Chapter 64: During the settlement


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“Come on, Anos”

Ray pointed the Cut of the Devil’s Sword Initio at me and kicked the ground.

Ray, who flew like an arrow from body to body, rolled out my throat punch.


Poke and match the Vajra Iron Sword on the tip of Initio, which is straight towards you.

If you collide, before the demon sword that slashes and rips the magic ceremony, every Vajra Iron Sword will be destroyed.

But Ray avoided meeting with the Vajra Iron Sword and changed the poking track along the way.

The aim is the left-hand circle.

I opened my left hand at the moment when Initio’s cut was going to pierce it.

Fit, and Ray stops the sword.

“What’s up? If I had the momentum, I could have skewered my palm.”

“If they grab the sword for it, they won’t win.”

Hmm. That’s great.

I dare you to pierce your left hand and grab Ray’s sword. In sword moves, Ray goes over me, but he can’t even lose if he compares his powers. If only we had taken it to that state, we could have sealed the sword completely, but it doesn’t seem to make it that easy.

“Now it’s our turn.”

Reach out your left hand and unconstructively grab Initio’s sword body.

Ray pulled his sword aggressively and avoided it.

At the same time, I wave the Vajra Iron Sword down Ray’s brain with all my strength.

At this time, there’s only one way to take it in Initio.

But if I take it properly, my sword will break. That would be the same for Ray, who won the game and lost the battle. If it wasn’t a victory to destroy the Circle of the Sucker, you’d have me carry the burden. Ray can’t destroy my sword.

But what do we do?

If you don’t take it with your sword, you won’t be spared a fatal injury.


Ray intercepts the Vajra Iron Sword with the Initio he draws.

The moment the blade tip and the blade tip collided, I felt a strange response.

It’s soft. As if to absorb the shock, Ray masterfully changed the direction of power and struck down my sword with full force, not against its power.

“Wow. Let me see it again.”

“I don’t care how many times.”

Swords collide with swords. But it only sounds stunningly quiet, and my sword is struck down. Even as he changed the angle, applied and subtracted the force, and carried out a series of strikes, Ray beautifully flushed through the crease. It seems easy to do at first sight, but it is not an exaggeration to say divine.

How many demons were able to do this in the age of mythology?

“You’re a horrible man, you are. If you can break my sword, you’ve already had a few shots.”

“Unless your sword is the Devil’s Sword and you’re wearing the Sucker’s Circle.”

I use the Vajra Iron Sword and am constantly absorbed by magic.

By the rules, we must continue to use < Hidden Magic (Nazira) >.

Ray can’t use his left hand and can’t meet my sword head-on.

As for the size of the handles, they would both be similar or closer together.

We can’t be enough to think of each other, but at least we don’t need to worry about the other’s disadvantage.

“I can’t believe it… that sword, meeting Initio decently…!

“Initio, who slashes and rips the magic ceremony, should also slash and rip the ceremony applied to the Devil’s Sword…! What happened to the previous opponent’s Demon Sword when he said that a few pairs of blades would have broken him so tight…!?

“… It’s a sword without magic, so there’s no magic ceremony in the first place and it doesn’t have the effect of Initio…?

“Stupid! If it’s just a metal sword, that’s two things in one…!

“… is it still true…?

“… trained by true mastermen, sword of heart…”

“It’s not like magic. Something lives in it.”

There were such out-of-target words flying from the audience.

Me and Ray’s offense is fierce, and I’m guessing not many of us can figure out exactly what’s going on.

“Are you going to go for a sustained war like this?

Cross the blades, Ray recieves my sword again.

Be wary of being grabbed Initio, or Ray is turning to the guard.

“I’m not going to stick it in your hand. Buy yourself some time, and you’ll be just as the royalists think.”

“That’s an unwanted care. Where they sucked how much magic, it’s not going to be any problem. Just think about beating me more than that.”

I pack the distance a little forcefully against Ray, who skillfully tries to gauge the time.

At that moment, Ray flashed Initio.

“Of course, I’m going to. Yikes…!

Ray’s blade, which turns to attack at once, assaults the left-handed Circular Ring without the insanity of dimensions.


Suddenly, I try to receive that blade flat in my hand, but Initio’s orbit changes.

The aim is the left arm. Stiffening my muscles, I poked the Vajra Iron Sword ready to strike.

Blood is scattered.

Initio ate into my left arm and my sword was piercing Ray’s shoulder.


