Chapter 606. The death of the city, the purple siren!


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– Not over yet? – Said Lu Xu, going down to the wall. His eyes were filled with blood.

He no longer had his right hand, and his white bandages around his forearm were soaked with blood. On his face was painted a kind of smile, which he tried to cover up all the inner horror, not having the courage to believe in what is happening!

Senior mentor Fei Jiao, lord of hunters Dusiao, military Lu Xu, senior assessor Zhu Meng – they were all top-level magicians. At this point, they carefully looked into the distance, watching the territory, which was covered by the undead. The dead continued to crowd out of the ground, overcome by the thirst to kill …

The ringing came from the north side. Four mages, looking there, saw how one skeleton, flapping its bony wings, was approaching them …

His silhouette was getting closer, and the shadow of his wings was already cast on the north tower.

People did not know what it is. However, the scornful look of this creature brought on them an unprecedented horror!

Mo Fan raised his head and looked at this bone tyrant. His body was molded in the color of a silvery water surface, and now it could be seen most clearly. Small sharp tips on his body could pierce the magicians at any time!

– Skeletal ruler!

Lu Xu was only now able to pronounce these words.

These words, uttered with fear from the mouth of a higher level mage, were terrifying.

The dusky tyrant was the ruler of demons, so during his appearance he was surrounded by demons!

The bone tyrant was the lord of the skeletons, therefore he was also surrounded only by his kindred.

However, the bone tyrant surpasses the gloomy tyrant by a whole order, and belongs to the undead of the highest rank!

Why would he wake up at dawn ???

He again made a sound that looked like a funeral chime. He was already in a few kilometers from the city wall, and from the black haze from his mouth it was possible to conclude that he possesses dark forces!

Sharp tips turned into an attacking wave – a deadly arc, which made a whistle …

The space shook … The deadly arc was not a curved, oblique line, it pierced the dense veil of rain, literally bursting into the space that surrounded the outer wall.

Dark light spread everywhere, absorbing the dawn rays.

Now the territory in the district plunged into darkness, and the next second the wall itself was covered by something black!

There was a strange sound, and Mo Fan suddenly felt his ear membranes pouring blood!

The dead completely blocked the horizons of people. Now it was not clear what time it was happening. One thing was clear – they are trying to break into the city limits.

The darkness did not last long, but at that moment, when the rays of sunlight again lit up the neighborhood, the magicians standing along the wall did not believe their eyes …

The wall has disappeared!

A significant section of the city wall with small stones seemed to evaporate in the air! In other words, a piece of the wall did not disappear, it simply divided into small pieces, which now rose into the air and were picked up by the wind!

– Moron! – tears flowed one after another across the face of a gray-haired man that was in the main tower.

– I’ll destroy it! I will destroy him! – the voice of a man is now more like a growl.

Mo Fan, seeing that this man is really going to move into battle, now did not think about hiding his magical possibilities. Turning into a shadow, he was near the man with lightning speed, clinging to him with both hands.

“Then you will surely perish!” In the eyes of this monster, your life is not even worth it to make an extra move to kill you! Said Mo Fan ominously.

– You, his mother, do not dissuade me! Now let go! – snarling short.

Mo Fan knew that this rush of anger for a short person would result in a certain death, so he used a shadow thorn to immobilize him for a while.

Short as always resisted. He even tried to get rid of this thorn shadow, but Mo Fang’s magic is not so easy to resist. All measures taken by him were useless.

– Let me go! I order you to let me go! – low growth still could not calm down.

Mo Fan still continued to stand next to him, making no sound.

And although the short man did not say this, one could understand from his furious mind: he thought that the hospital was just a mile from the wall …

As soon as the dead penetrate the city, in a very short time they equate the hospital with the ground …

The wall was already partially destroyed, and at that time the wife of short stature was in that hospital, who was on demolition …

“Mo Fan, I beg you, let me go … if you are still my friend!” – tearfully spoke undersized.

“I’d better not be your friend,” Mo Fan said. He was not even going to concede.

Even if Zhu Meng, Dusiao, Lu Xu, and Fei Jiao were not able to withstand the deadly wave, it could not have happened to the undersized. And although for the ghouls the life of some mid-level magician did not represent any value, the short man himself could have done a lot more in a fit of hatred.

It was not a dream, it was a real disaster! Just like in Bo! Even then, an average level mage could not change the course of affairs, and now at least there is a possibility that several people will be able to survive!

Belatedly, there was a purple siren that covered the northern part of the city with a beautiful light cap. And although many girls liked this wonderful color, it meant only one thing … – the inevitability of death …

“Pur … purple siren!”

Mo Fan looked at him and saw how the streets of the city covered a terrifying purple glow …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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