Chapter 636. The Great Disaster!


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“Although I don’t dare to assert, but I think that there is someone besides the black church, someone also laid eyes on the village of Hua, and because of him they still didn’t get even with me,” said Zhang Xiao seriously Howe

Mo Fan was taken aback, and now looked at Liu Zhu.

Liu Zhu quietly nodded and said: “He must have left me a hemopreparation.”

– Hiding, I tell you, you’re great. Otherwise, the black church would remove you as an extra witness, and send a blue deacon after you. But a plan with rainwater was about to enter the action, and the blue deacons had to sit lower than the water below the grass in their holes, and could not act risky … – Mo Fan nodded.

Yet, Mo Fan was scared to death for Zhang Xiao Hou.

Mo Fan assumed that Zhang Xiao Hou deliberately forgot everything, but he could not think that he had to pretend to be in front of so many people!

“So what did you eventually see?” – burned out of curiosity Su Xiao Luo.

Hong Jun’s spy has already been eliminated, so Zhang Xiao Hou could now lay everything out.

– Yeah, what did you see that? – Mo Fan, too, could not contain his curiosity.

Zhang Xiao Hou survived so many difficulties, the information must have been worth it, perhaps even she was somehow connected with the disaster in progress!

“He was wearing a mask and I didn’t recognize who it was, but the subordinates of the black church called him the senior deacon Hujing,” said Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Senior Deacon Hujing?

– He is the most important among all the blue deacons, is also the right hand of Sa Lang himself, should be in terms of rainwater, he occupies one of the key roles … – Fang Gu slowly approached, and looked indifferently at the villagers.

– Where are you from? – asked Liu Zhu.

– I fought with the black church, and left one alive, during interrogation I found out with whom I fought. Although that gut was not thin, and he held on to the last, but I have special tricks of the undead that frighten to the bone, and as a result, he split, – answered Fan Gu.

“It is a pity that the black church has such a serious division according to ranks, if we left that woman captive, we would hardly have been able to extract any useful information from it,” Liu Zhu said.

– In such close-ups, the blue deacons are only an executive unit, and it cannot be that they know the general plan. If we want to know their further actions, then we just have to grab Hujing, ”said Fang Gu very confidently.

“Monkey, since you didn’t see his face, why do you think they could decide to kill you?” – not understandingly asked Mo Fan.

“I heard their voices, and the voice of this man seemed painfully familiar to me, but I could not understand who it was …” said Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Familiar?

– Aha, besides, I am sure that I heard it in the city of Bo, while the rain still rattled, if I had the opportunity, then I would definitely figure it out! Zhang Xiao Hou said seriously.

Mo Fan frowned and sighed heavily.

In the end, the people of the black church were hiding under his nose all the time!

“I’m sure he knows me too, and I’m excited that I could recognize the voice, so I decided to kill, but I ran to Hua, and this Hong Jun kept watching me so that I wouldn’t shake up anything that threatened them Otherwise, me and everyone who was next to me would just be destroyed … ”said Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Because you continued to pretend to be a jerk next to me, thereby making the spy feel calm? – said Su Xiao Luo.

– This is … this is not all. – flushed Zhang Xiao Hou, frankly, posing as.

– Then why not? – asked Su Xiao Lo.

– To repay you for salvation. Leave your love affairs for later. Monkey, since you just can not understand whose voice it is, then there may be some similarities … You said that this is a man from the city of Bo? Said Mo Fan, furiously.

“Yes, he is definitely from Bo City, and you also saw him,” Zhang Xiao Hou confirmed.

“But there are a lot of messengers in the ancient capital, how can you tell them a senior deacon,” Liu Zhu said.

Liu Zhu, along with Mo Fan, was on Bo Street, although there was not so much of the total number of survivors after the disaster, there were still many people from Bo, and although the information received from Zhang Xiao Hou is important, it is still too little and all too vague!

“Come on, we have to find Mu Bai and Zhou Min, they have long been in the city, they must be able to help us, we also need to tell about what happened to Zhu Meng … said Mo Fan.

“I will go with you,” said Fan Gu.

“Aw, I thought that because you killed them, you would have to stand trial …” Mo Fan looked at Fan Gu in astonishment.

“Yes, on arrival at the inner walls, I will come to court, of course, if everyone remains alive,” Phan Gu turned his head.



The army of the undead was already on its heels, leaving behind only black ruins and mountains of corpses!

Now, when you look at the majestic golden dome over the inner walls, knowing that the walls that have stood for a thousand years have collapsed, do you think it will stand?

Everything behind them turned into pitch darkness.

The army of the undead did nothing special, they just moved on.

The golden dome became an island over this black ocean. And the water in the ocean was lush, and all the time it seemed that the island was about to overwhelm!

On the inner wall in a row were military magicians, and no matter what their level was, in everyone’s eyes shone indescribable fear.

Came, have already arrived!

This undead destroyed the outer walls, flooded most of the city, and all who did not have time to evacuate are already dead, it is simply impossible to survive in such a dense cluster of the dead.

The hubbub made the inner walls shake, and, although there was a dead silence on the walls, the steps of the approaching mountains of meat, piles of bones, and a sea of demons pierced the hearts of people with horror!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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