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Chu Xingyun kicked so hard that Gu Cyanshan hit the wall heavily. In a blink of an eye, the whole face was full of severe pain and spit out a thick thick black blood.

“Who is so bold, dare to make a move to me!” Gu Cyan mountain snorted, as if it was a raging lion, the strength of the spirit, so that the entire chamber constantly trembled.

Chu Xingyun strode forward and lost his hands to his back. He said indifference: “I just kicked this foot. Is there a problem?”

“Chu Xingyun, you…” Gu Cyan Mountain Seeing the way Chu Xingyun is in the air, the gas will not hit one place, just ready to get angry, but found that he is comfortable and has endless strength.

“Before you entered the secret room, I told you that you should not rush to seek success. Do you know that if you didn’t make a move, you are now a cold corpse?”

“Even if the cloud evil energy is not fully understood, I dare to try to attack the Earth Spirit realm. It is not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth. It is no wonder that it will be stuck in the Spirit Gathering Ninth Level realm for so many years, deserve it!”

Chu Xingyun pointed to Gu Yanshan’s head and shouted loudly, one sentence louder than one sentence.

Chu Xingyun is not uncommon, but Gu Yanan has already suffered a bit, and it is still so stupid that Chu Xingyun is speechless.

If it wasn’t for him to find it in time, and to guide Gu Yanshan through the mouth, now, Gu Cyan Mountain couldn’t stand here and live here, and it was already dying.

Gu Cyan Mountain was stunned by Chu Xingyun. He looked over and saw the black blood on the ground. He remembered the scene of his own forced absorption of cloud evil energy. The forehead was immediately covered with the sweat of the beans. There is even more shyness in my heart.

Chu Xingyun helped him so much. In the end, he still angered Chu Xingyun. This way, it is really ashamed and unable to show one’s face, simply let Gu Cyan Mountain want to find a place to sneak in.

“Chu Family Lord, I know it is wrong. I can’t easily find another opportunity to step into Earth Spirit. I forgot your reminder for a while. I am afraid this is my life. I can’t step into Earth Spirit for a lifetime.” Gu Cyan Mountain sighed reluctantly.

“Are you not the Earth Spirit now?” At this moment, the scorpion suddenly reminded me.

Gu Cyan mountain looked a stagnation, and immediately, he found that in the Yuanhai of his own, there was a gray gas, to the yin to the cold, it was the cloud evil energy that made him love and hate, suddenly shouted: “Earth Spirit realm, my Guyan mountain finally stepped into the Earth Spirit realm, Heavens, isn’t that a dream?”

“If the City Lord thinks that the owner is dreaming, I can help you.” Chu Xingyun didn’t smile, but kicked it on the chest of Cyan Mountain and slammed him all over the wall again. on.

Only this time, Gu Cyan Mountain spit out not black blood, but a big mouth of fresh blood.

The intense pain once again hit my heart, making Gu Cyan mountain cry out, but his face was still full of ecstasy smiles, and he could not help but say: “It hurts, this is not a dream, I really stepped into Earth. Spirit realm !”

Seeing Cyan mountain to be wild with joy, Chu Xingyun couldn’t help but turn his eyes and didn’t want to pay too much attention. He stepped out of the cultivate chamber and prepared to take the remaining three spirits from Qin Yuyan.

“Chu Family Lord.” Gu Cyan Mountain suddenly returned to God, first smashed Chu Xingyun, and then said: “I am now recovering from the dark, and I have stepped into the Earth Spirit realm. According to the agreement, I am willing to become a Chu Family guest. Ten years in office.”

Before saying this talk, Gu Cyan Mountain still felt that she had lost her identity.

But as soon as he finished, he felt very relaxed and even had a slight sneak peek.

Own cultivation deviation, almost on the spot, Chu Xingyun can still save him back, such a skill, too inscrutable, can become a guest of Chu Family, and more contact with Chu Xingyun, it seems to be a good thing.

However, Chu Xingyun is a cold look, indifferent: “For ten years, it is forget it. After the previous incident, I feel that Chu Town does not need such a stupid guest, so that I can’t cultivation deviation and waste my time.”

No need?

Stupid guest!

The crowd heard it clearly, and almost all of the eyes were smashed out. Many people even bite their tongues and made a burst of pain.

After the scorpion entered the Earth Spirit, Gu Cyan Mountain finally took this step and became the second Earth Spirit powerhouse in Westwind City.

He took the initiative to say that he would become a guest of Chu Family for ten years, which is enough to shock people. Almost everyone thinks that Chu Family has become the strongest family in Westwind City, with two Earth Spirit powerhouses.

Absolutely didn’t expect, Chu Xingyun, actually refused to take care of Cyan Mountain, and said that he is a stupid generation.

This is the Earth Spirit powerhouse. How did it become the street beggar in the eyes of Chu Xingyun? I didn’t want to pay more attention to it. Even he took the initiative to post it, and he didn’t want to accept it!

What surprised them even more was that Cyan Mountain was not angry with Chu Xingyun’s words. Instead, she smiled and leaned forward, and said: “Patriarch is right, I am indeed a stupid person. In the future, if I have If you don’t understand, you will first ask for poison, and try not to bother you.”

When I was stunned, some accidental look at Gu Cyan Mountain was not a character of the officialdom. It turned faster than flipping the book. It was angry at the moment, and now I am completely impressed.

However, it can be understood that the poisoning of Chu Xingyun is not the unpredictable Ghost Spirit. Even if it is a trace, it will be enough for them to live for a lifetime.

Following such a master is undoubtedly the best choice!

Qinshan looked at the scene in front of him. His mood was the same as everyone else. He was a little numb when he was shocked. When he saw Chu Xingyun coming over, he consciously handed over the three spirits, like subconscious.

Even, he didn’t even know when Chu Xingyun left, just standing in the same place and looking at the back of Chu Xingyun and others, until he couldn’t see it at all, he suddenly returned.

“Miss Rain Smoke…” Qin Shanyi looked back and found that Qin Yuyan had just returned to God. A pair of beautiful eyes were constantly flashing bright bright, and it seemed to find something.

“Qinshan, how long does it take to choose inheritance from Wufu?” Qin Yuyan suddenly asked.

Qin Shan immediately replied: “There are still 12 days, after 12 days, it is the day when Wufu selects the official beginning.”

“Twelve days, it should be enough!”

The bright glow in Qin Yu’s eyes is even worse. He said: “You will immediately go to the Imperial City. In any case, let Honored Master attend the election of the military in Lingxiaowu. If he asks, you will take this. Three pill recipes are shown to him.”

Between the talks, Qin Yuyan carefully took out three pill recipes from the storage ring.

These three pill recipes are Huo Ling San, Qing Xin Dan and Wan Yang Dan, all from Chu Xingyun!

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