Chapter 624. Rehearse Once.


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In the story told by Liu Zhu, the way to quickly recover his magical energy is based on the connection between a man and a woman. The bloodsuckers arrived from the west, and therefore the methods are appropriate.

Mo Fan almost jumped from happiness, expressing that “I lay down, you will do everything there further, I do not quite understand what is required of me.”

“I need to catch how many demons governor, suck souls out of them, and then spew them into your inner world, and the magical energy will immediately recover,” Liu Zhu said.

– Is everything OK with your body? – Mo Fan raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, everything’s normal,” said Liu Zhu, showing places that were recently in scars, and now have completely healed!

Everyone says that vampires have extremely strong recovery abilities, Mo Fan would confirm this, seeing Liu Zhu jump into a courtyard with the dexterity of a cat.

Mo Fan really was tired, and, although he tried to think about this and that, but the warm wind from the window finally cast a dream, and he fell soundly asleep.

Mo Fan had to stay on guard, in the end, it was still extremely unsafe here, but the soul and body were asked to relax and discard thoughts of drizzling rain, corpses, skeletons, and even more so about the skeletal ruler!

A thick curtain of dark clouds covered the ancient capital.

A cold downpour soaked through the city.

In addition, fear was inspired by evil spirits that rose from their crypts, graves, and cadaver pits.

The outer wall that once rose above the city has now become a dam, which is not capable of restraining the pressure of the turbulent flow of the undead! Now it has almost been completely destroyed, the layers of stone that strengthen it have already collapsed on the ground, along with the towers, not to mention the buildings near the wall …

And now, when viewed from the inside wall, everything around for tens of kilometers was covered in black. Houses, streets, schools, hospitals, were completely destroyed by evil.

Scum was all over the city, and climbed out from all corners of the city, showing who the real owner was in the city.

“The herd, the tribe, the whole kingdom … the kingdom of the undead, the whole kingdom …” – the watchman on the clock tower, looked into the distance, and repeated the same things to the chant.

The ancient capital that stood unshakably for thousands of years, will it not be wiped out in this rain?

We can already say that the evil spirits covered the entire visible space captured the city. And will this golden dome now stand against their invasion?

Now this rebellious many years of evil, which joined the army of the undead.

“Since there are so many undead … Does this mean that their sovereign has awakened?” – Zhu Meng, a member of the highest rank of magical court lay judges, turned pale.

“We need to clarify what century this sovereign of the country of ghosts wanted it not to be,” the chairman of the magical association of the Han Ji Tower breathed heavily.

– Chairman, you mean he … – Assistant Commander Lu Xu frowned his brow.

“The same age as the city,” Chairman Han Ji did not want to say this, at least because he did not believe in himself.

“This scum is too much, and it seems that the inner walls are not stretched for a long time either, especially against the undead’s attack of the commander’s level … The strongest undead against us is a rock-like giant, he threw meat carcasses outside the wall,” said Lin Xi, the foreman of hunters league.

Lin Si retained the elegance and charm of youth, well watched the skin, but still there were wrinkles on her face, especially around the eyes, which gave her years and experience. She spoke without fear, but without too much arrogance.

“The giant giant is handed over to the head of the elite guards, he is the most powerful combat mage,” said chairman Han Ji

“Leave the horned lord of demons in the south to me,” said Lin C.

– And who is in the west, nobody showed up there? – asked Zhu Meng.

“Most likely the monster is perfectly hiding, and it has not yet been discovered, but everything is in demons, demon-voivods and demon-giants, and many, many corpses around,” said the head of the great house, Li Yu Yu Jian.

The struggle for power has always been a common occurrence, but at such times the general battle is more important.

“Chairperson Zhu Meng, your assumptions are correct, there’s really something strange about rainwater.” Our healers discovered in it something called the dew of hell. In order for the undead to exist in broad daylight, she needs a very thick breath of death, and this very underworld dew in some way gives them the opportunity to live … – the healer in a white robe stood up sharply and began to speak.

– And really rain water? – Zhu Meng was terrified.

– So this is all due to rainwater? – Chairman Han Ji was confused, and now looked at the sky.

At dawn, the whole army of the ancient capital is already extremely relaxed, everything would happen at night, so many victims could have been avoided.

How insidious are the conspirators who have thought out a plan with the rain …

“And really one to one with the disaster in the city of Bo,” said Zhu Meng coldly.

Black Church, indeed they!

– Not just one to one …

Suddenly a voice burst into the room where people in high positions were talking.

The whole crowd turned their heads, and saw a slowly walking man examining them.

– Who are you? – indifferently said Han Ji, examining a man.

The man was wrapped tightly, apparently, so as not to reveal himself, he looked around at the observation tower, and did not answer the question of Han Ji, but said:

“The city of Beau was no more than an experiment, the breakdown of the pen of Sa Lan.

The man paused, then seeing that no one understood what he was talking about, he added:

– That was just a rehearsal before the disaster in the ancient capital.


Bo’s catastrophe was just a rehearsal.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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