Chapter 631. Does not distinguish enemies from their own.


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The first black monster appeared in sight. His long claws gave out a cold glow under this rain. It seemed that these claws could cut through the human body immediately to the bone!

Mo Fan stood in the same place, not moving at all, and Liu Zhu spiritually stood in front of him.

Liu Zhu’s hands, too, instantly acquired long claws that flashed in the air with bloody light, hacking this black monster into several pieces!

Parts of the monster’s body fell at the feet of the vampire, and his blood rushed in different directions!

– Up! All up! – I heard the voice of a priest in a black dress.

The priest’s orders were accompanied by curse magic, which caused incredible torment to the monsters.

At one moment, a black shadow slipped somewhere nearby. Black monsters did not like to attack such shadows, because there was always a high risk of attacking their own.

In their speed, black monsters were like cheetahs, and ordinary people could not compare with them. People could not compare with them in power, however, Liu Zhu was much more plastic and flexible than these puppets.

When the monsters were going to attack, they quickly moved from point A to point B, and began to attack already in flight!

Liu Zhu was quickly able to catch up with them, quickly chopping off!

There were a lot of black monsters, however, Liu Zhu, without batting an eye, had already destroyed more than ten of them!

Suddenly, while Liu Zhu was dealing with four monsters, a demon appeared!

The imp’s body was surrounded by a seal of curse that gave an ominous glow to his actions, speeding it up!

Liu Zhu did not have time to dodge, and a wound appeared on her snow-white neck, from which all the village girls began to squeal!

A woman in sable sent a monster curse. With a cold smile, she said to someone: “It seems you can only use corpses …”.

While this female deacon was still saying something, the girl with her neck torn began to show the wonders of her power: with her left hand she was able to grab the curse monster that had attacked her by the ankle!

Liu Zhu did not pay attention to his wound on his neck. Quickly grabbing the monster curse with its claws, she threw him on the cement path!

From a blow with a concrete covering, the monster’s head curses split, and brain fluid flowed from it.

The monster of the curse was tenacious like a cockroach, and even with a split skull he was not going to die! But Liu Zhu was not going to let him go: a sickle-shaped bloodblade appeared in her hand that cut the monster’s neck!

The bloody blade cut off the head of the monster curse, and Liu Zhu with a light movement of the leg otpasoval it in the direction of the black monsters in case they, too, are going to attack her.

For all this time, the wound on the neck of the vampire has already healed without a single drop of blood, and the skin on the neck has become as snow-white as it was before!

Several priests in black robes stood open-mouthed. They have never seen such sinister girls. One thing was clear: this girl did not use magic. She used her anger, claws and blade, but all this does not apply to human characteristics!

– Blood … bloodsucker! – the female deacon immediately recognized the essence of the girl. Her pupils clenched, and with anger in her voice, she said: “Do not waste time! Get together! Kill them faster! ”

Black monsters swirled around like flies or mosquitoes, they were unable to cause Liu any harm. The problem was represented by monsters of a curse. And if Liu Zhu was like a lion, then the monsters of the curse were mad wolves.

Liu Zhu was already able to feel the intentions of one of the hidden monsters of the curse, and successfully destroyed him!

– Yes, you seem to be stronger? – asked Mo Fan when he watched as Liu Zhu dealt with the monster of the pack leader level.

– Yeah, your blood is very specific and contributes to the development of my abilities. Because of this, I also love to drink your blood … – Liu Zhu replied.

“Is it like soothing milk for you?” – asked Mo Fan.

Liu Zhu did not have the opportunity to respond to Mo Fang, because the remaining six curse monsters also decided to attack. Outwardly, they were no different from ordinary black monsters, and it was only in battle that their power of curse made itself felt!

– Little heterie, come out and help Aunt Liu Zhu! – sentenced Mo Fan, composing the elemental conscription system.

When the system was only half ready, the little hetera got out of the contract space herself. Mo Fan was already accustomed to this, and on the fifth constellation he himself had already stopped building the system further so that the others could not see that he was a summoning magician.

The little girl in anticipation looked at the face of this rogue Mo Fan, as a result, puffing up her cheeks, it was clear in her eyes that the child was clearly not in the mood.

However, the fiery hetero was an obedient child and knew that her insults could not please daddy!

– No condescension! Said Mo Fan to the fiery gambler.

* Ding! *

Little Hetera was a sorceress of chaos, so when she heard that all restrictions on her today are being lifted, she immediately burned all the black monsters with her fire within a radius of ten meters!

Liu Zhu killed one at a time, carefully approaching the murder of each of his victims.

Little Hetera was not particularly wise in this matter, since she was allowed to use all her power!

Seeing that the hetero began to burn everything with fire, Liu Zhu immediately jumped to dodge this flame …

That’s really unbearable little hetera, never distinguishes his from enemies!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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