Chapter 616. 700 people along the street of the dead.


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Mo Fan stood on the balcony, and looked down at the people leaving the high-rise building.

People crowded, made noise, and looked as if they had gathered for a rally, with signs “Undead went away!”

If you count them, then about seven hundred people will turn out!

But there are not many mages among them, before that there were only thirty of them in the room, but now, when more than six hundred people have already gathered, the number of magicians has risen to ninety … not even a hundred … despite the fact that most of them are entry-level magicians.

Intermediate level magicians, including Mo Fan, short, Zhou Min and Mu Bai are only seventeen.

And among the remaining thirteen magicians, only two have spiritual seeds, so it would be unrealistic to resist such a bunch of magicians against more than a thousand undead.

Such are the cases, Mo Fan understood that he did everything he could do, but how many people would perish while they cross this road “along the zebra” …

Thousand undead stretched across the street of the dead, because the whole bunch will not be able to attack immediately together, and Mo Fan estimated that about a hundred people would go under the water by crocodiles.

One to seven death rates, I think, no one, except the most desperate of people, will agree to play similar Russian roulette.

Mo Fan sighed from the realization of how small people in this world were, and then he heard a squabble from below.

“Do not make me repeat again, let those who are with children in the middle pass,” the short man said coldly, grabbing a man in a black leather jacket.

– For what reason, why is he, if with a child, a priority. If I had known about such a rule before, I, too, would have seized one mischievous person! – a man in a black leather jacket made a noise.

– Believe it or not, I’ll throw you straight on the road now! – not wanting to waste the word, the short man grabbed him and dragged him to the exit.

“I’m listening, I’m listening, let him stand inside the row …” – a man in a black leather jacket could not hold a candle to his height, but he had never before seen such magicians without honor.

“Your mother, I must be rude.” Everyone listen to me, children under twenty meters tall go in the middle, no one in the street argues with anyone, the most extreme in the ranks are the magicians who, without sparing themselves and not demanding money, save you! Shouted the short man loudly.

“Nevertheless, adults go with the children …” a voice sounded from the crowd.

There are a lot of people, because it is impossible to keep everyone under control, each person puts his life in the first place, and no one wants to stand on the edge, in the most vulnerable place to attack.

– Take care of the child, – that would not continue to continue all the noise and uproar, the man, with the child in his arms, went out and handed him over to the loud-voiced aunt.

The aunt was wearing dancing shoes, which they usually wear in the morning dances; she understood that the child would cry all the way, said:

“My poor granddaughters do not know where, do not worry, I will take care of your son.”

The man with gray hair on his temples nodded, said nothing, and stood in the outer ring.

– Oh, satisfied, if satisfied, then your mother, enough to make a din! Our wind magicians will not just distract the undead, to give you the opportunity to go along, so do not attract too much attention, the tall one said displeasurely.

After that, the short man raised his head and saw that Mo Fan was already giving a signal to cross the street of the dead to the main group!

Seven hundred people, no matter inside or outside, everything, in a panic, begin to run, rush into the loose, and at this moment someone will catch the undead, such is their fate …

“Mo Fan, cover it from above,” Mu Bai said, feeling that he should lead these people behind him.

“Aha,” Mo Fan nodded.

In fact, Mo Fang did not have any leadership spirit at all.

He can use his methods to quickly assess the situation, to take command of one mage is not a problem for him either, but he could never cope with such a crowd.

They roared endlessly, made noises, and with their own temperament, Mo Fan, would rather just take it and throw the most loud-voiced to devour the undead!

– Let’s better, I’ll be on top, my main specialization is wind magic, the second is water. No matter what: a windy disk or a storm wave, you can cope with several undead people all at once, let me better cover it from above, – the magician said of the most extraordinary type, but it was immediately clear that he was from a rich family.

“Du Le Can, at such a time do not make hasty decisions where it is more important to cross this street of the dead,” his companion girl said.

“I’m just not very calm, I just wanted the best …” said Du Le Kahn.

– Enough talk, people started to go, and we, the magicians, just need to protect them.

Du Le Kang once again looked at Mo Fang, and once again thought that if he had been assigned this important task, it would have been calmer.

Mo Fan was no difference, his task in any case was to deal with the undead, and at the same time, to talk with the leftmost magician of the elite guard.

The flow of people looked huge, and it is not clear how long it would take for them to feel the carcass in the middle of the street of the dead. And if he notices them, then the deaths will not be a hundred or two, but everyone will definitely perish.

Therefore, it is necessary that the magician Zuo Feng started first, drawing off the attention of the meat carcass, as well as taking some of the undead leaders of the pack with him, otherwise it is safe for them not to pass.

– Shadow mage, I started, let your people get ready. Remember, you need to move as quickly as possible, we can not guarantee that the corpse giant will be distracted by our attack for a long time! – said magician Zuo Fen of elite security.

Mo Fan still heard the sound of his voice when the flow of air spun outside.

Mo Fan looked around at the sky, and immediately saw the magician, who was called the extreme left!

Behind his back flaunted wings of the wind, straightened by four meters, and he whistled off, leaving behind an air stream, after a few seconds already disappeared behind office buildings.

Undead on earth felt him and clumsily rushed to pursue!

“This Zuo Feng deliberately led the undead to give everyone the opportunity to cross the street, a good person,” Mo Fan gasped.

After a while, while the undead disappeared a little, Mo Fan gave a sign to Mu Bai.

Mu Bai immediately “blew a horn”, but the front rows did not immediately move, they were pushed backwards, and if they would not start to run, then it is quite possible that they would simply crush them …

Finally, the people moved, seven hundred people turned into a kamikaze squad, ran out of hiding, into the street of the dead, full of undead!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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