Chapter 622: Monster Monster


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Merging with the fiery hetara, the fiery fist that came down was turned into a crazy force, approximately like the fiery fist of Dong Fang Ming of the fourth step.

But now Mo Fan himself has developed the fourth step of the magic of fire, and the power of the fist of the fiery rose has been strengthened 2 and a half times!

Merging with the fiery hetero together with the fiery fist made it possible to release nine dragons of such strength that the monster of the level of the commander-in-chief could barely survive!

That is, it can be said with certainty that the power of a collapsing fist: nine dragons are comparable in strength to high-level magic.

Mo Fan used to think that if he managed to collect 49 stars and get a fire starter, he would be close to the power of high-level magic, but the power turned out to be much more than he had supposed!

“You two, the rest is on you,” Mo Fan shouted loudly, not wanting to stay dead on this street any longer, hurried after the others.

Mo Fan, of course, pretended to be an important bigwig, but in fact his magical energy had completely run out, and even a collision with the most ordinary rotting corpse or skeleton could be fatal for him.

In addition, Mo Fan rather well helped those two wizards of the elite guard, allowing the extreme left to take control of the meat carcass for a full five seconds.

Do not underestimate five seconds, for them the ball corpse giant died to crush several hundred of the created skeletons themselves!

Skeletons caused pity, they went into battle for their master, and now he has gone mad and is now crushing them mercilessly.

“Zuo Feng, who is that kid?” – that elite guard with a square face, and in fact turned out to be a magician of the earth, after the hulk of meat was petrified from his mountain eye, he exhaled and remembered the young fire magician.

– I myself do not know, I thought it was a student with a shadow element! – Zuo Feng looked around and did not find a young magician on the street already.

“I did not think that he would eventually help us stabilize the situation.” And if it were not for him, we would have made a terrible mistake, – said the magician of the elite guard with a brick face.

Zuo Feng nodded.

In fact, if they were three elite security mages, they would have coped with the meat of a carcass carcass without any problems, but the dangerous skill needed to be urgently reported to the top.

It’s good that this magician of the shadow turned out to be some kind of monster, and with only the magic of the average level could fly an impetuous fleshy giant into flight!

“Couldn’t this student control the spiritual flame?” – The elite guard with a brick face once again looked at the meat carcass, which could no longer move.

“No, I was pretty close, and it was more like a magical artifact that strengthened the fourth fiery fist,” said Zuo Feng.

Zuo Feng only saw that Mo Fan was burning with flames, and did not see the fiery hetero infect him, so he concluded that it most likely was a magical artifact.

“The fourth step of a flaming fist … are 49 solid souls, one soul costs four to five million … the heir to a rich family?” – in a panic the magician of elite protection with a brick face said.

He, as a magician of elite protection, had recently accumulated on magical wings, at the cost of one hundred million, the same guy apparently strengthened his flaming fist to the fourth step, and this is more than two hundred million!

And such money even for a high-level professional magician is a very large amount!

There is money, and so it goes to the wind!

“In general, his fourth-degree flaming fist saved us,” to the extreme left, everything that happened continued to be like a dream.

Those who, up to the fourth stage, have improved the entry-level magic are few, since it requires an enormous amount of resources. And usually only talented magicians, like Dun Fang Leo, and that, are hardly able to create a fourth-degree fiery fist, and, probably, Mo Fan is alone in the whole country, which he himself has strengthened.

“Finish this cattle already, I’ll go find him, at such a critical moment, strong magicians are very necessary,” said the magician of the elite guard with a brick face.

“Leave, he’s just a middle-level magician, and besides, I felt that he almost ran out of magical energy, and he’s been fighting since last night from the wall itself …” .

“Okay, but as the danger subsides, I’ll just have to thank him well.”

– Yeah, if you fall …

Mo Fan was extremely exhausted, and really fought from last night.

The agile wolf has recovered, and now Mo Fan is lying on him, if that wolf wakes up.

Mo Fan did not go with the rest, and all that was in his power, he had already done, and then all the will of God.

Wu Mu Bai and Zhou Ming were more compassionate, moreover, these people were mostly from Bo city, and these two decided to safely bring them to the inner walls.

Mo Fan was not heading to the inner walls, he needed to find Liu Zhu.

The agile wolf told Mo Fang that Liu Zhu was on the other side. And so he and Mu Bai and Zhou Ming were divided. And the agile wolf was carrying Mo Fan by the smell of Liu Zhu.

The undersized, too, did not go with Mo Fan, he went to the inner walls to his friends the hunters.

One was not bad either, but he was not entirely alone, but with an agile wolf, and he, in turn, had an excellent sense of mind, and avoided unnecessary fights.

The agile wolf took into account that Mo Fan was exhausted, and he chose the road with extreme caution, so Mo Fan was safe and all he had to do was find Liu Zhu, who was not weaker than him.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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