Chapter 634. Traitor.


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There was a loud sound … these two priests did not have time to escape and turned into corpses.

At this time, several monsters curses were in trouble with Liu Zhu.

It became clear that this dark scarlet steel skeleton was actually Fang Gu! If he had declared in such a form to kill the inhabitants of the village of Hua, then there would be no survivors! The steel skeleton was so strong that even a monster cursing the level of the pack leader would not have been able to destroy it!

Having destroyed two cursing monsters, Liu Zhu became much easier. Now that the dark scarlet steel skeleton has entered the battle, the fight against black monsters and curses has gone much faster.

* Ding! *

Little Getera said in her daddy’s ear that the new charge has already been loaded and can be used at any time!

Mo Fan’s mouth turned up in a sinister smile. He watched the deacon carefully …

High level magician ???

He has never met a weaker high level mage!

Whatever protection she had, if this is not a high-level defensive magic, then a little hetero and the property of a collapsing fist will incinerate her in a moment!

The female deacon was stupefied when she saw how Mo Fan got a specific flame of a brown color.

Against one blow of the fourth-degree flaming fist, she was able to resist, but if he uses a collapsing fist, then nothing will remain of her several high-level mage’s lives!

The brown and bright red flames intertwined, and the small fiery hetero was already ready for the crashing fist … this explosive set could destroy the monster of the commander-in-chief level!

– Stop!

At the moment when Mo Fan was so clearly determined to attack, a voice was heard.

– Stop! Otherwise, your friend will lose his life! – I heard the voice of a man who was holding a dirk.

Dirk was at the neck of Zhang Xiao Hou, with his tip touching his skin.

Zhang Xiao Hou himself continued to stand with the same dull look, not even attaching special significance to the fact that a cold weapon was attached to his neck.

Mo Fan frowned. Now he closely followed this man.

– Hong Jun, what are you doing ?! Shouted Su Xiao Lo.

The headman of the village of Sesan, seeing the son who put a knife to Zhang Xiao Hou, said: “Hong Jun, there are no good people in the black church, what are you doing?”

“Elder, is it still incomprehensible?” – asked Mo Fan, flashing eyes.

– Ha ha ha! Just great! And I could not think that at such a crucial moment a small adept in a gray robe would change the course of the matter! Upon return, I will definitely encourage you! You were even smarter than these priests! – with a grin said diaconsha.

– Hong Jun! How could you! We are all from the same village, all the relatives … we must honor the precepts of our ancestors! Shouted Su Xiao Luo. She could not even imagine that he would be an adherent of the black church.

However, Hong Jun, too, always stood on the defense of the village, how could he get in touch with the black churches?

“I don’t need just to remember my ancestors.” How can? Round the clock all the talk about these ancestors !!! There is so much beauty in the world! I do not want to languish in some backwater with such Old Believers as you! Because of this, I can’t even proudly raise my head in front of my classmates! Roared Hun Jun.

– Three years … you left the village just three years! How was it possible for three years to become so?

– Already in the second month after my departure from the village, I realized that I did not want to return! Never! You then thought that I would come back, but what should I do in this village of yours? All ancestors, ancestors … Seriously?! Only because of some well not to leave the village? What a delusion !!! – Hong Jun now said all that he boiled.

“But … but even in this case, there was nothing for you to become one of the people of the black church!” I do not regret that I will have to answer to the ancestors, nor do I regret that I drove the residents of the village of Yanbai back then … And every month I secretly carried the water out of the sacred well not so that your magic would take the dark path! You are much stronger than those who laugh at you! – said Cesen with a lost look.

– Too slow! The effect of well water on the cultivation of magic is too insignificant! And the black church gave me something you can never do! Shouted Hong Jun.

– You wait, that’s when you become a priest of the black church !!! Then all that you want: money, girls, position, respect – you will get everything! And all those who are laughing at you now … you can turn them into their animals! Make them your slaves! – laughing, said diacons.

The flames on Mo Fan’s body were still burning. Mo Fan himself did not even suspect that among the village people there might be adherents of the black church. He knew only that it was very hard to get there, so he was pretty surprised that the boy in just some three years of cultivating magic could already be so spoiled.

– This is all because of your greed! Do you have to kill the villagers ?! – Su Xiao Luo spoke with fury in her voice.

– A crowd of slaves! Grumbled Hun Jun.

Cezanne said nothing more. He betrayed the ancestors, killed people – and all in order that his son could become a revered person! And he…

Remembering Phan Gu, remembering his son, who was now like a stranger, Cesen sat exhausted on the ground.

– Elder! – At this moment I heard the voice of Zhang Xiao Hou.

Cezanne raised his head, not knowing who was calling him.

– Honestly, I always thought that it was you – an adherent of the black church! – admitted Xiao Hou.

The old man was stunned, not fully understanding the words of the boy.

But now it seemed to him that the speech of this little fellow was no longer so stupid!

– Brother, I’m sorry, again gave you too much trouble! Said Zhang Xiao Hou, who was now looking at Mo Fang, with a smile.

Mo Fan smiled back.

Mo Fan’s flames began to roll around in waves.

Oh, this bitch! Does he really think he can slip using this traitor ???

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