Chapter 612. Clever Murder.


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Demons of misfortune is an extremely dangerous monster hiding in the night. They deliver deadly blows from the dark, but in the daytime they are not particularly able to even move.

Seeing the magician, the treacherous demon of misfortune reveals its wings in order to surround the terrain with dense black devilish fog.

This devilish fog is similar to the high-level magic of the shadow element – Power of the Night, with the only difference in range.

With this devil’s misfortune he creates for himself a comfortable battle zone, but if this master of cunning of a bes-warlord meets the magician of light, then he simply cannot escape!

– Shine: Cleansing! – a short old hunter immediately created a small luminous ball on his palm and threw it into the middle of the devil’s fog.

A scattering golden glow cleared the space, which was littered with exhaust gas, by the devil’s mist. All the dregs and foul odors disappeared after him, but the most important thing was that the devil of misfortune was clearly visible!

– Ice dungeon! – Mu Bai again created the elemental ice system.

Beautiful, almost absolutely transparent ice crystals were flying around, apparently, its ice magic is also unusual.

In an instant, ice chains rising in length appeared, Mu Bai, controlling them, tied the devils of misfortune. The icy links of the chain are entwined into one strong network, covering the demon above.

Blessing was just about to rise into the air to get rid of annoying people, but only he lifted himself up as a network of ice dungeon covered him, pressing him to the ground!

The ice dungeon can spread to the victim’s body, freezing it over time to the bone, but it is obvious that the ice of Mu Bai was superior to normal in this property. Less than a minute later, an icy dungeon covered the devil of misfortune, but an ice crust spread over his both hands!

– Without being absorbed by the shadow, without the ability to fly, it doesn’t pose any particular threat! – Zhou Min was delighted, seeing how short and Mu Bai deprived this demon of the most dangerous abilities.

If this demon will fly around all the time and create its own devilish fog, then even for a group of powerful magicians it will become a serious problem!

“Mo Fan, I need you!” Said the short man.

Mo Fan has already made up his mind to create medium-level magic, so time for him is almost not necessary for him, and extraordinary words are no longer necessary for performing magic.

A purple constellation appeared, interlacing into a bright elemental star system …

Thunder broke out, lightning flashed, so much so that you could even feel the rising temperature. Following the decree of Mo Fan’s glance, a bright flash of lightning struck the devil of misfortune, piercing the dense shroud of rain and illuminating the road with a bright light, hit him right between the wings!

Let the devil’s power of misery be great, but a bright flash of light blinded him, the icy dungeon made it impossible to move, turning it into an easy target for Mo Fan!

If all the lightning bolts of thunder: the dance of passion strikes one point, then their power goes out to be extremely terrifying, because the third blow, the fourth blow, and then the fifth blow to the devil of misfortune no longer only charred his flesh, but tore it to shreds …

Although the misfortune was still not dead, it was already not easy for him to rise to his feet, but it was simply impossible to create a devilish fog. Undead do not feel pain, but such serious damage all also affect their combat capability.

“Powerfully enough, I have never seen the undead as a leader of a pack killed with one medium-level magic,” said the short man, putting a thumb to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan is an ideal example of a “brute force” mage, he swooped down opponents on a training field, and just as well coped with monsters. Usually, a group of medium-level magicians is needed to cope with the leaders of the pack of undead, but the third stage of medium-level lightning magic, together with the spiritual seed, is able to immediately bombard a whole small force with a single dance of passion!

Zhou Min was not idle either, and added a fiery fist on top: the tower one. Appearing deadly flames, swallowed the whole place where the devil was a misfortune, leaving behind a hole in the road.

The flames blazed furiously, and the fire completely enveloped his body, burning the wings of the devil of misfortune. He tried to bring down the flames, waving his arms in agony, and throwing cars on the road like toys.

– Still trying to leave! – Mu Bai again controlled the ice dungeon, and ice chains flew past the machines, at once tying two legs of the devil of misfortune.

The ice dungeon pulled the devil out of misfortune, and the devil of misfortune, thanks to the still blazing flames of Zhou Ming, had already turned into a black ember.

“I’ll go pick up a cadaveric crystal, why leave such a thing,” stunned when he saw that the devil had already died, bravely approached him.

He was a worthy old hunter, quickly taking out the magic circle from the devil of misfortune. Killed in a similar way by the magic of lightning and fire, the undead retain a relatively high-quality corpse crystal …

A cadaveric crystal is a magic stone, inside which there are several dozen souls fastened together with the energy of the spirit of death. A deadly crystal of the undead servant level is useless, and at a price cheaper than steamed turnip, but here the deadly crystal of the undead level of the leader of the pack costs good money.

“Take it away, this thing can replenish magical energy, absolutely any element, and much more efficiently than slow recovery with drugs,” the short-growing cadaverous crystal divided in half, and stretched one half of Mo Fanyu.

Mo Fan’s eyes were burning, now he was most worried about the magical energy, especially the summoning magic. The nebula of the summoning element, where the fiery hetero and the agile wolf were, was rather dark, and if the monsters continued to meet as often, they would soon become incapacitated.

“It turns out that this thing really has a wonderful effect,” Mo Fan put a corpse crystal to his chest, then concentrated on the nebulae and discovered that there really was a new energy.

Mo Fan took this energy and poured it into the nebula of the drafting element, the energy of the nebula of the drafting element served as food for the fiery hetero and the agile wolf. Now they just, pretty exhausted, rested, but now Mo Fan could not give them his own magical energy … Since there is still a lot of terrible undead ahead of them, but without them, Mo Fan could not feel completely calm!

“This thing has side effects, so you shouldn’t use more than one per day, besides, the cadaveric crystals restore about a quarter of the magical energy for the first time, the second time only one eighth, the third one still loses half of its useful properties … the fifth, and for the sixth time it is almost useless, – said short, Mo Fian.

– Yeah. The inner walls are still far away, and on the way we need to take the saving of magical energy more seriously, ”said Mo Fan strictly, looking at each in turn.

Zhou Min and Mu Bai nodded, they clearly understood the seriousness of the situation!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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