Chapter 617. Skeleton-generating.


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Rising into the air, one could see that the rain was falling obliquely.

Zuo Feng flew high in the air and now could see the whole street. He saw that there was some kind of brown meaty pile in the middle.

The globular corpse giant had powerful hind legs, which made it look like a toad. He could even shrink so that his whole body turned into a fleshy ball. From collisions with this ball half of nearby buildings have already been destroyed!

The meat carcass moved very slowly. One mouth of this monster occupied half of its body, and when this mouth opened, it became like a bottomless dark cave!

The globular corpse-sized giant was the size of a large house, and its stomach was also very specific: it seemed that a thousand dead people would not fill it even by half!

Zuo Feng reached the distance of 200 meters from the monster and immediately retreated. He did this not because he was afraid of the power of the corpse giant, but because he had bloodied demons-governors before him …

There were more than ten imps, and they all revolved around the corpse giant like ghosts. If to speak with the words of Mo Fan, they “were spinning like flies there”.

Phantom demons-governors continuously reproduced the breath of death, because of which the whole district was filled with the corresponding stench so that the person could not breathe there.

The dense breathing of death completely covered the horizon, and Zuo Feng could not even see the dead man of the giant and his actions. He involuntarily had to breathe …

The corpse giant was in the same place, and the ghostly demons-governors were porters who dragged human remains and threw them into his mouth!

Saliva flowed from a long, ugly tongue, and to the monster itself, it seemed, it didn’t matter what people digested, dead or alive …

Under the throat of this corpse giant, there was another small mouth, from which the skeletons constantly erupted …!

These skeletons, one might say, were “recruits” and still didn’t even understand how to move the body. However, very soon they entered the collective of the undead and began to hunt for people.

– generating skeletons! “Zuo Feng was beside himself with horror.”

This monster all this time did not move from its place and continued to beat the undead!

Ghostly demons collected the corpses of dead people and brought them to digest this deadly giant …. This means that absolutely anyone could turn into a skeleton !!!

No wonder that on this street the undead became more and more, and the magicians were unable to cope with it: there was a whole “factory” for the production of the undead! They were going to turn the whole city into ghouls !!!

– This must be reported! Otherwise, the whole city will soon turn into a city of the undead! Said Zuo Feng to two comrades that they had arrived quite shortly before.

“Ordinary means of communication no longer work, too tight a breath of death,” said the magician, who was a member of the elite guard.

“Then you must personally return to the inner wall and inform the high-level mages to move against this corpse giant!” – said Zuo Fen.

Up to this point, these two magicians could not even imagine that the situation is so complicated. About a million people lived in the city, and if we take into account the speed with which the corpse giant was digesting people into skeletons, as well as the fact that there were also hordes of undead just a few kilometers from the city, Xian could die very soon!

“I will report on the situation, and you two …” said one of the elite security mages, who had wings behind his back.

“Do not worry until we can resist this monster,” said Zuo Feng.

This meat carcass was really a big threat. The longer this monster was here, the more dangerous it became.

The magician with wings behind his back only nodded his head and, waving them, headed towards the inner city wall.

Soon after the winged magician flew away, Mo Fan appeared.

– What happened?! Shouted Mo Fan, hoping that Zuo Feng would hear him from a distance.

– This monster nonstop beats off the skeleton! All the skeletons that are here are people who were digested by him! – answered Zuo Fen, using the magic of the spirit.

Mo Fang’s soul went to the heels of these words.

From the place where Mo Fan was standing, it was impossible to discern what this huge carcass was doing, but now he learned that all the skeletons in the district were spawned by this monster!

That’s what really makes hair stand on end on your head!

Residents of the city and so hard from such an invasion … well, who knew that the residents themselves could turn into undead?

The dead continued to kill the inhabitants of the city, bringing their bodies to the firebox to this monster! An endless circle that has no end!

– Faster move people across the street! If these 600-700 people turn into undead, we will not cope with them! You must hurry! – the voice of the left extreme was trembling badly, it was clear that even being a high-level mage, he was in strong fear.

If the residents themselves knew that they were threatened, then they would have turned gray with horror!

“I … I understand,” came Mo Fang’s voice.

Mo Fan’s wandering gaze unknowingly fell on a mob of skeletal undead …

Will not work! You can’t let people die so fast!

– Faster! Faster! Rotting corpses are already approaching! Run to the pedestrian street! There are our magicians who will help! – Mu Bai stood on the roof of the bus and called out to the people.

– Mages of the earth! Please hurry! On the road a lot of cars left, move them away! – Zhou Min walked ahead and turned to the magicians.

This whole long pedestrian crossing was driven by cars. The idea was as follows: the wizards of the earth go ahead and clear the way, shoving the cars to the sides. First of all, people will be able to calmly pass through, and secondly, an additional barrier was created from the cars, which was supposed to protect people from the undead!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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