Chapter 620. /49 stars!


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The flow of people almost reached the middle, Mo Fan still covered everything from above, only there was not much point in this, because everyone planned in a hurry, and they didn’t immediately decide what he would do here.

Therefore, all that Mo Fan could do was to jump from a hill and protect the tail of the stream.

The end of the stream was in fact the most dangerous place, because usually the death rate of the ones closing an order of magnitude higher, besides Mo Fan went at the very end, along with his agile wolf, and only skeletons and demons followed them.

And if suddenly, the undead divide in half the flow of people, then they will have no chance of survival.


Mo Fan again crushed a cadaveric crystal, recovering one sixth of the energy of the nebula, which was negligible.

This amount of magical energy is not enough even to create mid-level magic, and I had to use a lightning seal in order to at least slightly push aside the already advancing heels, the undead.

To his happiness, there was still an agile wolf with him, which could wipe out several undead from the face of the earth at once, giving Mo Fang time to calmly finish the magic.

* boo *

Nearby on the street there was a roar.

In the wake of him, dark, corpse-breathing flashed along the street, which pushed people evacuating, and the nearby cars flew apart.

The cars overturned, everything looked like a kind of huge creature cleared its way so much, Mo Fan turned back, and found where this dark, deadly breath came from.

Meat carcass carcass!

It was the death breath of a meat giant!

Yes, so he died, not really those two high-level mages did not cope with him?

Undead levels of the leader of the pack like a reaper with a scythe killed people, but if suddenly the commander-in-chief also breaks through here, then the lives of those who have already crossed the street will be in danger.

But as Mo Fan presented that this meat carcass could still in his stomach and turn these people into a hundred undead, so he felt completely uncomfortable.

“Shadow magician, evacuate people faster, we tried to connect … But now the cadaveric giant is following everyone!” Said Zuo Feng, using spiritual waves, his voice sounded scared and, obviously, he blamed himself.

“Damn, you shouldn’t let go of your partner,” Mo Fan cursed.

– If the information is not delivered on time, then many more people will die! Said Zuo Feng.

– It runs here! – shouted Mo Fan.

The dark, deadly breath having flown another fifty meters calmed down, the meat carcass obviously used this powerful attack not to kill someone, but only to place the cars blocking the path.

The strength of the meat carcass was in the legs, and even if this thing was thick, but with one jump, like a gun shell, it flew at least fifty meters!

– Run faster, it makes no sense to risk life! – The magician of the elite guard Zuo Feng, was behind, he created magic to block the meat carcass path, but it was already meaningless.



With each leap of a corpse giant, the buildings on both sides were shaking.

Mo Fan roughly somehow represented the running mountain, and the closer this huge carcass was to him, the stronger his heart beat!


There was a single thought in Mo Fang’s head.

Mo Fan, now and for a second, will not be able somehow to block the path of this monster!

But there were still three hundred or four hundred people on the street.

This meat corpse carcass at a time is able to swallow more than a hundred people, in addition its dark corpse breath …

– Run, survive above all! Stop lagging, run faster! – the voice of the extreme left sounded in Mo Fang’s head louder than usual.

He died, and after that nothing. Zuo Feng understood that the entire burden of responsibility was on him, and he absolutely did not want good magicians to just die here.

Mages have already rushed to flight, most can still survive, the corpse giant primarily aims at the human stream to create as many skeletons as possible, magicians are not so important to it!

A young healing magician who saw a jumping meat carcass completely lost the hope of salvation.

How can humans fight against such undead?

Even the destructive power of magicians is not able to cope with this healthy meat giant!

Seeing the meat carcass, the crowd lost control of itself out of fear.

Compared to this huge monster, rotting corpses, demons and skeletons are harmless animals. Before a bunch of undead people still have hope of salvation, but standing in front of a fleshy giant, they have nothing left in their heads but the thought of imminent death.

The crowd didn’t scream. There was complete silence.

People from the outer circle stopped fighting against rotting corpses, and they immediately gnawed their throats. There was happiness on their faces, and perhaps indeed, such a death is better than the painful expectation of the unknown!

– You speak, speak, speak, only, your mother, and you know what to say! You are elite security mages, and you can’t even make people’s lives a little calmer! – Mo Fang’s angry cry came to the ears of the extreme left.

“You … what did you say?” “Zuo Feng was caught off guard.”

Zuo Feng did not use the connection of the magic of the spirit, Mo Fang’s cry was so loud that it could be heard even from here.

Mo Fan no longer thought of the extreme left, when he shouted, the little fiery hetera had already left the call-up space, she wanted to find out what caused Daddy to be so angry!

– Move in!

He gave instructions to Mo Fan.

Despite the fact that the fiery hetero was tired, but still flared with a heavenly flame of fiery threat, and rushed straight into the chest of Mo Fang.

** fuck **

At the same moment, the raging flame of the fiery threat spread over Mo Fan’s body, and thousands of flames danced on it.

The flame burned everything around Mo Fan, but he closed his eyes and entered the world where the souls fell.

And only the captured Mo Phaney soul came out, as it was moved to the inner world, to the nebula of the element of fire!

The nebula of fire was dull due to the lack of magical energy, but after it was strenuously forty-ninth star, immediately shone brightly!

In the inner world, all 49 stars lit up …

Externally, Mo Fan was consumed with a flame, like a torch-man, with his left hand holding his right wrist. The flame on the wrist of his right hand was seething, as if about to burst out and burn the whole body!

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