Chapter 609. Dead Men from Heaven!


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The ridge of the dead took another step, he did it very slowly, but with each step the city grew closer and closer.

His crown could be seen closer and closer behind a dense curtain of rain, having walked for about ten kilometers he stopped, about ten more kilometers from the city.

At its foot stood fat, like a meat ball, corpse giants – meat carcasses, which by their body already resembled mounds, but to a large hill – the ridge of the dead were no more than knee-deep.

These meat corpse carcasses had huge mouths, and they absorbed standing rows of skeletons, rotting corpses, demons straight into their stomachs, in one fit more than a thousand petty undead!

Looking at what was happening just once, Mo Fan didn’t particularly want to look further, even if he didn’t understand why these meat carcasses absorb their own undead, besides, he should rather find Liu Zhu, Zhang Xiao Hou and the others who left the inner walls together.

– Mo Fan, what should we do? – Zhou Ming eyes full of horror looked at Mo Fang.

“You’re coming with me,” Mo Fan said seriously.

“I need to go to Bo Street, I don’t want to get into a similar incident a second time,” said Mu Bai calmly.

“True, Mo Fan, we cannot abandon them,” said Zhou Min.

“Aha, then we first go to Bo Street,” Mo Fan nodded.

Everything is exactly as Mu Bai said, people from the city of Bo had already endured one catastrophe, very uneasy survived, and if something like that happens again, it will be too cruel.

Mo Fan understood that the number of people that he can take with him is limited, but since Jean Xiao Hou and Liu Zhu are still in that direction, then these people also cannot be left without attention.

“Consider it with you,” the short man slowly got up and walked over to Mo Fang.

Mo Fan looked at the grieving, emaciated short, and nodded.

It seems he has already accepted that the dead will not return, and if you can protect yourself, then try to protect others as well.

“Then we move forward without delay, the damage to the wall is too serious, and the undead have already entered the city, and every minute there will be more and more undead.” Mu Bai, do you still have close people on the north wall? Zhou Ming asked.

“My uncle, but he probably moved to places closer to the inner walls.” He said he was going there for business today, ”Mu Bai said.

“Okay then, let’s go to Bo Street.”

“There is a road from Bo Street to the inner walls, but because of the terrible traffic, it is unlikely to be able to safely reach it,” Zhou Ming worried more than usual.

The movement is really terrible, if you consider that even magicians are forced to move to a step, then it will not be easy to get to the inner walls.

Mo Fan, Zhou Min, Mu Bai, short, all four ran to Bo Street, they were all intermediate-level magicians, and their physical fitness was much higher than normal humanity, because they ran across the rooftops like nimble masters of wushu while the streets were filled evacuated by people and abandoned cars.

“Mo Fan, you have not yet recovered your magical energy.” I have medicine, it can help you to get enough strength, – Mu Bai pulled a vial from his pocket and handed it to Mo Fanyu.

“Thank you, thank you very much,” Mo Fan really used up magical energy.

Since he is a magician of four elements, his magical energy is higher than that of an ordinary magician, and it’s not so easy to spend it all, in addition, he and Yao Nane returned to the tower to take a break, however, if in time don’t get ready, the ocean of this undead will devour you.

Running past the ruined hospital, Mo Fan glanced at the short man.

The short growing was not sad and not depressed, he, too, had already seen many deaths, and now he was so mad, more likely because he had lost the most important person.

There is no person, and that’s all. But there is you, and we must somehow continue to live.

“With our speed, we may have time before the army of the undead arrives to leave the inner walls,” said the short man.

He knew the ancient capital better than the rest, so he led everyone behind him so that they could quickly get to Bo Street, so that together with the people who survived the catastrophe of Bo city, get to a safe place.

“It’s good, ah, poor people living outside the outer wall, near the city …” Zhou Ming is still a girl, and seeing so many innocent victims, she feels very uncomfortable.

Since the appearance of the purple signal, an hour has not passed, and the number of victims is already greater than during the disaster in the city of Bo, moreover, this number is still growing!

– What is it in the sky!

“This carcass … why is it like a huge building?”

“There are still eyes, it looks terrible …”

People on the street stood in a panic, lifted up their heads and looked at the sky at a huge creature.

Mo Fan, too, lifted his head to look, and found striking carcasses like meteorites falling on the streets, destroying houses and cars standing along it.

Mo Fan with a surprised face looked at the completely round huge meat carcasses … He already had the presentation of this thing, like these

meat carcasses were those devouring thousands of undead, at the foot of the ridge of the dead!

Meat carcasses fell from the skies … To the fact that they were transferred here to the ridge of the dead ten kilometers away!

And here Mo Fang had a terrible foreboding …

And right at the same moment, from the huge mouth of the carcass fell out, absorbed before this skeletons, rotting corpses, demons!

On the street everyone shouted, they started pushing and running in different directions …

Mo Fan was stunned!

He, with his head up, looked into the city sky, one after another a meteorite of carcass flew over him, falling in various parts of the city!

Mo Fang had blood in his veins, because no one could have imagined that the ridge of the dead would begin to throw meat into the city, loaded with a thousand army of undead …

After all, this will now endanger all evacuating residents!

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