down! The largest squad returns to the wall! – said counselor Zhu. The smile for the first time in a long time shone on his face, it was evident that throughout this long night he was very worried.

Even those few top-level mages were there. If something went wrong, then the trouble would not be avoided.

White victory glow was getting closer. Now, when the royal monarch was killed, the rest of the undead dispersed in different directions. The detachment with the presence of top-level magicians no longer needed to worry about creatures at the commander-in-chief level.

– Well! Fine! – the adviser praised.

The military commander next to him also jumped for joy. Over the past month this gloomy tyrant made everyone shake with fear, and several times there was even a clear danger that he would make a huge hole in the wall!

Now everything was resolved, and all the inhabitants of the city could breathe easy.

Victorious magicians one after another approached the wall. In their formation, they returned to the tower.

A magician with burning wings swept through the rain shroud. Honoring the victory, he was like a burning meteorite in the sky!

His wings of fire were startled, and he quickly sank onto the wall … Although there were many wounds on the body of the magician, they did not affect his stately appearance at all!

Mo Fan looked at the man with burning wings and recognized in him … Zhu Meng!

Gracefully flapping his burning wings, he sank directly in front of the adviser and military commander, and the flames from his wings lit up the wall.

– How is my foreman? Did you sacrifice your life? – Yao Nan asked the question immediately, when he saw that the assessor had landed.

“They saved his life, but the question is when he can get out of bed …” However, if he had not taken the blow, we would definitely be in the clutches of that monster! Said Zhu Meng, sighing heavily. He threw a glance at Mo Fan, and, with his brow furrowed, asked: “Why did you come back? Disorder, need to take action. ”

“I interrupted the undead more than your entire gang of magic!” – declared Mo Fan.

“Today, he really showed himself well, and even helped me defeat a dead giant,” Yao Nan said in support of Mo Fang.

– Well, then come down! – Zhu Meng nodded his head. Peering into the distance, he said: “The rest will return in a sequence. This time there are not many killed, and this is our greatest achievement! ”

– Senior Assessor, let me see you to rest. You are also injured …, – adviser Zhu called the girl mage.

This girl was a magician of the healing element. She was wearing a white coat, she was supposed to hold Zhu Man on the third floor.

Zhu Meng had a falcon eye and therefore, seeing a white crowd of skeletons in the distance, he asked:

– What is happening there? Are our people surrounded?

– Yes. This is a small detachment, it was surrounded by skeletal beasts, but we cannot do anything until dawn, ”adviser Zhu reported.

Zhu Man looked up at the sky and saw that the predawn glow was accumulating in the east … He remembered the day when he learned about his illness. Only the heavens knew what the second night would bring, but he must heal his wounds as soon as possible, because the north tower still needs his protection.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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