Chapter 628. Mo Fan Wishing to Kill!


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– Liu Zhu, you say that there is someone who leaves a hemopreparation for you? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

– Right. The smell of this person is extremely difficult to catch because he is well disguised. Honestly, even at the entrance to the village of Hua, I smelled something wrong, and only when I saw the hemopreparation, I decided to believe – Liu Zhu nodded her head.

– Someone comes after us? – Mo Fan immediately became thoughtful.

“He is not following us, but the inhabitants of the village of Hua.” He even leaves a hemopreparation for me, which means that he is not an enemy, otherwise I would have been dead a long time ago, ”said Liu Zhu.

– And now he watches our people? – asked Mo Fan.

– It seems that …

– It’s me!

Liu Zhu had not yet finished speaking when a middle-aged man’s voice rang out.

They both turned their heads and saw how the silhouette of the entered man appeared behind the sculpture. He was in a raincoat, and the hair on his temples were already gray. The main part of his hair was coal-black, over his youthful face it was impossible to give more than thirty, only the wrinkles around his eyes left a hint at the true age of a person.

“You …” said Mo Fan.

Mo Fan remembered this man well. He was one of those seven hundred people and carried a baby in his arms. However, then this man gave his child to his aunt, and he himself stood up for protection outside the crowd. Didn’t understand Mo Fan only the one thing he needed here? Do you really want to thank for saving lives?

– Fan Gu! – in the eyes of Liu Zhu flashed a spark of hostility.

To the necromancer mage who interrupted so many inhabitants of the village of Hua with his own hands, Liu Zhu could not have any sympathetic sympathies.

“So you are Fan Gu?” – wondered Mo Fan.

This magician pretended so well to be a living person, and even with a baby in his arms!

– Girl, you’d better clarify the whole situation. I do not want to kill you, and I did not surrender you to the hunters. I have already said that I want death only for the inhabitants of the village of Hua, all the rest do not bother me. I’m not a beast !!! – Said Fan Gu, slowly moving inside.

Next to him there were no ghosts, only two people who showed no aggression.

– Liu Zhu, calm down. You need to listen to what he wants to say. It seems that the situation is much more complicated than what we imagined, ”said Mo Fan, addressing Liu Zhu.

Liu Zhu, having heard the words of Mo Fang, made an effort over herself and calmed down a bit.

“First, I want to clarify this: I have absolutely nothing to do with the death of the other six villages!” – sincerely said Fan Gu.

– Who could have done it except you? – shouted Liu Zhu.

“Black church,” said Fan Gu calmly. He looked at Mo Fan’s reaction.

“Go on,” Mo Fan said coolly.

– I drank well water when I already became a dead man, and accidentally discovered that it allows the ghouls to appear in broad daylight. Undoubtedly, the black church had already learned about this property of the well water, so it decided to destroy the villages and take possession of this water. The water of the six wells was turned into the dew of the underworld, which feeds the rain, allowing the undead to continue their dance day and night, said Fan Gu.

Mo Fan listened attentively to everything he said, and so far everything came together with his guesses!

And most importantly, the black church even managed to use the sacred source to unleash the tragedy in the city of Bo!

“After you took away part of the inhabitants of Hua Village, I killed all the keepers of their well, taking well water,” Phan Gu openly spoke about his crimes.

– It was necessary to do so? – asked Mo Fan.

– Hatred can only increase, but never subside! … your scouts are back. Maybe they brought some good news, ”said Fan Gu, pointing a finger at the small red bats.

Liu Zhu brought them close to her ear, listening.

After a while, Liu Zhu, looking doubtfully at Mo Fang, said in a low voice: “It seems that they were captured. Nearby, there is still some black scum with the face of an ugly monkey that is waiting for people to get into its networks. ”

“With the black face of an ugly monkey?” – Mo Fang this description seemed very familiar.

– This is a black monster and a monster curse, I once crossed with them. At first they mistakenly took me for their own and only now understood. Now they want to take away the well water from Hua Village. However, the point is that all the well water is already in me, like the dead spirits of my relatives, ”said Fan Gu.

– You explain to me this, do you want to unite with me to destroy the people of the black church? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yeah. I saw that you were with people from the city of Bo, because you come from there. I will tell you one more thing: for more than ten years the water in our well was constantly lacking, and at first I did not know why, but now I realized that these were traitors who pumped out the water and transferred it to the black church and their magician for experiments. Then, about three years ago, all the water in the well disappeared … and some time after that a tragedy occurred in the city of Bo, ”said Fan Gu.

“You want to say that Bo City was their testing ground?” – Mo Fan has literally exploded.

– Yes! – Phan Gu shook his head.

Liu Zhu, who stood beside her and heard everything, simply was stunned.

The tragedy in Beau became known throughout the country, and it was only a rehearsal of the black church!

Are human lives worthless in the eyes of the black church? And they can so mercilessly destroy the innocent?

Liu Zhu was not a witness to the tragedy in Bo, but her gut just turned over in horror, what should happen inside Mo Fang …

No wonder that after these words, Liu Zhu could feel the irresistible desire to kill, which came from Mo Fang!

This is his homeland!

“So why are you telling me all this?” – continued Mo Fan interrogation.

– They are now grabbed the villagers of Hua, so I came. However, among these residents there is your friend, and if we unite, you will save a friend, and I will destroy the black church … – Fang Gu blurted out his true interests.

The real purpose of the church was the dead spirits of Fan Gu.

If the inhabitants die like this, then Fan Gu will not be able to take on them again!

– Well, how? – Phan Gu watched Mo Fang’s reaction.

He shook his head.

Fang Gu frowned. He then thought that Mo Fan would definitely agree, because Zhang Xiao Hou was among the hostages.

“You will help me save a friend, and I will personally destroy the cattle of the black church!” – in a cold voice said Mo Fan.

Spawning a black church!

Bo City as a rehearsal ???

Since these monsters have been spawned, Mo Fan will make them go through all the 18 steps of hell!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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