Chapter 608. The city on the verge of death.


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– I do not know exactly how the Black Church turned out, but the root cause of this disaster, and the one that occurred in the city of Bo is one. Likewise, it all started without the slightest cause, there was also a downpour, and also all animal life became irritable! You think that two showers, nothing happens by chance, but I think that everything is connected, and this cannot have a reason, a natural disaster is exactly the work of human hands! Said Mo Fan.

The ancient capital has been safe and sound for many years, Mo Fan didn’t believe that this century is simply in fact long-suffering, and if it was not God who decided to punish the human race, then this is clearly someone’s sinister plan to destroy people from the face of the earth!

Mo Fan has no factual basis to claim that this is somehow connected with the Black Church, just an intuition …

But behind his shoulders was what happened in the city of Beau, that terrible purpose of the Black Church. The members of the black church were in the shadow, among ordinary people, and no one could reveal their true disguise!

“You will come with us, otherwise you will hardly be able to safely reach the inner walls …” Zhu Meng believed in the words of Mo Fang.

Not long ago, Zhu Man learned about the actions of the Black Church, which took place in various parts of the country, but here in the ancient capital everything was quieter than water, below the grass, as if everything had flowed into the magical city of Shanghai.

Mo Fan waved his head. He expressed his thoughts to Zhu Maine not to help him to leave, but in the hope of somehow influencing the decisions of the upper classes.

“Then what are you going to do here, the army of the undead is about to capture the outer walls, and everything outside the inner walls will become a disastrous place, the purple light means that no magician can survive outside the inner walls!” – Zhu Meng dragged Mo Fan, deciding to drag him away with him forcibly.

“My friends are still on the north wall, and I need to take them to a safe place …” said Mo Fan seriously.

Zhu Meng met Mo Fang’s determined gaze and relaxed his grip.

“I will send people …”

“It’s not worth it, it’s enough to take me alone, your people are more valuable, they can help the others.” I have not been diligently cultivating all these years so that at the moment of a catastrophe, like the one that happened in the city of Bo, to be good for nothing … ”said Mo Fan.

Yao Nan stood near Mo Fang, and looking at him he said:

– Indeed, as soon as the former residents of the city of Bo only hear the mention of the Black Church, they immediately become surprisingly firm and decisive.

“But there is no concrete evidence of this yet,” said Mo Fan.

– It is impossible for this to be a mistake. Our League of Hunters of the Clear Sky helped the court to pursue Sa Lang, according to diverse information, heading to the Ancient City, but unfortunately, it was too late, – Yao Nan slapped Mo Fang on the shoulder, and continued: – I didn’t expect this at all, absolutely … Earlier, when I listened I didn’t understand at all that there was such a terrible thing in this Cardinal Sa Lana, and now I’m standing in a city that the undead army is about to destroy … I think now I can forget this name to the end of my life.

“Sa Lan …” Mo Fan recalled this name, he is clearly not the first time he hears him.

“My magical energy has not yet recovered, so I cannot help you, we will meet behind the inner walls,” said Yao Nan Mo Fang.

– Yeah, meet the inside walls.

Each person in a similar situation, tries to remain a person, and therefore tries to believe that people familiar and close to him are alive and not lose hope.

Not only the north, but the rest of the walls were covered in purple.

Exterior walls could not stand.

And since the purple signal of precaution has already been put out, then it is necessary for everyone to run for cover more likely.

Mo Fan distinctly remembered the bloody color of the precautionary measures, in which not only did the average person have a chance of survival, but violet means that the chances of a magician are no higher now …

Escape. Now the whole ancient capital has made one decision – evacuation.

Each city has its last defensive line, it is a safe zone. The safe zone of the ancient capital was the barely noticeable magic dome of the inner walls, 14 kilometers long.

Now, Mo Fan watched crowds of people, one black spot running through the inner walls, roads in one traffic jam overflowing with cars, a helicopter flying from above, helping to evacuate …

The city of Bo was no more than the area near the northern wall, and this is the majestic ancient capital, with a population of more than a hundred times!

And now all this population is racing over time running over the inner walls, I wonder what’s going on there?

The earth vibrated from the walk of the undead, the sky from their cries.

All fled, and no one dared to turn his head. The undead turned out to be much more than the magicians thought, and their heavy tread was felt even on the towers. The city wall is about to collapse.

Mo Fan gained courage and turned his head …

The black!



Rotting corpses, corpses-voivods, skeletons, skeletons- voivods, demons, demons-voivods flooded the whole earth around, leaving no slightest clearance!

Giant undead stood out from all, they are like cranes among chickens, towered above the total mass.

But the greatest danger came from a skeleton ruler circling in the sky, destroying a kilometer of the city wall, clearly possessing knowledge and wisdom.

Mo Fan didn’t know what terrible monsters are near other walls, but by the mood of Zhu Manya and Dusiao, who could watch everything from heaven, he was well aware that the skeletal ruler in the whole battlefield was not the most dangerous enemy, but someone even the highest level mages must fear – the huge ridge of the dead.

The ridge of the dead – a mountain range, from where the undead flows. Its top almost reaches the clouds, and emits a cold glow, which is extremely dangerous for the city!

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