Chapter 62: Support


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The next morning…

Once I got home, I came back to Lognorth Magic Hospital.


Mass, who was unconscious, wakes up.

She looked at me in a blur.

“… Dear Anos… what about Mr. Ray…?

“Headed to Delzo Gate”

“So… it’s morning…”

Mass gives Sheila her gaze.

Conditions are somewhat more stable than they were when we got here, but we won’t allow predictions yet.

I was hoping to be able to recover to some extent by morning, but I have no choice.

The wavelengths of Mass and Sheila’s forces were too different. Yeah, if it’s inefficient, Mass’s body won’t hold it better.

If Ray hadn’t stopped, I’d have stopped him.

“Stay here until the finals are over.”

I made a small glass ball that rides my fingertips with the magic of Creative Architecture (Ives).

“If anything, break that glass ball. I can escape the shadow-sewn dagger.”

Use the magic of and condition it to activate when the glass ball breaks in. is a magic that creates light. If the shadow is completely extinguished by light from all angles, the shadow-sewn dagger will no longer be effective.


“Um… Dear Anos…!

Mass stops me.

“What’s up?

When asked, she has turned a serious obsession.

“Again, could you use < root conversion (lilia) >?

“What do you do with it?

“We’ll recover Mr. Ray’s mother by the time the final begins. Then Master Anos will pull out the Devil’s Sword of the Covenant from Mr. Ray.”

“With the efficiency of Root Transformation (Lilia), you can’t make it.”

It should take at least ten days for Sheila to recover until she can walk.

Besides, if we continue to accommodate so much power, this time Mass will be in danger.

“Still, it’s better than nothing”

“There’s no miracle in praying to God.”

“… maybe so. But you can’t give up because miracles don’t happen.”

Mass gives a realistic look.

“I don’t want to regret it. I don’t want to think about that later, if I had done that then. I want to do the best I can right now, even if I can’t do anything.”

Hmm. It’s not like you don’t understand the current situation.

“I know exactly what you’re ready for.”

Use the magic of to connect Mass and Sheila’s roots again.

“If you could have done a miracle, follow Sheila to the arena. You’ll notice the guys with the collar on Ray, but I’ll figure it out later.”

Mass nodded firmly.



Using, I moved to Delzogate Demon King College.

Think about the finals as you head to the pit room in the arena.

Yeah, I told Mass, Sheila wouldn’t make it first.

Even if you expect miracles, you can’t help it.

Ray’s told me to set something up in the finals.

But he’s not good at magic.

The use of spare demon swords is not permitted.

Ray’s weapon is Initio, who slashes and rips the magic ceremony.

It’s powerful, but there’s not much you can do for it.

So what is Avos Dilhevia up to?

Well, I don’t care what you’re up to.

The point is, all you have to do is treat Sheila’s Spirit Disease, pull out the Devil’s Sword of the covenant she’s stabbing Ray with, and bring them back.

There is no other love.

Arrive in the depot and go inside.

Ray will be waiting in the modest room on the far opposite side.

At any rate, I would have liked to have fought without being caught up in such a tedious ploy.

Waiting for the finals to begin, staring blurredly at the Vajra Iron Sword.

Concon, and I heard knocking on the door.


One beat late, and I got a response.

“… I…”

It’s Misha’s voice.

“What’s up?

Gacha, and the door opened, from which a glimpse of Misha’s face peered.



Misha nods coddly.

“Right. By the way, why are you only showing your face?

“Can I come in?


Then he opened the door completely and Misha came in.

“Are you nervous?

“Nervous? Hmm. Well, I’d like to try it once. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the experience yet.”

Misha blinked twice with her pussy.

“What’s up?

“Sounds like Anos”

That’s what Misha said, she laughed.

“Isn’t Sasha with you?

“Anos’ mother’s place”

“Well. Sometimes it’s unusual.”

Misha can tell because she’s learning to cook, but Sasha’s not so close to her mother either.

“I heard you were attacked yesterday”

“Is that from your mother?

Misha nods coldly.

“Because I will protect him, Anos said to focus on the final. Message from Sasha.”

You’re a pretty considerate guy.

“Has anything changed in the arena?

Misha shakes her neck.

“There were signs of someone sneaking in, etc.”

“Same as always”

Hmm. I left Emilia’s body before she was reincarnated, but apparently you processed it before the audience got in.

After all, I guess Emilia’s rampage yesterday was also an unplanned thing for Avos Dilhevia.

If you make things rough about this, you’ll get in the way of the plan.

Now I know you’re not as likely to get your hands on your mother, but, well, don’t be alarmed.

If Sasha will stay by my side, I will be ready.

“… what’s wrong?

Misha peeks into my face.

“No, it’s not a big deal”

“Is there anything I can do?

I told you it wasn’t a big deal.

“Right. Then stay with me.”

Misha shrugged her little neck.


“You said you came for me. I’ve never done that before.”

Misha nods coldly.


And by the way, she walked up to me and took my hand.

Small hands overlap there.

“I’m not afraid.”

Well, I’m not more scared than I was.

Misha leans down as she thinks and looks up again.

“Anos can win”

“I’ve never lost before.”

Misha thinks again like a little trouble.

“I’m glad Anos wins”

“Where the tyrannical demon king won, I don’t think it’s any fun?

Misha shakes her head sideways as she sifts.

“Anos is a classmate, my friend”


“So is Ray. Two of the same squad fight in the final of the Demon Sword Games, which will determine Dilheid’s first swordsman.”

Misha says in a flat tone as usual.

“Awesome stuff”


At that time, < Thought Communication (Leaks) > sounded indoors.

“We have waited a very long time for you. Let us now begin the final of the Dilheid Demon Sword Games with this! The first to appear is Anos Voldigord, affiliated with Delzogate Demon King’s College!!

Apparently, it’s time.

“I’m coming.”

Head to the aisle leading to the arena stage.

Misha said on my back.

“Anos was reborn”

Looking back, Misha looks me straight in the eye.

“Students now”

Misha smiled thinly and said.

“Have fun.”

Hmm. Not bad.

You don’t feel bad. Is this backup and doing it?

Knowing that I am the demon king of tyranny, Misha is looking at me now, not at me once.

Reborn me.

Boring, boring, college life.

Too weak offspring, degenerate magic ceremonies.

There is no such thing as what you learn.

Whatever you did here, it won’t feed you anything.

Still, sure, this is what I wanted.

There’s such a ruthless time as this nothing.


She puts her neck up. “What?” he says.

I said with a grin.

“He’s coming to win.”


Turn your heels back and I’ll head straight for the aisle.

Friends wait, go to the finals stage.

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