Chapter 615. Termites are saved.


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A magician on the opposite side can transmit a message, but how can he respond? Do magicians on both sides have to take out their phones, find each other in Wachat (Chinese messaging program), add each other as a friend, or can this magician of the highest level wind element transmit a phone number during message transmission?

In fact, this method was unacceptable, since evil spirits have a good flair for signals. And if you show your feelings to another person, it will be equivalent to sending your location to a squad of evil spirits.

– We are not so many – four magicians, two entry-level magicians, five ordinary people. But our friend has already gone to the gathering of people in the neighborhood. – Mo Fan and did not know how

send a reply message. You can try to talk to them, not out loud, but to yourself. But will the higher level magicians hear me?

But soon the magician responded to Mo Fan.

– Gather more people, if you can, and I will deal with meat carcasses with my two comrades. This way, you can take advantage of this chance and let people pass through the street of the dead. There are enough magicians among the people, we will cope with meat carcasses, and you will assume the undead level of the servant and the level of the leader. – replied the magician in purple clothes.

– No problem, we will give the news to the rest, gather people and go over the damn street! – answered Mo Fan.

– Thank you very much! If someone hesitates, then tell them that I – Zuo Feng – the magician of the squad of elite guards. I hope they will not miss the opportunity to escape! – Said the magician in purple clothes.

– Magician elite protection …. Ok I’ll pass it on!

Mo Fan immediately went to a secluded place. But what surprised him was less than ten people left before he left this house. Now the house was full of people, at least 40-50 people arrived! It remains only to admire the ability of short people to unite people around them. In such a short time he managed to gather 4-5 squads, among them – half of the magicians, and only 20 ordinary people! Obviously, the undersized specially selected a greater number of magicians, because the more ordinary people, the more problems with them.

– One magician, who identifies himself as an elite security squad, is located on the opposite street. He said that we should gather people as soon as possible and, taking advantage of the moment when they would fight with the meat carcasses, we should go to the pedestrian street opposite the street of the dead. – said Mo Fan in the face of 50 people.

– Magician from the elite guard squad! Not everything is as bad as we thought! – said middle-aged magician, wrapped in a woolen hood

– Well! It turns out that the elite security was connected. In this case, do not give up! – Said the stylishly dressed woman – magician.

“If a squad of elite guards has opened the way for us, then we will be able to safely pass this segment …”

– No, no, you listen first. Elite guards will deal with meat carcasses, but they will not have time to fight the undead in the street of the dead. Therefore, the rest of the evil will have to deal with us. – patiently explained Mo Fan.

– How is it, did they not come here to save us? – sobbed girl

– Do not rush, magicians among us are also enough, still there is hope. I am a mid-level magician with an element of wood, everyone must believe our abilities.

– True, we should not neglect our strength. The short one didn’t say, we have 4 mid-level mages. Although I am an entry level mage, I am learning to control the elements of fire. Let this undead only dare to come to me, I will give them to try my light!

Short, Zhou Ming, Mo Fan, Mu Bai – all the magicians in this squad are middle-level magicians who possess great power.

– Mu Bai, what should we do?

“I think we need more people,” Mu Bai said bluntly.

– You’re right, the more people, the more power. – confirmed Zhou Min.

– No, I’m not talking about that. A large number of people does not always mean that the power will be great. But do you all know for sure the theory of termites salvation? – Mu Bai took the wiseach pose.

– The Theory of Termite Rescue? During my life I have read few books, explain to us the meaning of your words. Said the middle-aged man wrapped in a woolen hood.

“From time to time, termites migrate, but sometimes a wall of fire grows on the way.” If you start to break through it, everyone will burn alive. Therefore, the termites form a huge ball, and then roll onto the fire … the ants on the outside burn out. However, most successfully climbed through the wall of fire. – finished clarifying Mu Bai.

Silence fell in the room, horror reflected on their faces.

– He is right, everyone can not safely cross the street, we must accept reality. There are very few people, we will not be able to create a dense ball, like termites. And if we cross the street of the dead, we will perish. But if there were more people, some could sacrifice themselves, and the rest could safely cross the street. Said the man dressed in a ironed suit. Surely he was a director from the nearest office building. We can say that he was an ordinary person, but his level of awareness was much higher than that of other people who quickly succumbed to panic.

– So, I know that one detachment is hiding in the attic of the house. I’ll go call them. There are people in the garage too, but it seems there are no magicians there. Call them too?

– This handsome said correctly, you may have to sacrifice your life. But the more people, the less likelihood of death. Regardless of whether they are magicians or ordinary people, call everyone. – Said the charming girl in leather pants.

– Anyway, give them all the news and say that you need to immediately move forward. This is our last chance, which, however, does not guarantee safety … – said the undersized one to those who went to call the others.

To escape, you need to collect as many people as possible. It is best to have magicians who can temporarily resist the undead, but if there are no magicians, then all is lost. After all, when a herd of antelopes crosses a river, a crocodile will surely catch one of them!

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