In an attempt to push Initio further into his devoured left arm, Ray circles to gain momentum on the spot. Rotating power is transmitted to the sword, and Initio reaches the bone.

“You’ve ruined it. We’ve got a gap.”

Wave the Vajra Iron Sword.

Ray twisted himself, but was unable to twist, and the blade blurred his neck, and the blood splashed.

No, you’re not. Ray is already running his sword with a cool face.

I didn’t fail, I didn’t fail.

I guess you stepped on the idea that if you were trying to keep my sword intact in front of you, you wouldn’t be fatally injured for long.

Initio flashes and blood flows from my left arm.

At the same time, my sword was slashing and ripping Ray’s hips.

“You can’t beat me if you’re patient.”

“You have to try, I don’t know.”

Initio and the Vajra Iron Sword intersect, slashing and tearing each other’s bodies apart.

As opposed to the previous impasse, the scratches increase with each merger.

Let him cut the meat, break the bones.

That’s what Ray’s trying to do to me.

Keep releasing the Special Blade while avoiding only lethal injuries to each other.

Every minute and two wounds increased, blood overflowing, but we were laughing.

“Exactly, Ray. More than ever.”

“You’re the one, Anos. I can’t believe you didn’t show the bottom of your power when you thought you’d surpassed me.”

There’s no resentment, and I don’t want honor.

It’s just, yeah, it was fun.

It was a pleasure for us to exchange swords for swords, to exchange blades for blades, even a drop of dripping blood.

Whenever I can cross the line, Ray’s fearsome talent, which surpasses my self a few moments ago, is how Ray feels admired for my bottomless power, which I am not happy with and which I have yet to see beyond myself no matter how many times.

Neither the Royalists nor the Demon Sword Games, not even Avos Dilhevia, are in sight.

Now on the stage where the majestic sword trident sounds, you just have to concentrate on dancing magnificently.

A long, long, sword trident plays out.

The audience could no longer utter words, and watched the soon to be switched offense with a sip of spit.

That was half an hour later, an hour later, and we were still crossing swords.

Perhaps there’s one thing that both me and Ray wished for.

Please, let this time last forever.

Still, the end is coming.

We knew each other that it wasn’t long.

“… ku…”

My blow slashes and rips Ray’s right leg off, and finally he kneels.

At that price, I had a severe laceration on my left arm.

“Hmm. My arms are barely lifted.”

Instead of a wand, Ray slowly rises.

“Ray, it’s over, we had fun.”

“Right. Me, too. That’s the last time.”

Put up the sword, we stepped forward at the same time.

Ray’s aim is my left arm.

You’re gonna jerk off my dull hand and destroy the Circle of the Sucker.

My aim is one thing.

into the midst of each other’s swords, at that time.

“… Ray……………!

As we staggered, a voice cried out for him.

I see her on the edge of my eyes.

In the middle of the audience, just through the entrance, was Ray’s mother, Sheila.

Mass is with us.

“… anosssssssssss…!!

In Ray’s hands, Initio glows.

Trying to avoid it, I raise my dull arm forcefully.

At that time, the Devil’s Sword twisted and cut up the base of his left arm.

My breathing and muscles have slackened gap, no more timing, impeccable sword strike.

My severed arm waited for the universe.

Was that what you were after from the beginning? Ray stares at the falling arm.

“Taking my arm is a big deal, Ray”

Faster than Ray tries to slash the Ring of the Sucker, I roll out a poke with the Vajra Iron Sword.

Dauntingly Ray shielded the belly of the Devil’s Sword.

“But this time I win again.”

As soon as the cutting edge touches the Devil’s Sword, use all your strength to push out the Vajra Iron Sword.

Just then.

A huge magic formation emerges on the arena stage.

It soon unfolded a certain magic.

Is this…?

“… hey… ahhh…”

Initio broke in two and my sword was piercing Ray’s chest.

“… That’s right, Anos… I thought we won this time…”

He smiles satisfactorily.

And so he retreated, and fell on his back.

But there is no cheer.

A magical formation that emerged on the arena stage.

Used was the magic of Dimensional Prison (Azeissis).

Only this place was flown from the Delzo Gate to another quarantined dimension.

“We’ve been waiting for you for years.”

The sound of a raging voice.

“Finally, it looks like we can finish you off.”

It was the old man with the white beard who showed up.

Old Seven Demons was one, Merhayce Bolan.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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