Chapter 621. Flight of a Dead Man Giant!


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The bright red flame of a fiery rose and chestnut fiery threat merged together, burning the asphalt of the street, to such an extent that the rain evaporated before it fell to the ground.

Having settled in Mo Fan, the fiery hetero gave him a terrifying collapsing fist, which, like a meteorite, fell on the enemy’s heads, but with 49 stars, he became even more sizzling!

It was no longer just a flaming fist: nine palaces, or a simple fist collapsing, but looked like a fiery hornless water dragon or a sea serpent wrapped around Mo Fanya’s hand!

– Blowing fist!

– Nine dragons!

The flames of Mo Fan, blazing all over his body, were now concentrated in one of his right fists, and after the blow flew towards the meat carcass!

The flames started from Mo Fan’s shoulder, and with a hissing snake, swept across the street!

Nine dragons flew in one continuous flow, circling in a fiery whirlwind. From their heat, the windows of neighboring houses burst.

The meat carcass was in the air, and his bulging eyes only saw a crowd of people, wanting to turn them into a handful of skeletons. He was unaware that some magician attacked him with a flame.

* boo *

Rumbled blow. At the same time, the flame of a water dragon struck the meat carcass and pushed the multi-ton carcass by force!

The flames burned, after hitting nine dragons, turned into hundreds of fiery tongues circling in the air, and behind them a stream of fire stretched for a hundred meters.

Since the meat carcass hit in the air, it fell, and flew off to a hundred subways, ramming all the cars that were not her way.

The flame was still burning not on her body, moreover, it fell exactly in the stomach, and now a thick hole was visible in the fat belly of the corpse giant. Although the hole was not big, it caused terrible suffering to the invincible meat carcass!

The elite protection wizard Zuo Feng was shocked to see what was happening, flapping his wings in the wind.

The meat carcass just flew half a meter above it, and now it’s up to a stream of people again over a hundred meters!

Zuo Feng, not believing what was happening, turned to that young mage of the element of the shadow. Violent flames raged around him …

Did he send such a large object with one blow?

After all, this is a monster at the commander-in-chief level, the usual magic of the average level and wounds will not leave this fleshy giant on the body, how could this magician inflict such damage on him !?

“Fourth fiery fist?”

Illumined the extreme left, but he immediately dropped his conclusion.

Even if it is a fiery fist of the fourth step, but it is still not powerful enough to reproduce the effect of nine dragons, which is no longer inferior to the power of high-level magic!

– Zuo Feng, what is frozen, it is wounded, use demonic obsession faster: total control! – immediately shouted another mage elite security.

Only now the elite guard’s magician Zuo Feng came to himself, the meat carcass flew off from the blow, lost orientation, and was wounded in the stomach, which means this is a great moment to use the demonic obsession. Even the control will be empty for a few seconds, but they will be enough to kill the demons surrounding them, the governor!

Two high-level mages just caught the right moment when you need to take control of this globular corpse giant.

The meat carcass was taken under control by the extreme left, rising to its feet, it rushed off to the side away from the people, and the demons-governors and skeletons following it were destroyed in one fell swoop, the other undead was simply crushed!

The critical moment was eliminated as quickly as it appeared, and the people in the crowd immediately took themselves in hand, but were not particularly happy about the luck that sent them to the inferno, it seemed to give light at the end of the tunnel.

Those magicians who have already surrendered, stared at Mo Fan!

With one blow, send the undead commander-in-chief to the flight, is this guy an hour monster?

Even this stream, like a stream, flooded the street with fire, how much it burned rotting corpses along the way, almost completely eliminating the threat from this side!

A magician of the average level, is it really the entire magician of the average level !?

“Why did you get rooted to the spot, run faster, don’t you want to live or something!” – here he cried out short.

And the short man himself only gathered his courage after the shock.

He was a magician who tried to understand everything around, and had already heard about the extraordinary power of Mo Fang, who was surrounded by nature with two elements, who at such a young age was chosen for world competitions.

“Oh my god, this is, after all, an undead commander in chief level … And did he really just send her flying? – woke up one of the magicians.

Mages were divided into two groups. Some were stunned like gulls, while others stood silently, as if idols, and did not understand how it all happened.

And it does not matter whether they shouted or the urine were astonished, but this blow Mo Fang sat down in their hearts with a blow of hope!

The stream of people finally ended, the whole crowd crossed this street of the dead, and now they crowded on the sidewalk, on the other side.

Several dozens of magicians set up a barrier from the undead pursuing them.

The crowd continued to go forward, someone went to different streets, lanes. The street of the dead was passed, and this zone has not yet been invaded by the undead, and whoever wanted to could go on without delay, in order to quickly get to the inner walls.

But none of them will forget, as a young magician in black clothes and his fiery fist!

On crossing the street of death, Mo Fan lost his temper and it was clear from his pale face that he had lost too much magical energy, but he was overwhelmed with emotions and laughed like a distraught devil!

Here he is, his wonderful feat!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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