Chapter 633. Bloody Skeleton!


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The flame began to flare up again. And although now the fire was not as powerful as the first time when there was a fiery fuser here, the fiery fist of the fourth step was very strong! The female deacon was not such a high-level old magician. Her defense was punched by Mo Fanem, because of what she could not resist his flame!

– Flaming fist: nine dragons!

Mo Fan quickly finished forming the elemental system, and at the same moment a flame of a fiery rose arose around his body, which cast a red light!

Fire dragons formed a fan-shaped design, and the lava began to spread in all directions! Absolutely all the plants in the park turned into ashes, and even the rain that was falling could not calm down all the fury of this flame!

The female deacon was angry, her chest was sore, and the speed at which she compiled the elemental system was very slow. By the time the magic of Mo Fanya reached her, the woman was able to release only ice fragments!

Ice fragments formed six ice chains that entwined around Mo Fang and his flames.

The ice dungeon was the third step, and the deacon herself was very close to the flame. The fire overwhelmed her, and her protective mail was not good enough to protect against such a flame. From the new fiery wave, the deacon flew up and rolled down the street.

Ice chains, under the influence of high temperatures, began to break and melt. The female deacon could not even imagine that she, a high-level magician, would not be able to resist Mo Fanyu!

She too overestimated their own capabilities. If she knew that the enemy was using a fourth-degree fiery fist, she would definitely not have come out against him, but would send her subordinates, while she would use ice magic to finish him off from a distance.

Now the female deacon was completely broken, and she did not have the strength to create a star cloud of ice.

– Heck! If my magic of water was also of high level, I would easily slam it! – The deacon, barely able to stand, tried to escape.

The magic of a high-level water curtain has an excellent defensive ability, and even a flaming fist cannot defeat it!

As a result, its only element, which was developed to a high level, was powerless in front of another magician!

– What are you waiting for?! Faster kill him! Screamed the female deacon, her skin was coal-black from burns. She gave the order to five priests.

These five in black clothes were mid-level wizards. And although they understood perfectly well that the risk of being killed by the enemy is great, it is every bit better than getting under the distribution of this deacon.

In appearance, these five were weak-minded.

Knowing that before their two comrades had turned into ravens, one used a holy shield, and the second – a mountain curtain.

One flaming fist of this magician was for their heap a powerful destructive force!

However, if they do not fight, they will still die! Driving monsters, they began to create element star systems.

Five times, they could produce medium level magic, but the speed at which they compiled the star system was negligible compared to the speed of Mo Fang. Everything else, none of them had spiritual seeds.

Elemental systems of different colors began to be created under their feet. Very soon the magician with red hair released the magic of plants, and long creepers sprouted around him.

Suddenly a dark red demonic silhouette appeared behind him, with his eyes fixed on the mage’s head!

Silhouette stretched out his bony hands and split this man’s head like a watermelon!

The magician of the plant element had not yet understood what had happened. He rolled his eyes and looked down, trying to figure out who did it.

The remaining four mages all this time were busy with their elemental systems, so they did not pay attention to the situation around. Only one of them soon turned around and saw a bloody skeleton!

– Do not … undead ???

But when did the undead have time …

The skeleton has already managed to grab another of the priests, and, with an effort, tore it into two parts!

Nearby Su Xiao Luo and another village girl almost fainted from what they saw! They, of course, saw the dead, but did not see the like!

This steel skeleton in just seconds dealt with two priests! The next moment, his hand turned into a pike, and he holed another priest with it!

This priest, which turned out to be pierced with a bone spear, still held out. He was lying on the ground and bleeding.

The remaining two priests did not respond so quickly. They only had enough time to summon the monsters of the curse to help.

Two monster curses literally flew at the steel skeleton from different sides. One took his skull, the second – his legs. For a few moments, they slashed him to pieces.

There was a metallic sound that cut the ears. These two monster curses knocked the skeleton to the ground. He managed to grab hold of that monster that had already taken his skull away … and knocked him over to another monster!

Two monsters curses involuntarily collided, sliding down the steps. When they were just about to run, the steel skeleton had already managed to pull out the bone hammer!

He swung at them for two monsters! Cracks started from this impact on concrete!

The bone hammer took off again and sank again, and so many times. Only the bloody mash flew around, in time with the blows!

The skeleton jumped … now his hammer, like an electric disk, swooped down on monsters with lightning speed!

The monsters of the curse had no chance … there was a huge hole in the steps, from which the meat sauce was now flowing out of them …

From what he saw on the heads of the remaining two priests hair stood on end!

As soon as they got ready to run, the bone hammer rushed towards them …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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