Chapter 638. Tragedy is inevitable.


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Mu Bai, seeing that all the views of those present were focused on him, was a little embarrassed.

“Mu Bai, it cannot be … these few years of your cultivation …” said Wang San Pan, looking at Mu Bai with surprise.

– Fat, do not carry rubbish! How can Mu Bai be an adept of the black church ?! He hates the black church more than all of us! There is blood not only on your family members on her hands! Cried Zhao Kun Sang.

– This is definitely not Mu Bai! However, Mu Bai, can you suspect someone? – asked Mo Fan.

Mu Bai took a sip of green tea, he could not imagine all this. However, they all grew up together, and no brainwashing from the black church was observed during all this time.

“In fact, I heard it from my mother, who talked about it from time to time.” I did not deliberately hide it … – Mu Bai’s voice became quieter.

– What?

Mu Bai was just about to express his guesses, how unexpectedly from the side of the inner wall several guards flew in from the elite guards, who were wearing purple robes.

At first, everyone thought that they were flying into a magical association that was in the clock tower, however, flapping their wings, they stopped here.

– Tell me, who is Fan Gu? – I heard the cold voice of one of the guards, who, with his attentive eyes, cast all those present.

– I …, – Fan Gu did not hide, – to be honest, I didn’t even know that I had become so popular that the elite security chairman himself would come after me! Very interesting is that in such a disaster someone else is concerned about my crimes!

Fang Gu himself said before that he was going to go to a magical court with a confession.

However, he thought that during the period of such a tragedy in the city the magical court would not pay special attention to its violations.

Phan Gu did step by step, knowing full well who this deacon Hujing really is – a person who wants to bury the thousand-year city of Xi’an!

“You, please go with me to one place,” said the chief guard, gesturing to his wards so that they would seize everyone.

Mo Fan did not understand what was happening, but he had a hunch about the fact that since they were representatives of the elite guards, it is quite possible that Zhu Meng is looking for them, so he did not oppose.

Several elite guards rose into the air. They were very strong, as each of them kept two people in the air. As a result, Mo Fan, Zhang Xiao Hou, Su Xiao Luo, Fan Gu, Mu Bai, Zhou Min, Liu Zhu, Wang San Pan, and Zhao Kun San were caught by the guards.

At first, Mo Fan thought that they would be taken directly to the watch tower, where the magical association was located, but they were taken to a completely different place.

It was a deserted courtyard, by the appearance of which it was clear that this place was very important.

– Chairman of the guard, you come back, the skeletal ruler is watching everything! And we ourselves will take them! Said one of the guards.

Lou Juan nodded his head, and flapping his huge wings, flew high into the air and headed towards the north gate.

The inner part of the city was small, so it took little time to return. However, everyone was struck by the fact that the crimes of Phan Gu touched upon the chairman of the elite guards!

The chairman of the elite guard enjoyed an even higher position in the ancient capital than Zhu Meng. The elite guards consisted of the strongest mages, all of whom were high-level mages!

When the corpse giants began to pose a danger to Xi’an, the elite security mages dealt with them as soon as possible. Otherwise, many residents would not have had the opportunity to reach the inner borders of the city!

– This is Lou Juan – Xian’s strongest man! He single-handedly destroyed the commander’s ghoul! – Zhou Min said with admiration, looking at the receding silhouette.

– Well, the “strongest” said too loud! But he is definitely in the top three! Said the guard with a good-natured face, seeing people off.

There are already a lot of people in this yard, most of whom were in the house. The beautiful courtyard was crammed with drawers that looked like medicinal boxes. Between the boxes there was only a narrow path, so that you could walk along it.

“I ask everyone to sit comfortably,” came the voice of an old man, when they still did not have time to go inside.

Mo Fan sat on one of the boxes, the others also gradually settled. After that, everyone had a blank expression on their faces.

“Thank you for bringing Fang Gu here.” I express my deep gratitude to you on behalf of the magical association, – an elderly man with black hair spoke swiftly.

Phan Gu was puzzled. He, of course, killed so many people, but he was dragged here, and in front of him stood none other than the chairman of the magical association of the Han Ji Clock Tower!

First there was the head of the elite guard, now the chairman of the magical association – right all the key faces of the city!

– Fan Gu, do you still have well water? Han Ji asked bluntly, glancing at Fan Gu.

– And why are you asking? Do you really want to blame me for something? – inquired Phan Gu.

Well water was necessary for the black church, what is the magic association’s concern with this water now? Even if water is a key point of all that is happening, however, the disaster has actually reached the inner borders of the city, and now there was no point in looking for it.

“We’ll talk about your crimes later.” Now the most important thing is the lives of a million people who are in the inner part of the city. One drop of well water can be used to feed the dew of the underworld. We hope you will give us this well water so that you can tame the undead, said Han Ji. His eyes expressed tremendous power and strength.

Those present were surprised to hear this.

Initially, the well water, turning into the dew of the underworld, fed the clouds, and thanks to the undead formed, it could do its work even during the day. It turns out that the same water can be used to send the undead back to the ground …

Here is the news!

The city can be saved!

Phan Gu didn’t even think about it …

– Excuse me, sincerely apologize …. If I had well water on my hands, I would definitely give it in the name of redemption of my sins … However, the fact is that I used all the available water to strengthen my skeleton … I will call him, and if you can extract the well water from his incarnation, I will not even mind if you kill him! – said Fan Gu.

No sooner said than done. Fang Gu had already finished making up the stellar conscription system, and a red-and-scarlet steel skeleton appeared on the public eye, looking around with a puzzled look.

– Fan Tu, well water can save the inhabitants of this city … You may have to melt you, ”Fang said to the skeleton so that everyone could hear his message.

“There is no need, tragedy cannot be avoided,” Han Ji just looked at the steel skeleton. And he continued to repeat: “tragedy is inevitable …”.

Even having melted this skeleton, it was impossible to get well water. Due to the effects of the dew of the underworld, the differences between day and night are completely erased here

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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