Chapter 614. Street of the Dead.


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The road was very wide, along the edges were stalls, shopping centers, offices, high-rise buildings, and there were almost no back streets. Now all she was captured undead.

On the main roads of the people were most of all, because the undead in the first place, sensing the smell of fresh meat, rushed to these busy streets. In addition, the carcass decomposed on the road, like a mountain of meat, and even magicians did not dare to approach it.

Mo Fan was not at all afraid of rotting corpses, and it’s not even scary if he stumbles upon the undead level of the pack leader, he will still be able to deal with it, but the battle with the meat carcass meant certain death.

They cautiously approached the main road, and indeed found a street completely crowded with undead: skeletons, rotting corpses, demons, among them were not enough and corpses-governor and skeletons-governor.

The whole street was covered in blood, and in the mountains of corpses, a view like a shot from the movie about the Day of Judgment.

“This is the street of the dead,” said the short man who was hiding behind the balcony of the house.

If you look from a height, you can see how a group of people are running at a jerk just on this street of death, and these are not ordinary people, but magicians who still have no chance to survive here!

– Undead too much, if we go at random, then we definitely do not get through – said Mu Bai.

“If we don’t find any magicians here nearby, so we can go further with them, then we’re definitely doomed,” said the short man.

Mo Fan nodded; there were too many dead in the street, and in order to break through them, an extremely fierce battle was needed.

And the most problematic, because it is a giant meat carcass carcass, and if you disturb it, then it is equivalent to dig a grave.

“I’ll go look for people,” said a short man.

“I’ll go through the situation in front, Mu Bai, Zhao Min, stay here, look after them,” Mo Fan ordered, he also couldn’t just stand and wait.

There are simple people in their detachment, and in fact it’s not really possible to break through with force, because in such a situation, in order to break through, you will have to clean the entire Bo street.

“Well, be careful, too,” said Zhou Ming.

She didn’t have time to talk, but Mo Fang was already gone.

It was easier for Mo Fan to move along such high-rise buildings, since such buildings left a long shadow behind them, and Mo Fan could easily move from one shadow to another, side by side …

Mo Fan swooped out of the balcony, kicked out the metal net from the window, and the next moment was on the roof of the neighboring, lower house.

The sun’s rays did not fall on the roof from behind the office building opposite, and after Mo Fan landed on the roof, he immediately, as if plunged into black shadow, disappeared in it in seconds.

In less than a minute, Mo Fan was already standing on the other roof and carefully inspecting the street of the dead.

Tilting his head, take a closer look at the small street hidden behind the rain, Mo Fang fell forward, and successfully fell on a coffee umbrella from the sun…

* Wow *

From an umbrella, Mo Fan fell to the ground, and turning his head under an umbrella, he found a demon right in front of him.

There was a horn on his head, his chin was long and pointed, his lower lip was sticking out strongly, and his entire face was dark red.

He originally patrolled here, and then a man falls on top of his umbrella, then he faces him. At one moment, their eyes crossed, and for the devil it was no less a shock!

* awes *

– Seal of lightning!

Bes shrieked and tried to hit Mo Fang.

Mo Fan was quicker, he pushed off his foot from the ground, and rolled back to the other side, and then immediately sent a lightning bolt to the imp.

An electric discharge hit with a bang, in an instant completely wrapping this demon. Bes fell to the ground and huddled in convulsions.

The power of the lightning seal of Mo Fan was great, and the demon could be seen to be rather fragile, and he immediately died. A small spiritual entity emerged from it, swimming towards Mo Fang.

“Already dead?” – for Mo Fan, it was a surprise, but he was not very worried.

Now he and the streets of the dead were separated only by one building behind his back in which the coffee house was located, and Mo Fanyu was lucky to fall here. He went into the room to look at what was happening, on the other side.

Moving through the coffee shop, he got into the living room.

In the living room there were several skeletons wandering about. Mo Fan did not bother them, but moved with the help of a shadow on the ceiling.

Ahead was the street of the dead, the shop window was smashed to pieces, glass fragments were lying around, and in the corner lay the body of a man bitten beyond recognition, one could guess that he was a cashier here.

A pile of mannequins were scattered around the shop window, Mo Fan went after one of them for a short time so that he would not be noticed, but he could take a breath. And lay down next.

Outside the window is already the street of the dead. In appearance, it was still quite spacious, but still there’s hardly a good idea to be somewhere in the shade.

Looking around the street with his gaze, Mo Fan counted approximately ten skeletons, rotting corpses and demons, three or four undead as a pack leader. That is, even a detachment of strong medium-level magicians is unlikely to be able to break through them.

Where meat carcasses have appeared, the undead are too many, so that only if the short one finds trustworthy magicians can they pass along this street to the dead.

– What? Is there a magician who can fly? – Mo Fan was just about to leave, when he saw a man in purple clothes standing at a Western restaurant.

Behind the men were the wings of the wind, and although the wings themselves did not move, the air around them shook.

A man in purple seemed to be also exploring the situation, and it seemed that Mo Fang had noticed, pretending to be a mannequin.

– How many of you, magician shadow? – Suddenly the voice of the magician, from the building opposite sounded as if nearby.

Mo Fan was numb, this voice was so similar to the one that Xin Xia used with magic of the spirit.

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