Chapter 632. There is no witness.


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Fire is a people of fiery hetera, any flame unconditionally obeys it.

Fire magic follows the power of the star system, and the flame always appears in the same form. But the fire of the little hetero is controlled by it. If she wants to turn the flame into a whirlwind, then the flames soar madly upward around the heteras. If she wants, then the flame can turn into Godzilla from the movie. You can even make the fire turn into a fiery monster. And if the hetera wishes, the flame will turn into several balls of fire that will follow the black monsters, burning everything in their path.

Soon most of the black monsters were killed, and the survivors received serious burns. And if the spiritual entities of these monsters were not controlled by a minister of the black church, they would all be dead at a distance of several hundred meters from the fiery hetera.

When a small hetero appears, the activity of the fire becomes greater and the more this activity, the more the female deacon fears the appearance of Fan Gu. If it appears, then the plan will fail.

The energy of high-level magic is very high, it easily attracts the attention of the magicians of the elite guards who search for Fan Gu. Only therefore the female deacon hesitates to act.

Star by star began to line up, and, in an instant, the star system appeared under the heel of a female deacon.

The next second, another star system appeared. Like giant flakes of snow, stars appeared above the top of the woman, blinding their light.

Star systems continued to appear in various places on the body of a female deacon, they complemented each other’s beauty by weaving an icy constellation.

High level magic with an element of ice!

This woman is a deacon and a high level magician!

Previously, if Mo Fan met another level of magicians, he immediately left, since he was still very far from high-level magic, he could not resist even taking one of such magic.

But if the enemy began to show his magic in practice, Mo Fan did the same.

It is impossible to deny the fact that the speed of creating a star system by a female deacon is much higher than the speed of Mo Fan, but she needed to create 7 star systems to complete the star cloud. Mo Fang needed only one star system …

– Little heterie, the embodiment!

Mo Fan finished creating the star system, feet stepping over the raging flames, hair and the hem of the clothes flew up from the hot air.

“Deep freeze – sarcophagus …” – the female deacon cast a spell coldly, raindrops turning into ice, falling to the ground.

– Blown fist – nine dragons! Mo Fan’s body was engulfed in flames; even the monsters of the curse did not dare approach him!

Seeing Mo Fan creating the star system, the female deacon grinned – he thinks that a faster average speed magic can resist my deep freeze?

Are the 7 clergy of the black church, who are next to it, just a decoration? Don’t they have enough magic for defense?

However, the power of Mo Fan’s raging flames increased sharply, while as if the fire covered the ice, the female deacon lost her composure.

The deep freeze unexpectedly disappeared, the female deacon saw two black church attendants standing in front of her, using the blessing of light and the stone barrier to escape.

But now this defensive magic used by the clergy will not withstand the attacks of the enemy!

– Boom!

The fiery dragon roared, the park trembled with the sound and movement of the dragon.

The dragon flew through the black monsters fleeing for flight, they disappeared under fire. The power of fire beat the black church ministers in front of the female deacon.

Even under the mid-level defensive magic, these two clerics disappeared under dragon fire, the powerful blessing of light and the stone barrier were fiction in front of the dragon’s power.

The dragon appeared before the female deacon.

The female deacon responded quickly, calling for an ice sheet. Mo Fang’s fist hit in the middle of the park, destroying all the plants. The fist struck the deacon woman’s ice sheet, and eventually weakened his strength.

– Woooooooooooooo

An outraged raging flames spread the ice sheet, the dragon’s flame struck the monument with engraved hieroglyphs on it. From this blow, the monument scattered into smithereens, on the road in front of a female deacon a ravine formed with a flame in it, the ground was burned to the ground everywhere.

The flames engulfed the dry trees, the icy shield of the female deacon was broken, he crumbled at her feet. Trembling all over, she rose from the ground. Her hair and clothes were burned with fire, blood appeared on her lips.

What separated her from Mo Fan was the scorched earth and the raging flames, but on her face one could see the horror she experienced.

The magic of the average level? !!! And this is mid-level magic? !!!

Even if she is a magician who has only recently become a high-level magician, she could well have overcome the magic of the average level … But now she was trapped by the average level magician … But if the ice shield did not let her down, her death would have been just as fast and the death of those black church ministers who used defensive magic.

Flaming fist, is it still mid-level magic?

The magic of high level does not even compare with the power of this fist!

– Good people do not do this and do not become monsters! Come on, henchmen, I’ll kill you one by one! – Mo Fan’s eyes were bloodshot, he could no longer restrain the anger in his chest.

Today, Mo Fan has not left a single witness from the servants of the black church, including the female deacon wearing blue clothes!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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