Chapter 639.


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– Yes, right, Mo Fan, is it not your sacred source? Zhang Xiao asked Hou. It seemed to dawn.

The words of Zhang Xiao Hou immediately attracted the attention of the chairman of the magic association Han Ji: “Is this a sacred source of the city of Bo?”

– Yes! The sacred source of the city of Bo! – At this time there was a man whose face was covered with a gray-white cloth. His eyes were carefully looking at Mo Fang.

Mo Fan looked at this man, not understanding who it was.

At that moment, this person was recognized by Liu Zhu, who whispered to Mo Fian: “This is the person who gave me the hemopreparation, and it was he who was following us all this time.”

“You kept watching the black church all the time, why did you still need to follow the villagers of Hua and Zhang Xiao Hou?” – asked Mo Fan.

“They gave me an assignment,” the man with the covered face answered.

– Commission? – Mo Fan and Zhang Xiao Hou were surprised.

– Let’s talk about it later. In this situation, I can not reveal all the cards. Mo Fan, is it true that you have a sacred source? – asked a man whose face was covered with a gray-white cloth.

“Yes, but my situation is about the same as that of Fan Gu,” Mo Fan replied.

In usual times, Mo Fan with great difficulty could have pulled out the sacred source from the dark talisman, however now the internal river of the talisman was already formed, and it was impossible to pull the source out.

– I do not understand, where does the sacred source come from? – Mu Bai could not restrain himself and asked a question.

In fact, Mo Fan’s language was also itching to ask the same question. And here is a sacred source, when they needed well water? Does a sacred source have a similar effect?

“Brother, in fact, the city of Bo and these villages had the same ancestors,” said Zhang Xiao Hou.

– Say a little inaccurate. Bo City was once a small village, and in the wake of the development of the south for a thousand years turned into a small town. The villages themselves were completely isolated, and therefore, to this day, they remained only villages, ”said a man with a closed face.

Mo Fan, Mu Bai, Zhou Min, Zhao Kun San, Wang San Pan – everyone opened their mouths in surprise!

– Yes, it was all over a thousand years ago. So many generations have changed, that there is no trace of the connection with the villages! – Said Wang San Pan.

A man with a gray-white cloth covered face only nodded his head – this was true.

So many years have passed, that everything has already had its own history.

At that moment, Mo Fan remembered what Xing Xia had told him!

Bo City was founded by the descendants of one old ruler, and over the years he was able to turn from a settlement into a city!

Teacher Xing Xia also confirmed that the founders of the city of Bo were originally from Xi’an, moreover they were relatives of the founders of these villages!

– In your city of Bo, too much blood was mixed, besides there were a lot of foreigners, so the teacher’s words about the education of the city are too unreliable, but one thing is for sure: Bo’s city was once a village and the sacred source was its well who was guarded from generation to generation by his servants, said Han Ji.

Sacred source!

Well water!

Now it all came together!

Mo Fan just hit his forehead …

Now he understood everything: why the black church was looking for a sacred source, and why it still had not killed him!

The black church sought to seize the sacred source of the city of Bo!

Sacred spring and well water …

Now all the events that occurred before were lined up in one interconnected chain!

Dark talisman, quickly pull out the sacred source, you can save the situation!

However, the result was the same: the dark talisman had long since managed to digest this sacred source. And since even from the skeleton of Fan Gu, it was not possible to squeeze the sacred well water, then it was also useless to try to do something with the talisman.

Mo Fan himself very much wanted to prevent the onset of the tragedy, however, as chairman Han Ji said, “tragedy is inevitable …”.

– Apparently, all our plans do not come true. The supreme emperor of the undead will soon wake up and wipe out this city! – Han Ji already foresaw the sad outcome of events.

– There is still hope! We must find the burial of this ancient emperor! Said the man with his face covered.

“More than two thousand years have passed since the time of the Qin Dynasty, who can now tell us the exact location of this burial?” If we find out later after the emperor’s awakening, then this city will definitely turn into a city of the dead! Said Han Ji.

Qin Dynasty!

Ancient lord!

The progenitor of the undead!

Mo Fanya after these words dawned like …


The history of this world coincided with the history that was in his world. This means that this ancient ruler …

Prince of the Qin Dynasty – Ying Zheng *! (Name of Emperor Qin Shih Huang)

Is he?

This is too much! How can a person who died more than two thousand years ago wake up in the 21st century ?!

No no no! This is a magical world! And in the historical books of the magical world it is precisely said that Emperor Ying Zheng is the creator of the element of necromancy!

The history books also say that throughout his life he sought the miraculous means of eternal life!

Immortal life…

In ordinary life, Mo Fan would have just laughed …

But now he clearly was not laughing!

If the story of the magical world coincides with the story of the real world, and Ying Zheng really is the creator of the magic of necromancy, then the current disaster will lead to his awakening … and he will really find eternal life …

Once he has just awakened, then countless rows of undead will replenish, and the ancient capital will be destroyed!

Mo Fan was shocked.

Having first received magical information about the tragedy in Bo and the reasons why all those people died … Mo Fan changed his worldview.

Now here he first hears about the emperor …

The destruction of the city should be a gift to his own awakening !!!

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