Chapter 626. Detention of high rankings


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– Yes, you question all of us! Are you kidding me ?! All of us are high-ranking and respected people! Yes, you yourself look like a minion of the black church! Shouted Lee Yu Jian furiously.

– The black church will also hasten to react to what is happening. She also needs this necromancer fan Gu Gu, so it would be better if we find him first. Otherwise, we don’t have any hope of finding the grave of the ancient emperor of the ghost country, ”said a mystical stranger.

“The matter does not tolerate delay, I will inform the mages of elite protection,” said Chairman Han Ji. From the very beginning it was difficult to see any expression on his face.

If the magical association is parasites that rely on a black church, then this chairman should not even go and shame before people!

However, today the mysterious stranger revealed all the cards.

“It seems my man has already found him,” the stranger in a gray-white robe said with a grin.

“Yeah, bring the well water first, and then we’ll talk,” said Zhu Meng.

“I have to meet my man now, you have to wait a bit,” the stranger answered.

Everyone nodded their heads, expecting other news from him.

After waiting for him to leave, Zhu Meng asked Han Ji in a low voice:

– Your man?

Han Ji nodded his head without saying anything.

– From the magical court? – asked Zhu Meng.

Han Ji shook his head:

– The magical court is being watched, this is a man from the outside. There are people who have already heard about this rain, but I did not think that everything would happen differently than we expected. The Black Church, too, has already spoken in full.

– The city is faced with a tragedy, and yet there are still these rebellious beasts. We are too inattentive, ”said Zhu Meng on the exhale.

While the two men were whispering in a whisper, they were still looking at others in parallel.

There were two foremen of the league of hunters, two lords of hunters, three chairmen of the magical association, two soldiers, senior mentor Fei Jiao, two of the strongest members of the Li family – if a black church could reach that level, it becomes absolutely scary!

The rain continued to pour without stopping, washing the city and wading coldly to human bones.

– Street on the south side of the clock tower. There was found a corpse, it seems that this is the most mysterious stranger, – said the magician of the elite security, landing. Water still flowed from his face.

– What? – all violently responded to the words of the magician.

After a while, they all arrived at that very street. The body of a man dressed in a gray-white robe lay there and was covered in a strange aura of mystery.

“This is … this is … this is murder before our eyes!” The black church is doing this right under our noses! – Zhu Man shouted furiously.

This man did not live a few minutes after all the words he said! This was proof that the Chernokurkovniki hunted among them.

– Chairman, how could this happen? – asked Lu Xu.

“We have too underestimated the black church,” said Chairman Lin Xi.

– Now Fan Gu’s direction is lost. How should we look for him? The city is so big! If the church finds it before us, then we will have no hope, ”said Fei Jiao.

At this time, a man in a gray-white gown appeared from the side, his eyes gazing at the body, which was also wrapped in gray-white clothes.

“Here is proof of what you didn’t want to believe.” As I said, among you are Salan’s minions, or he himself. Therefore, I apologize in advance, but I have to send people to follow everyone who was present at this meeting in order to prevent further information leakage! Said a voice behind the people.

Zhu Meng was numb with surprise. He looked from the corpse to the man standing nearby.

– So you are not dead ?! – Ling Si just now dawned.

– Before the meeting, I asked my ward to dress like me and wait for my release. He had to give me the news, and I really hoped that he would do it safely, but something happened that we all were afraid of, ”said the stranger in a gray-white robe, inspecting the corpse.

Li Yu Tszyan from the eminent family of Li was amazed. He still did not have time to recover, because just a few moments ago, he watered this stranger with mud!

So who is this ???

“There are no guarantees that Salan is hiding among us, but I cannot allow my subordinates to die like this!” Chairman, your instructions? – the stranger with respect turned to Han Ji.

Han Ji just nodded his head. All this he had already foreseen.

– Xi’an is in danger around the clock. I, as the chairman of the magical association in this tower, have to resort to this method. We do not have much time … so gentlemen, sorry! – Han Ji gestured with his hand, and at the same moment a group of purple silhouettes appeared from the alley.

Elite security mages were notified that they had to detain these high-ranking citizens, who were so impressed that they didn’t even know what to say.

– I understand that Salan is just one person, but in order for the rescue operation to be successful, I will have to offend all of you, and for this I apologize in advance! – Han Ji made another sign with his hand, and the magicians from the elite guards flew down and began to bind those present.

Hunter League foreman Lin Ci on the exhale said:

– Chairman, but if you do so, how will the city resist without the invasion of the undead?

– That is the risk. Xian will fall anyway, and my people will find Fang Gu as soon as possible to put these ghouls to sleep …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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