Chapter 607. A Huge Rocky Tyrant!


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Now the purple color, which meant the invasion of the undead in the city, filled every corner of the city. Only at the dawn of the dawn old people lazily rubbed their eyes, and one of them said to another:

– Hey, old man, I slept for a few days, or I had problems with my eyes …

However, after the old man received news of the spread of the siren from his friend, he immediately understood what was happening!

Not yet grown-up children began to sob violently, and people began to leave in clusters from their homes. Seeing the purple light spreading through the city, the expressions on the residents’ faces instantly changed …

Even young people, who were fast asleep under their blankets, could not stand the screams, opened the windows. Their eyes were presented by people who randomly in a panic rushed through the streets in a purple glow, traffic jams were on the roads – all residents, wearing comfortable clothes, running away … who was in a car, someone on their two …. At first it seemed that it was just a dream, but dozens of phone calls from relatives and acquaintances were made to believe that all this was happening in reality!

The purple siren was last heard in Xi’an about half a century ago, and only the old-timers remembered her !!!

The new day brought with it a thick breath of death.

Mo Fan, who was in the main tower, could already hear the roar of the undead, which was now even more than at night!

Next to him was a short man who had already come to terms with what was happening. Only a heart-rending sob betrayed his inner torment.

“I was at that hospital just yesterday!” They say that there is the best department of obstetrics …. When I saw the glow of the general collection, I came here, although I would not do that at ordinary times! I … I wanted to end this beautifully. Later I wanted to tell my son that on the day he was born his father fought heroically! And now it will not … nothing will …

“Maybe this is a daughter,” said Mo Fan.

– Shut up already! – growled short.

– Maybe they will not die …. Maybe your wife gave birth early and has already managed to return home. In the end, we fought for a very long time! – added Mo Fan.

This phrase noticeably calmed the short.

Everyone in the tower was exhausted. Most recently, magicians have just returned from a battle that was to go down in history with a great victory! None of them could have known about what was going to happen! What were they supposed to do? Try to defend or leave with residents who hastily left the city? The number of undead at times exceeded the number of people, and now it was not dead, that wandered aimlessly on the territory … it was ordered troops!

A bone tyrant whirled around in the air. He carefully looked from the height of the city, which was now so easy to destroy, and the magicians, whose destruction was not a problem …

He issued an order according to which hordes of white skeletons began to rise from the ground!

A huge monster rose among the undead like a mountain! He took a step toward the wall, and the city trembled …

This monster appeared at the call of the bone tyrant and was the banner of the undead! The dead began to gather even more densely around him, rising from the ground. Now the undead flooded everything around to the horizon line.

The rain rattled even faster, forming a gray veil that merged with the hordes of dead. All this action slowly and inexorably approached the walls of the city …

– Dusiao, do not attack! – Advisor Zhu tried to pacify the lord of the hunters.

Zhu Meng, Fei Jiao and Lu Xu were in a difficult situation: the wounds on their body from the last battle were still not prolonged, which means that they could not fight again!

Although the gloomy tyrant and refers to the commanders of demons, only by combining the efforts of all four mages of the highest level, it became possible to defeat him. As for the bone tyrant, his power exceeds the power of the gloomy tyrant, and this is not to mention how wizards were exhausted at this moment, and their wounds have not yet healed. It is clear that they could not resist the bone tyrant now!

Now, at a distance of about five kilometers from the wall, a tyrant-like tyrant was also formed, that he certainly is the sovereign of the undead!

“He’s about the same age as a totem serpent.” Now do something with inner magical barriers! The death toll may be ten times more than we expected! “Zhu Meng was calm as a senior assessor.

He punched the table with his fist, and his veins stood out clearly on his arm. Zhu Man was a real strategist, but even he did not foresee the disaster that overtook the city.

And yet why?

Why at dawn undead got out much more than at night?

So many ghouls awakened immediately! Could it really be that the new supreme ruler of the country of ghosts has now ordered all the undead to rebel, that they have been sleeping peacefully for over a thousand years?

“Zhu Meng …” Mo Fan, with a reverent look, called the assessor.

“You run too, hide in the inner safe limits, and we …” Zhu Meng sighed heavily, and his face was ghastly pale.

Xian for so many years has not encountered such a huge influx of undead, but even now they have to come up with something …

The purple siren rang … where did the people run?

What is the probability of survival?

Mages, of course, could not only take care of themselves at that moment … but what about ordinary residents?

How many people will be able to save? One street? Area? Now everyone had to survive as he could.

“Of course, I know that I have to run, but first I would like to share my thoughts …,” said Mo Fan. There was no hint of severity on his face.

“Speak,” said Zhu Meng.

“Bo City, you truly know that I come from there.” Believe it or not, now I can smell the background of the black church! – said Mo Fan.

– Black church ?! Why do you think so? – asked Zhu Meng with surprise.

“Rain …” said Mo Fan.

Zhu Meng was taken aback.


Can the undead attack in broad daylight only thanks to the veil of rain?

However, in these places and before there were torrential rains, but never was such that he activated the appearance of the undead in the day

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