Chapter 613. Meat obstacle.


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On Bo street, the main building was considered a three-story building. The first floor was used as a shop, the second floor was for the slides, and the third one was for living.

At the moment, the street was already seriously battered, everywhere there were signs of recent pogroms, at the end of the street there was a building reinforced with metal sheets, inside it was propped up with additional bars, and there was an iron cage there. Initially, the building was used to lock up captured monsters.

The cage was large, about the size of a room, about six to seven people stood inside, trembling, among them was Wang San Pan and Zhao Kun San.

– I beg you, do not cry, the sound of crying will attract the undead, and then we cover! – Said Wang San Pan to the next girl.

The girl caught her breath when she tried to stop the crying. Her eyes were filled with tears and fear.

– Standing stupidly here is also not an option, maybe we’d better try to evacuate? – asked the young man.

– Fucked up, did not I tell you, in front of a bunch of rotting corpses, they can not pass, those who tried are already dead! – Zhao Kun Sang swore.

Last night on the wall, after meeting Mo Fang, Zhao Kun San and Wang San Pan went back to themselves, no one expected that something awful was waiting for them at dawn.

They had already decided to help people evacuate, but then a huge meat carcass flew in and fell right on the main road. The road was wide, the streets and lanes adjoining it were few, so all the people walked along it when crowds of black rotting corpses and white skeletons flooded it. As a result, all those who tried to break ahead died.

Therefore, Zhao Kun San and Wang San Pan gathered people from the city of Bo in this iron cage, but the place in it was limited.

** ayy **

Suddenly, next to the room there was a cry of corpses.

People standing in an iron cage immediately stopped breathing, and their expression changed.

– I beg you, pass by, pass by! – Zhao Kun Sang pleaded.

But there was no point in pleading, these rotting corpses had already smelled the fresh smell of meat coming from the room, smashed the iron doors, not paying attention to the iron fragments now sticking in their bodies, and went straight to the iron cage.

– Your mother, only he! – Wang San Pan panned.

“Only one, the two of us can kill!” – breathed out Zhao Kun Sang.

The two of them left the iron cage, Zhao Kun San looked at Wang San Pan, and said:

– I will distract his attention, and you finish him!

Wang San Pan responded with a glance at Zhao Kun San:

– This is my phrase.

The next second, both shivered.

– Yours, one of us is a magician of the wind, the second of the earth, both magicians of displacement! – provopil Zhao Kun Sanya.

At this time, the rotting corpse rushed forward, moreover, its speed was higher than a human one by two or three times, because ordinary people had no chance against them.

Two of them reacted very quickly, and in a moment they created earthen waves and a third-degree wind disk.

Zhao Kun Sanya quickly went around the building of this factory, but a rotting corpse rushed after him …

– Fat goes to battle! – Wang San Pan used earthen waves, and immediately found himself behind a rotting corpse, shone with gold in his hand, instantly taking the form of a thorn, and pierced the back of the head of the undead!

The shining thorn was extremely strong against the undead, even if Wang San Pan didn’t pierce a rotting corpse into a cadaver crystal, but that was enough to finish him off.

Seeing that the rotting corpse was already falling to the ground, Zhao Kun San exhaled, then showed Wang San Pan his thumb:

– I did not think that you are also a defender.

Five people in a cage were elated that they were not completely bad magicians.

Wang San Pang removed the shining spike, and looked out of the broken door, the next second his face became completely white.

– Your mother, faster in the cage! – shouted out Wang San Pan.

Only he stopped, when suddenly the gates of iron were broken, after this more than ten rotting corpses flew into the room, they blocked the factory doors, their rotten teeth protruded from the mouth, and their hands were in blood!

Two rushed into a large iron cage, and sealed the iron cage.

The rotting corpses were fast, and with the acceleration they fought against the iron bars of the cage.

Several jumped up the cage, and pulled their hands inward, trying to grab the people inside.

Rotting corpses surrounded the cage, they gnawed and scraped iron rods, wanting to make their way to the people inside the cage.

– The end is the end, how many rotting corpses! – Zhao Kun Sang sat on the ground, and clutched at his head.

“This cell is still holding …” said Wang San Pan.

– Sooner or later gnaw through! – said the young man, who has already managed to wet himself with fear!

Undead the most stubborn monsters, no matter how strong this iron cage is, but it will not withstand the pressure of ten dead monsters for a long time, and sooner or later, they will gnaw through iron rods!

– Print lightning!

They were already completely desperate, when suddenly a magnificent sound came from behind the house.

And right after that, a lightning snake flew to the cage, piercing each of the rotting corpses.

The iron cage served as an excellent conductor, the seal of lightning again and again jumped on the bars of the cage, and the rotting corpses that clung to them were already fighting in convulsions!

This seal of lightning was very unusual, and more than ten rotting corpses were already paralyzed on the ground, but their eyes were still eagerly looking at the people in the cage, although the body could not make even the slightest movement.

The people in the cage did not understand anything, they only saw how an electrical discharge was running around them.

But when the rotting corpses fell, only then from the broken gates Mo Fan appeared dressed in black clothes, electric arcs rotated around his hands, with which he at once overcame more than ten rotting corpses!

– Mo Fan!

At the same time, Zhao Kun Sang and Wang Sang Pan cried out, rejoicing at the timely appearance of the savior!

Mad with fear, the girl and the young man who wet his pants looked admiringly at Mo Fan, they could not have imagined that someone would be able to defeat all the rotting corpses at once with one magic!

“They are finished, they are unlikely to rise,” around the hands of Mo Fang, everything was also sparked by a seal of lightning, which struck rotting corpses a couple more times on the ground.

In the end, it was the fourth step of the lightning bolt seal that best suited against these rotting corpses.

Zhou Min was not asleep either, and released flames of flame: flaming bones that burned down the immovable bodies of rotting corpses.

– What are so few people? – Mu Bai entered, and frowned when he found only seven people in a cage with Zhao Kun San and Wang San Pan.

– The rest were evacuated …

“How many have they taken, how many have they taken, can’t we even look for someone else, let’s go faster,” said the short man.

“Not to go straight,” Wang San Pan still remained calm and reported on the situation.

After Wang San Pan spoke about what happened, Mo Fan understood how everything turned out to be problematic.

The carcass covers the road ahead, and there are hundreds of undead, so there is no other way than to make a big detour.

– First you need to take a look, most likely we will not be able to fight the deceased giant. If you go around, it is difficult to say whether we will be in time before the army of the undead swallowing us up, ”Mo Fan said.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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