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Back to Chu Town, Chu Xingyun rushed to see Shui LiuXiang.

In the ten days of retreat, he was always worried about Shui LiuXiang, fearing that Baiyangdan could not suppress the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins, which led to the recurrence of cold qi.

Fortunately, Chu Xingyun’s fears are superfluous.

Just stepping into the courtyard, he saw Shui LiuXiang sitting there, resting and breathing, not only did not have the slightest col spill, but also a sense of in great spirits.

“Flower, how do you feel during this time?” Chu Xingyun asked.

Shui LiuXiang 淡 with a smile : “Since taking Bai Yang Dan, the cold qi in the body dissipated the many, only at night, it feels stronger, but it does not have much impact.”

“That’s good.” Chu Xingyun finally put down the big stone in the heart, at night, it was the time when yin qi gathered, and the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins was too cloudy to cold, a little spillover, it is normal.

There are detailed plans for Nine Extreme Cold Veins and Chu Xingyun.

During this time, first pass the Baiyang Dan, suppress the cold qi, and wait for him to participate in the selection of the military, then he will go to the Imperial City.

At that time, he can really make a big impact and use the vast knowledge of own last, to help Shui LiuXiang control Nine Extreme Cold Veins, and really get the bloodline power of Nine Extreme Cold Veins.

This process, although difficult, but for Chu Xingyun, is 100% grasp, full of confidence, otherwise, he will not directly reject the Jiulong Palace.

“If you have any discomfort during this time, take Baiyangdan immediately. After going to the Imperial City, I will help you completely eradicate cold qi.” Chu Xingyun licked Shui LiuXiang’s Qiong Nao, and the tone was full. Love and pity.

Returning to Room, Chu Xingyun went directly into the inner space of the Samsara stone.

“After the 12th day, when the Wufu was selected, it is necessary to further compress Linghai within the 12 days and let the strength bring it up a level.”

With the current strength of Chu Xingyun, it is almost a matter of course through the selection of the military.

But he will not be irritated by this, the lion is a rabbit, but full power, since he wants to participate, he will definitely spare no effort, vying for the leader.

More importantly, after this period of time, Shui Qianyue is definitely full of grievances against him. It is very might to make a move in the selection of the military.

These two points, Chu Xingyun knows very well, the best way to cope is to become stronger, as long as the strength is enough to grinding press everything, any hidden plot tricks will have no effect.

Putting three nucleus in front of you, Chu Xingyun begins with the method of Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering.

Spirit Gathering Nine Revolutions, you need to compress the Spirit Sea nine times, each time the compression, the difficulty will be doubled.

Chu Xingyun has now been compressed six times, the remaining three times, each time the compression, the difficulty will be doubled, the final Nine Revolutions, the difficulty even exceeds the sum of the previous eight turns.

But in contrast, once the “Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering” cultivate is successful, the strength of Chu Xingyun will be multiplied, and the level of spiritual power is probably enough to despise everyone.

The passing of time, unconsciously, has passed ten days.

On this day, Chu Xingyun stood in the courtyard, his hands stroking, centered on his body, and the pure spirit spread, like the Imperial Canopy, covering a space of three meters.

Then his fingers flicked, and the spiritual power seemed to have wisdom, lingering around the body, light and cheerful, completely obeying Commander.

At this point, a flying insect fluttered with wings and move towards Chu Xingyun.

Chu Xingyun swept his eyes, and his thoughts flashed through his mind.


A spiritual power condensed out in the void, and it turned into two, as if it were an invisible sharp edge, squatting on the back of the flying insect, cutting off the wings of the flying insect, but did not hurt his life.

“didn’t expect, after completing the Nine Revolutions, not only makes the spiritual power become incomparably pure, but even my control over the spiritual power has a huge improvement. With the control I can achieve now, I am afraid even the Spirit. Gathering Ninth Level is hard to do.”

Chu Xingyun looked at the vain power of all around and gave a heartfelt sigh.

He is now more and more aware of why the Martial Emperor, which is not in all respects, is at the top of the top ten Martial Emperor.

This set of “Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering” is too heaven defying, compressing Linghai, pure spirit, but also can improve the degree of control of spiritual power, simply can be said to be all aspects of improvement, and even metamorphosis.

“Now I have completed the cultivate of Nine Revolutions Spirit Gathering. The Yuanhai will not be condensed and may enter the Spirit Gathering realm at any time.”

Chu Xingyun looks at his own body and doesn’t have a hot fight. He has to step into the Spirit Gathering level today.

The so-called water overflows, when the owner absorbs enough Earth Spirit, it will naturally condense the Spirit Sea, and this natural state is exactly what Chu Xingyun is now pursuing.

Out of the courtyard, Chu Xingyun summoned Chuhu and others.

The location of the selection of the military is in Black Water, so in order not to delay the time, Chu Xingyun will start Starts Journey tomorrow.

On this journey, he is going to take Shui LiuXiang and smuggling.

Shui LiuXiang is a Nine Extreme Cold Veins. Although she relies on Baiyang Dan, she temporarily suppressed the cold qi, but let her stay in Chu Town for so long, Chu Xingyun will still have some concerns, simply take care of her. With.

As for the anti-drug, since he entered the Earth Spirit realm, the strength has a qualitative leap, and he is accompanied by protection, and both Chu Xingyun and Shui LiuXiang can be assured.

“Young Master, this time the selection of the military, I will not go.” Chu Xingyun is about to call Chuhu, Chuhu’s words, but let him slammed down.

“Wufu selection is certainly a long-awaited, but my current strength, go, just go and see, it is difficult to have anything to do, it is better to stay in Chuzhen, one can cultivate well, and the second can also host the overall situation.” Chu Hu shouted.

Chu Xingyun nodded deeply, and there was a hint of gratification in his eyes. Chu Chu could think of these two points, which means that he can judge the situation and make the judgment of own.

In this way, even if Chu Xingyun left the West Wind City, he could safely hand over Chu Town to Chu Hu.

On the second day, the sky was very bright.

Chu Xingyun just walked out of the courtyard, and there was a well-dressed team outside the door.

Gu Cyan Mountain stood in the first place of the team. As soon as she saw Chu Xingyun appear, she hurried forward and said with a smile: “Patriarch, this military selection is not the same, I decided to personally lead the troops, this way, you Despite the instructions, as long as it is what I can do, I must do a proper post.”

As he said, Gu Cyan Mountain walked up to Chu Xingyun, first hand-to-hand salute, and then made a gesture of please, indicating that Chu Xingyun would rest in the car.

This car, extremely luxurious, is the exclusive thing of his City Lord, but in order to please Chu Xingyun, Gu Cyan Mountain can not control so much, it is very respectful.

Chu Xingyun looked at Cyan Mountain and looked at it. He looked at the car and looked at the car. Finally, “I have a heart.”

“Where, I am the City Lord of Xifeng City, but also the guest of Chu Family. It is my honor to solve the problem for Patriarch.” Gu Cyan mountain smiles, personally put the ladder down, how much respectful Respectful.

Subsequently, under the escort of Cyan Mountain and nearly a hundred soldiers, the car slowly left Chu Town and moved towards Black Water City.

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