Chapter 637. A city that could not be saved.


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The northern gate … A crowd of people flowed like porridge, slowly moving inside the northern gate, but the black boiling sea was already approaching.

Hundreds, thousands, millions of people died every second! It was a real Judgment Day!

In the past, standing on the city walls, people could see a beautiful developing city, although it was not as luxurious as Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, but from the point of view of history, it was much more attractive.

At one moment, the whole sky turned into a black storm, the evil scum was enveloped all around, leaving nothing alive in its path!

Crying, screaming, wheezing filled the air!

The corpses, demons, skeletons advanced like a tsunami. Houses collapsed, the clouds in the sky lost their color!

There were many people who had not yet had time to evacuate. One could see the sobbing people in the inner walls who had lost hope.

Within the city walls there was a dead silence.

The sky wished death to this city, the city that destroyed its inhabitants!


The streets were filled with crowds, the car passage was closed. Trembling and weeping people were everywhere. Not wanting to accept the death sentence, they prayed for a peaceful existence. And the overwhelming number of people completely lost their mind.

There were more tears than raindrops. Everyone already did not care who would lose, and who would win, everyone already was indifferently comfortable or closely in this crowd. Anyway, no one could leave where the ocean of evil spirits absorbed everything. Everyone seemed to have come to terms with the death of the country and with their own death, and the worst thing was that people looked very miserable in this situation.

Roads crowded with people moving back and forth. Zhang Xiao Hou breathed deeply, clenching his fists tightly.

And really weak … He was weak!

What did the ministers of the black church plan? Why he could not guess that it would turn into such a disaster!

Why, when he heard Deacon Hujing’s voice, did Zhang Hou not know who he was, after all?

If the black church were eradicated beforehand, then this trouble could have been avoided.

People, regardless of whether it was a man or a woman, old or small, pressed closer to each other. The survivors were immobile. They lost hope, not only because this city was surrounded by evil spirits, but also because there were still many of their relatives and friends in the city.

Many people did not care that they were not close to their close people – all the same, everyone would die. The worst thing at the moment was to be alone in this world.

– What happened? – Su Xiao Luo’s eyes turned red when she saw Zhang Hou. So she hurriedly asked him a question.

Zhang Xiao Hou wiped his eyes wet with tears, took a deep breath, and only then answered: “When I graduated from the last middle school class, rivers of blood poured in the city of Beau and I said to myself – I will never allow such events to happen in the world, I will become stronger, so strong that I will destroy all human sorrows … But many years passed, similar events happened again, people die, magicians sacrifice themselves in countless quantities, and I remained the same as many years ago … I can do nothing I can only watch that It is going on … Watch as the stuff that gripped the city. ”

These beautiful inner walls framing the city will not last long. But Zhang Xiao Hou will not be able to witness the death of people for a long time …

He already experienced this feeling. It is better to die than to live – he could not bear it a second time.

He wondered what to do in such a situation. Better to die than wait for salvation.

– Do not judge yourself. These servants of the black tsvetki completely lost their mind in their perfidy. Didn’t you do anything? After all, you knew that the conspirator was hiding among the people of Beau. Wait for Mo Fan to return. Maybe together you can expose Deacon Hujing – Su Xiao Luo reassured the guy.

Having said that, Su Xiao Lo saw several people from the crowd heading towards them. She recognized Mo Fang by her black clothes.

– Mo Fan, we are here! – Su Xiao Luo waved her hand.

Mo Fan, Mu Bai, Zhou Ming, Zhou Kun San and Wang San Pan approached and saw Fan Gu, who did not leave this place. They also saw that Zhang Xiao Hou’s eyes were red.

“Little monkey, I have already told everything to these four, they know what to do.” And by all means find the deacon Hujing, then immediately inform Zhu Man of this, he must begin to take action. – Mo Fan said Zhang Hou

Zhang Xiao Hou shook his head, taking a serious look.

The sight of Mu Bai, Zhou Ming, Zhou Kun Sanya and Wang San Pan was also very serious. And only then, Mo Fan told them all the news, they calmed down a bit.

– Let me speak. Among the magicians I know should be Lin Yu Xin and Dan Kai. Even though I haven’t seen Lin Yu Xin for a long time, she really cared about me when the dust started in the ancient capital. – said Zhou Min.

– Lin Yu Xin is also from Bo? Mo Fan asked in surprise.

After mentioning this name, a girl wearing white clothes came to mind in Mo Fan. Her face was beautiful and her character was hard to read.

At the time, Lin Yu Xin, risking her life, tried to save the sacred source of the city of Bo. The fact that the city of Bo survived – this is also its merit!

“Lin Yu Xin cannot be a minister of the black church,” said Mo Fan confidently.

– And Dan Kai? – asked Mu Bai

Dan Kai was from a league of hunters and at the beginning he was also trying with all his might to protect the city of Beau.

After the death of director Zhu, Deng Kai assumed the duties of director Tian Lan, but after Bo’s city turned into a place of hostilities, Tian Lan High School of Magic also became a military school, and Dan Kai traveled to Xi’an along with other people.

“Dan Kai’s voice is special, I still remember him, he cannot be a servant of the black church,” Zhang Xiao Hou shook his head.

– Mu Bai, tell them, because the number of people you saw is more than the others have seen. – said Mo Fan

Mu Bai plunged into deep thought. He wanted to say something, but did not know how to begin …

– Mu Bai, what’s wrong with you? Don’t you want to find the ministers of the black church? Do not forget that our homeland was destroyed by them. We must, by all means, take revenge on this enemy! Shouted Zhou Ming.

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