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Water home.

After knowing the news, the seniors of the waters immediately rushed into the hall and said to the waters: “Patriarch, Chu Xingyun has left Chu Town and is ready to go to Black Water City. The road is protected by Cyan Mountain.”

“I have already expected this, it is not worth making a fuss about nothing.” Unexpectedly, Shui Chongxian actually laughed, very calm.

“A cyan mountain, a vicious, supported by two Earth Spirit powerhouses, Chu Xingyun may have a chance to be selected by the five major military forces. By that time, our water home will be completely passive.” All water The faces of the top of the house are a little pale, and the words have a hint of arrogance.

As long as Martial Artist enters the Earth Spirit realm, it can absorb the cloud evil energy of Between Heaven and Earth, and gradually realize the various Divine Ability methods, the strength is stronger than the Spirit Gathering.

This level of powerhouse, even the five major Wufu have to recruit.

The top of the water house is afraid. I am afraid that the five major military authorities will pay more attention to Chu Xingyun in terms of Cyan mountain and anti-drug. After all, Chu Xingyun’s current strength is indeed qualified to be seen by the five major military authorities.

Shui Chongxian sat in the main position and looked relaxed. He did not panic from beginning to end. He said faintly: “As early as three days ago, I arrived in Black Water City in a thousand months and got in touch with the ancient elder. For Chu Xingyun The performance of time, the thousand months is also a word that tells the ancient elder.”

“Just a thousand people sent a secret letter, saying that she has now got the help of the ancient elder, successfully entered the Spirit Gathering Third Level realm, and the ancient elder also made a promise, will not let go of Chu Xingyun “”

“Is the ancient elder determined to make a move?” The eyes of the top of the waterhouse were lit up. The ancient elder as the host of the selection of the military, if he can get his dagger, then Chu Xingyun certainly did not end.

Shui Chongxian said with a smile: “As long as the ancient elder uses the real power of own, in the selection of the military, let Qian Xingyun on Chu Xingyun, then Chu Xingyun can almost declare failure, if successful, kill Chu Xingyun on the spot, It is not impossible.”

“In this case, what we are going to do now is not to be scared, but to count all the forces of the West Wind City. When the moon is returned to the countryside, it will immediately annex the forces, submit to me and prosper, oppose me and perish! ”

Shui Chongxian stood up and stood up in a pair of pupils, emitting a sharp divine glow, which was a sense of hegemony.

On the faces of the top members of the water family, there were also smiles, and they secretly thought: “Since the help of Yunmengwufu, the selection of the military is really foolproof.”


In addition to Chu Xingyun, in the West Wind City, there is also a young Martial Artist who wants to go to Black Water City to participate in the selection of Wufu.

The five major Wufu is the huge force of the Flowing Dragon Imperial Dynasty, and it is the cradle of the powerhouse.

If you can join the five major Wufu, simply is fish leaping through the dragon gate, not only can promote the status, but also can get endless cultivate resources, even if this is the case, it will make people feel very excited.

In addition to the West Wind City, there are many people in the surrounding 13 cities. It is like a river crossing. The number is extremely amazing. Even if you have not arrived in Black Water City, you can feel the hot atmosphere.

“So many Experts, it seems that this selection of the military will be very intense.” Shui LiuXiang looked out the window, the Martial Artist walking back and forth along the way, let her have a feeling of tension, simply do not dare to look at it.

“This time the selection of the military, the five major military departments recruited the discipline at the same time, naturally attracted the many years Martial Artist, but the number of people, but also represents the difficulty of selection will increase.”

Gu Cyan Mountain rides a horse and protects Chu Xingyun and others. He explained: “According to the information I obtained, the selection of the military is divided into two major levels, which test the innate talent and strength. To test the level of innate talent, it is extremely strict, and the elimination rate has reached 90%.”

“90%, this is too strict!” Shui LiuXiang widened his eyes and exclaimed.

“The Five Great Arms have been inherited for hundreds of years, and the rich heritage, even the Flow Family Imperial Family must not dare to take a nap. I would like to ask, such a huge force, will play the yú to make up the numbers, recruit some ordinary generations. “The poison has also added a sentence at this time.

In the Imperial Dynasty, the five major Wufus seem to be five towering giant pillars. Together with the Flowing Family Imperial Family, the whole cloud is supported by the Imperial Dynasty, making it more prosperous and prosperous.

The five major Wufus are also openly selected at the same time. Naturally, they are extremely strict. They all want to help the Wufu, where they are located, to recruit real Talent characters.

“Cloud big brother, which Wuwu do you want to join?” Shui LiuXiang looked at Chu Xingyun with a hint of curiosity in his words.

Hear this, 阎 和 and Gu Cyan mountain and others also looked at the past and wanted to know his answer.

“It’s almost the same, feel free to do one.” Chu Xingyun shrugged and said in a casual tone.

“Patriarch, between the five major military powers, is also divided into strong and weak, the most powerhouse, is the Lingfu Wufu, I heard that as long as the characters cultivated by Lingxiaowufu, a large part, can enter the Earth Spirit realm, and even flow The only few Heavenly Spirit powerhouses in the Imperial Dynasty have a deep relationship with Lingxiao Wufu.”

“After Lingxiaowufu, it is Yunmengwufu. This Wufu is also an expert that has cultivated many many, and most of them are the children of the royal family. On the influence, Yunmengwufu is not under the Lingwuwu government.”

“As for the subsequent Cangwu Wufu, Indigo Wufu and Ziyang Wufu, the forces are in the middle of the situation. If there is an opportunity, it is best to choose one of Lingxiaowufu and Yunmengwufu.”

Gu Cyan Mountain is the master of a city. He knows a lot about the five major military houses. He naturally hopes that Chu Xingyun can join the best Lingwu Wufu. If not, Yunmengwufu is not bad.

“You said this, I know very clearly, but for me, which Wufu to join, it is not too big for me, just need to be in the Imperial City.” Chu Xingyun is still the casual look.

The main purpose of his participation in the selection of the military is to join one of the five major military offices, go to the Imperial City, and begin to investigate Yunmengwufu and the tragedy of 16 years ago.

As for which Wufu to join, Chu Xingyun really does not care.

In the eyes of the ordinary person, the five great military houses may be difficult to shake, and they have a rich heritage. But in the eyes of Chu Xingyun, at best, nothing more than nothing. There is nothing worthy of praise.

After all, the richness of the five major military capitals is no longer rich, and it is impossible to match the memory of Chu Xingyun’s millennium. Even with the addition of an Italian Family, it is not enough!

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