Chapter 610. Mage of protection.


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– On the street in front of everything in the undead, what is it, after all! – shouted Mu Bai.

It is quite obvious that the wall still blocks the path of a huge army of undead, why, then, there are so many demons on the streets, rotting corpses, skeletons, they only noticed the person and immediately rushed to tear and gnaw. From that there are already mountains of corpses scattered across the land …

– Quickly go, but not that we will notice that the corpse giant, – shouted three short.

And indeed, the glance of the carcass, which had just spat out a thousand undead, was heading towards them, apparently, it was somehow able to feel the magicians!

Everyone understood that with their strength there is no chance to fight against the undead level commander in chief, and therefore you need to run away from here as soon as possible. If the corpse giant noticed them, it would be too late to run away!

All four turned into a narrow passage, hiding behind the house.

In the sky, everyone also flew and fell deeper into the city meat-colored meteorites.

If indeed in each of these meat carcasses there are a thousand undead, then soon they will fill every corner of the city in such a way …

From what was happening they had a quick heart, now even the magicians needed to run in a panic, and it is safe to say that the ancient capital is now on the very verge of death.

The rain continued to pour, and the golden magic barrier did not prevent him from doing this, and he, as before, cleared the old buildings of the ancient capital from dirt …

The clock tower towered in the heart of the city, punching the golden dome, and that small part that looked out for it created the feeling of a golden umbrella that opened over the inner walls.

The city gates were wide open, and a long stream of people moved inland. During the purple alarm, the only joy for a person is to be close to the inner walls.

The inner walls were not high, but they had a magical protective barrier, because even the monsters at the commander-in-chief level were not able to break through them.

In the old gates in the old days there were very few magicians, as well as on these distant gates, and now on this site stood, knitting their brows, a lot of people and waiting for the decision of the magic association from the clock tower.

And under the tower on the wall at that time only continuous abuse was heard.

It seemed that one could hear all the curses that only exist, and ordinary people passing by, who only see that the sentries on the wall just stand and do nothing, think that the magicians have completely lost the respect of the people, and only know what to do to protect yourself …

– The head of the elite security, if you continue to wait this way, then the people will finally lose hope! – not finding a place for himself, said the young magician of the elite guard.

It was extremely unpleasant to hear curses, and the ears, unaccustomed to such speeches, of a young elite security mage, were already curled up into a tube.

Mages generally should not just stand at a similar time, and even more so their elite guard division, considered one of the greatest in the ancient capital!

The division of elite security mages with their representatives is comparable to the magicians of the imperial palace, the best of the best, called the “shield” of the city.

And now these elite guard magicians must stand here on the inner wall, and calmly watch the city endlessly undergoing destruction, look at how black crowds of the undead seize the outer wall, city blocks, houses, demolish the city and kill its inhabitants …

– Far left, keep calm! – loudly condemned the other mage of elite guards in response.

“But you also see, if we do not drive the undead out of the city, then what are we magicians of elite protection!” – cried out the extreme left.

Dressed in a ceremonial dressing gown of gold color, the head of the elite guard, without answering, just glanced at the guy called the extreme left.

At this time, a messenger ran to the head of the elite guard, and said something in his ear.

The head of the elite security immediately raised his head, and with his keen eyes he looked at the streets, parks, and houses destroyed by falling mascara!

– Elite security, listen to the order! – the head said loudly, as if he hit the gong!

At one moment on the city wall standing next to them, dressed in a purple mourning robe, the magicians stood at attention, and even cold rain, dripping on them, froze, under the influence of their energy!

To join the squad of elite guards you need to be at least a high-level mage, but even the aura around them was terrifying.

– Destroy the dead carcasses! – again with a loud voice the order was delivered by the head of the mages of the elite guards.

Only he finished, as a third of the magicians, capable of flying, rose into the air. Someone with amazing speed created magic wings of air magic, someone had magic wings as an artifact. They were divided into groups of three and went to the specified meat carcasses!

A whole squad of high-level mages is required against corpse giants, but these magicians are divided into small groups of three people, if they are not too self-confident against these landing corpse giants.

For high level magicians, it is enough to use special magic to fly at a crazy speed, or use a tamed beast, but a member of an elite squad, and not necessarily fly to move at a similar speed; it is enough for them to jump from roof to roof, from skyscrap to skyscrapers, and so rush over the main stream of people …

Mages of elite protection advanced, and moved farther and farther, spreading through the most secluded corners of the city.

The head of the elite squad was still standing on the wall, his gaze did not leave the area at the north gate.

Just a messenger, standing next to him, in the end could not stand, said: “Lu Juan, if I do not confuse anything, all your family members are on the southern wall.”

“Yeah,” head Lu Juan nodded.

“Any news?” – asked the messenger.

Head shook his head.

The messenger did not say anything more, just looked again at the concerned face of the head Lu Juan.

Often, people in important positions lose control of themselves.

Being the most powerful magician of the far gates, his direct duty is a bone monster in the sky, flying here …

And besides this, he can not do anything, can not go anywhere!

He can only watch fresh blood flow and another corpse falls to the ground, he knows that it is enough to use top-level magic to save them all, but he cannot. Using magic, he will save several

Hundreds of lives, but then in the battle with the skeletal ruler of his uniquely awaits defeat.

And if you lose, then the victims will not just be many, but the whole city will perish.

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