Chapter 625. The City of Bo and Xi’an.


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The rain continued to pour, the wind was still howling, and there was absolute silence in the clock tower.

Only after some time, Zhu Meng came to his senses and, not believing his own ears, said:

– Repetition?…

This is a tragedy when blood flows like a river! The small town was subjected to the onslaught of evil only for the sake of rehearsal ??? And their main goal – to destroy the ancient capital?

Here were the honorable people, the strongest magicians. When they heard these words, a chill passed over the skin!


Thousands of lives were involved in the rehearsal … was it really such an atrocity in this world?

All those present did not take their eyes off the man in the mask who brought the news.

– The ancient emperor of the country of ghosts has not yet awakened, but the undead comes from all sides, wanting to turn Xian into a city of the dead. This will be the first big offering to the ancient emperor of the ghost country …. The dead go under the leadership of a rocky tyrant * (he is also called the “ridge of the dead” – it is so huge), but this tyrant is very cunning, and he will never enter the city for anything. To kill him, you need to neutralize the endless troops of the undead that surround him! All the ghouls are awaiting the waking of their emperor in order to destroy the magical barriers of the city in one motion! – said the mystical man in gray-white robes.

The attendees did not know who it was, however, according to nodding their heads to the beat of his words.

– The sovereign of the country of ghosts has not yet awakened, but something similar is already happening. Can the ancient capital survive? – asked the foreman of the league of hunters Lin Si.

– This is not the sovereign of the country of ghosts, but the ancient emperor. The sovereign of the country of ghosts does not have the power to give orders to absolutely all the undead, pinning it from all sides. This is exactly the ancient emperor, and all these ghouls – he made them like that! Said a man in gray-white robes with confidence in his voice.

– The ancient emperor ?!

If the appearance of undead is the work of the ancient emperor …. Long ago, magical creatures of this type did not exist, but two thousand years ago, the dead ghosts began to flood all around!

The invasion of the ghouls is very dangerous, and it was not a secret.

– I understand the meaning of what was said. Hopefully this will help us resolve the situation, ”Lin Si said calmly, looking at this mysterious man.

– The rain is only the first part of the destructive plan of the black church, the second is the awakening of the most ancient emperor, because then the city will turn into a bloody pond! First we need to stop this rain, – said the mysterious stranger.

“We don’t even know where exactly this dew of hell comes from!” If we block this place, how will it affect the rain? – asked Lee Yu Jian.

“Those villages that were in dangerous areas were all destroyed not because of the attack of the undead, but because of the tricks of the black church.” This dew of hell comes from the water of the holy wells that were in every village. Rainwater during the tragedy in the city of Bo had the fierce effect of a sacred source, which led to the attack of magical wolves. The dew of the underworld was created using well water, besides, the magician tried to do it, so that it could perfectly merge with the rainwater … it started to rain – disaster is right there! That’s why they needed a rehearsal, ”the mysterious man continued to explain.

Everybody heard about the tragedy of the city of Bo, but there was no obvious connection with what was happening in Xi’an, except for the fact that it was raining. After the appearance of this theory, everything needed to be thoroughly rethought!

The question was that if something like this had never happened before, how could you think of it?

All these were the tricks of Cardinal Salana, who wore red clothes! Not only did the people not have time to take action, he also waited for a moment when there was no hope at all!

Bo City was a rehearsal, and now Xian should turn into one huge grave! What did the Almighty think about when he gave Salan so black heart ???

The magical court for so many years chased him, and was able to catch only his subordinate in blue attire.

The real face of Salan all this time was hiding in the dark, and his fierce eyes imperceptibly watched what was happening!

“Villages … in the end, these are villages …,” said senior mentor Fei Jiao.

– More recently, when the village of Hua was attacked, I was still suspicious that this was the work of the black church, but in fact it was a mess between settlements. The church itself and I were misled. Their hierarchical position system is carefully hidden, so even the church leadership itself thought that it was their subordinates who had massacred in the village of Hua …. Yes, by the way, there is another sacred well, the water of which is not in the hands of the black churchmen, however this water is now at the necromancer magician Fang Gu! Said the mysterious man.

– Well water can be turned into the dew of the underworld? – asked Zhu Meng with surprise.

– True, well water can absorb all the mortal hatred and rage – this is how to add water, acid and alkali. Unfortunately, I always thought that Fan Gu was a minion of the black church, and in order not to expose myself not to oppose him, and when the time came, I could not find him, ”the mysterious stranger continued.

– However, the water of one well is not enough for such rain. Even the water of all seven wells should be enough for only a few days of rain, ”said Fei Jiao.

– The key figure in this whole business is the ancient emperor. The water of one more of this well will be enough for half a day, during this time we will be able to find the grave of the ancient emperor and seal it – then everything will end! Said the man in a gray-white gown.

Everyone looked at each other. They did not know whether to believe a person who so persistently did not want to reveal his identity.

Stupid people also gathered in this place, and they perfectly understood that if the informant does not want to reveal his identity, it means that the information provided to them with high probability may turn out to be a lie.

– We agree to believe your words, but we still do not know who you are. Why don’t you take off your mask? – said Lin Si.

The mysterious stranger shook his head:

– Sorry, I can not do this, because I do not know for sure, perhaps there are Salan’s minions, or maybe Salan himself!

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