Chapter 635: Disguise Zhang Xiao Hou.


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“Did you not hear what I said?” Either this lad clears his flame, or you die! – maliciously pronounced Hong Jun.

Hong Jun brought the dirk close to the artery around the neck of Xiao Hou.

Su Xiao Luo’s eyes reddened. She looked imploringly at Mo Fang, hoping that his friend’s life was not indifferent.

However, Mo Fan not only did not weaken his flame, on the contrary, it began to flare up with a new force and soared like a meteorite!

– Bastard! Ignore me?! – Hong Jun was now clearly furious.

He pressed the dirk even more tightly against Zhang Xiao Hou’s neck, letting Mo Fang understand that he was not joking and that anyone walking across his words might die!

In his eyes, it was obvious that he hated this idiot, that he walked along with Su Xiao Lo, as if stuck, and waited for this day to get even with him!

Hong Jun didn’t have a single thought to abandon his plans …

Pushing the dirk, he felt only … the air!

He looked fiercely and saw only how Zhang Xiao Hou knocked him out of his nose in no time!

– What are you an idiot! You are just a slave to a black church that does not put you in anything! – heard the voice of Xiao Hou behind Hong Jun.

Hong Jun turned around abruptly, however, he saw only Xiao Hou’s wind silhouette.

Zhang Xiao Hou was already two meters away from him, and his eyes had never been so inspired!

In an instant, Zhang Xiao Hou turned into a stream of wind!

Hong Jun did not have time to react: every time he ran across only the air.

The whirlwind of the wind lifted Hoon Jun high-high … it was only visible how Zhang Xiao Hou controlled the magic of the wind, and how the raindrops sucked this whirlwind …

– Do not kill … – Su Xiao Luo asked for Hong Jun.

However, the piercing wind in a whirlwind already tore the skin on the guy’s body, and now the usual whirlwind was still sprinkled with drops of blood …

– I can do everything for you … except for one thing – do not ask me to pardon the adept of the black church! – Said Xiao Hou Su Xiao Luo.

She was surprised to see the man Xiao Hou had now turned into.

At the same time, the flames of nine dragons were already wiping the deacon from the face of the earth …

The woman screamed, she was overcome by inhuman torment, but Mo Fan was just as determined as Zhang Xiao Hou. He could not afford to have pity on the representative of the black church, which turned his hometown of Bo into a testing ground !!!

* Ding! *

The little fiery hetera sank to her daddy’s shoulder with a ring.

Mo Fan said with a smile: “Today you showed yourself very well!”.

Gaeterka was delighted.

Mo Fan walked slowly up the stairs, approaching Zhang Xiao Hou.

Zhang Xiao Hou said: “Forgive me, brother …”.

“Nothing, I know you had your reasons for this.” Now you can tell me what happened in the village? – asked Mo Fan.

Zhang Xiao Hou looked at Mo Fang.

He admitted that all this time he was just pretending that he had lost his memory, and turned on the fool.

And he did this for one reason only – to stay alive.

– Brother, at that moment when you appeared in the village of Hua, I barely restrained myself in order not to reveal myself … I honestly did not think that you would come for me … – said Xiao Hou Mo Fang, barely holding back his feelings.

He was wounded so badly that he almost died …

At the very beginning, he really lost his memory, but due to the fact that Su Xiao Luo constantly cared for him, he was able to quickly recover.

That night they were attacked by a clumsy voivode …. Part of the team was killed, and the rest was sucked into the zombie abyss.

The clumsy voivode could drag him into a zombie abyss and he, however, perhaps because he saved her at the very beginning, the voivod decided to let him go, and so Zhang Xiao Hou survived!

However, soon Xiao Hou again saw the abyss, which so shocked him!

Next to the zombies were people of the black church!

Zhang Xiao Hou could not have expected the appearance of a black church!

He ran … ran up to Hua Village itself …

And there he was saved by Su Xiao Lo.

As long as Zhang Xiao Hou was recovering in the village of Hua, he never for a moment forgot that there could be adherents of the black church in the village!

Therefore, even after the memory returned to him, he continued to pretend to be a fool.

He understood perfectly well that as soon as the black church finds out that he knows everything, he will certainly be destroyed! For the sake of his life, he pretended to be an idiot!

He was hiding for so long that he even found a loophole to calculate the traitor!

Zhang Xiao Hou was preparing for the fact that sooner or later he would have to face these villains face to face, but he did not expect Mo Fan to come after him!

He came after him thousands of miles away! Now Zhang Xiao Hou embraced him with all his might …

Xiao Hou was firmly convinced that if he told about his memories, and even if they talked to Mo Fang alone, there would still be a person who would report on all the superiors of the black church, and they would come to destroy them!

“Knowing the style of the black church … if you saw what you shouldn’t have, then they surely …” Mo Fan began to express his assumption.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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