Chapter 623. The Kiss That


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The agile wolf remembered the smell of Liu Zhu. The beast walked very carefully, carrying Mo Fan, who was almost unconscious.

The corpses had already not met on their way; it can be said that the road was safe.

Mo Fan, lying on the back of an agile wolf, gradually fell asleep.

He fell asleep very soundly. If his mental strength is not replenished, he will not be able to use even the magic of the initial level. Mo Fan had almost died! And it took away all his strength.

The agile wolf reached the old residential area, carrying Mo Fanya. The people who lived here, fled who where. Sometimes you could see a couple of people in the narrow alleys, but they were hiding right away … Apparently, they came here from other areas, finding a safer place.

In fact, the evil spirits under the leadership of the skeletal tyrant and the bone lord were considered the most dangerous. Surely now the crowd of evil spirits, like a black ocean teeming outside the city wall, gradually taking possession of it.

Very quickly, the whole city turned into a city of undead, except for the area inside the city walls, they were also advancing on an elevation that stood apart. One could see the ocean of evil from all sides, and it was terrible!

Mo Fan had to find in the depths of the undead all those people who sought him. He did not want to sit inside the city wall and wait for the news in fear.

In the comprehension of magic it is very important to find such moments that awaken human hearts. But the most important thing in this unstable and dangerous world is to protect those who are dear to you …

When he reached the brick alley, an agile wolf headed for the house at the end of it. The beast did not go the usual way. Going around the corner, he boldly jumped over the gate, being in the courtyard, which was flooded with rain water.

Mo Fan immediately woke up from the jump.

– She is here? Mo Fan washed his face with rainwater.

The agile wolf did not answer, opening the door to the house. Ms. Liu, wearing new clean clothes, stood at the door. Her face immediately showed joy, and she jumped into Mo Fang’s arms.

– Someone hurt you? Mo Fan felt something amiss and frowned.

He glanced from side to side and saw that several vagrants were tied to the stobs in the courtyard. Mo Fan was very angry!

Stupid tramps! If they had not been bound hand and foot, they would have knelt in front of Liu Zhu long ago and asked for forgiveness.

These three hurt Liu Zhu, and she also pardoned them.

– No, they do not … Let’s go to the room, let’s talk. – Liu Zhu led Mo Fang to the room, there was a warm couch that allowed Mo Fang to relax after exhausting work, which was difficult to transfer even to a magician with an element of fire.

“You look very weak,” said Mo Fan.

“Yes, I was hurt and lost a lot of blood — Liu Zhu shook her head. She spoke briefly about how she defended the inhabitants of the village of Hua and about the appearance of Phan Gu.

Liu Zhu knew that Mo Fan came here for her, so she did not leave even when she saw a purple siren, staying here waiting for him. The girl was really weak, and she did not dare to go in search of Mo Fang alone.

“I was thinking how to find you, so I will be safe right away!” Laughed Mo Fan.

– But if you were there, I would quickly regain your strength! – Seeing Mo Fang, a light appeared in Liu Zhu’s eyes. How many beauties have this beautiful girl lured into their nets!

Mo Fan still did not understand what was the matter, how he smelled intoxicating aroma and a sweet kiss burned his neck, his whole body seemed to be under the current.

Liu Zhu could not wait, even being a bloodsucker, she did not feel the temptation of fresh blood. Liu Zhu stubbornly refused to drink the blood of those dirty vagrants. But she could not resist the thirst for blood. And the blood, the joy of her life, has already appeared on the body of Mo Fan. Liu Zhu gradually went beyond the limits of patience.

– Wait, I will lie down – only Mo Fan said these words as his body became numb.

Previously, when Mo Fan fell asleep, he, without realizing it, sacrificed his blood. Gentle and loving Liu Zhu did not wake him, hemopreparation helped her to control herself. But she no longer drank fresh blood. Mo Fang’s blood was good for her health.

Mo Fan remembered how he first saw the exhausted Liu Zhu. The first impression of her was as if he saw a pretty orchid. But the great loss of blood, hunger and thirst exposed her wild nature of the leopard. In the end, she pushed Mo Fan to the wall and passionately kissed him on the lips.

Although blood still oozed out, there was no violation of the vascular network. Previously, Mo Fan did not think about Xin Xia. He was just a hungry wolf who was nailing a defenseless sheep. Who knew that what they were doing on the couch or bed today will turn this. No wonder Xin Xia never resisted, hmm … although her resistance would be useless.

Raindrops beat on the tiles, making a distinct sound. From time to time in the alleys came the roar of hungry corpses. But this did not prevent the excited boyfriend and girlfriend from standing at the wall, tightly hugging each other.

Mo Fan looked up, it seemed to him that the wind and rain intensified. But suddenly everything stopped.

– Is the rain over? – Mo Fan lowered his head in bewilderment, he could not get enough of the beauty of Liu Zhu.

“Why did you finish so quickly?” – awkwardly uttered Mo Fan

– True? Li Zhu raised her head, slightly grayish lips became scarlet.

“You are very tired, how could I dare to drink so much blood …” Liu Zhu’s face became serious – besides, didn’t you poke me with your finger?

Having said this, she looked up and saw that Mo Fane’s arms were raised up, he was hanging in the air.

They caught each other’s eyes, and Liu Zhu’s cheeks reddened.

– The weather is not bad today, it rains like buckets and cold. – Mo Fan smiled, looking out the window.

“You … you lost your magical energy, and I … I can help you.” – Liu Zhu’s voice sounded like a squeak of a mosquito.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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