Chapter 644. People Hostage!


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Mo Fan looked at the sky, his heart was darkened by the events, as if the evening darkness descended not only on the city, but also on his soul.

When evil spirits come from hell during the daytime, it prevents them from moving forward. But as night falls, this undead truly becomes ferocious!

But why did Moo Hae say that this city will not survive this night?

Why is it said that the great power of all magicians is concentrated in the magic circle? If the lord of the undead appears, how many days can the magic circle of this golden bell tower last?

Are the plans of the black church tonight come true?

Will the inner walls disappear overnight?

It’s impossible! If only Ying Zheng does not rise again, but even if he does rise, then he must possess the power of a real emperor!

How can a long-dead emperor have such power?

– Do you think you made me appear? In fact, this time I appeared to meet with you. I want you to be my mediator. – slowly said Mu He

– Do you think I WANT to help you? – asked Mo Fan

– As you like, most importantly, help Mu Bai give me a few words. And just help me convey a few words to the old man Han Ji. Of course, I did not win in the struggle for a sacred source. But I have already told you that as soon as it gets dark, the source will not become, the city will not live to dawn. – said Mu He.

There was a strong wind and rain, now Mo Fan could not see the silhouette of Mu He.

Mo Fang’s soul went to the heels of these words of Moo He, as if the news that Hujing – this is Moo He, now has not washed away. Mu Ho felt confident to such an extent that Mo Fang’s eagerness and nervousness of this type caught him, but he still doesn’t say who Salan is!

Of course, Moo He acts according to the situation, but what words should I convey?


The black church decided to negotiate with the magical association?

Now the black church is in a favorable position, countless people are already in hell. The inner walls of the city are already surrounded by evil spirits, what the hell did they need to negotiate with us?

Don’t they know about the death sentence?

They want to save Salana!

– Do you want to save Salana? Mo Fan asked coldly.

– How did you quickly understand. True, we need to save Salana. It is a pity that Han Ji has already decided to kill 10 innocent people, having missed only one. We all were horrified by this cruel order. We do not want to let Salan die, so I want you to tell Han Ji a few words. You will help me to tell him something, thus canceling the death sentence, giving a little hope to this city … But if Salan dies, then we will bury these 10 innocent people, but we will bury them together with the million population of this city. These beautiful people will not live until dawn! – voice Mu He sounded coldly, as if a hurricane hit.

Bury the million population of the city!

At that moment when these words were spoken, Mo Fang’s heart began to pound wildly.

He himself did not know why, but he believed that the black church was really capable of that.

“Do you think Han Ji will agree to talk with you?” You killed so many people … How can he believe in the conditions that you put forward? – said Mo Fan

“They will believe, because I will tell them where the emperor’s burial place is located,” Mu He said self-confidently.

Seeing Mo Fan doubting, a smile appeared on Mu He’s face. Without waiting for his answer, he said directly: “Eh, Mo Fan, Mo Fan … In the face of a huge church, before this magnificent celebration, you play the meager role of a transmitter of information. You have no choice, or you will go and send a message to those whom I call, or the last hope will disappear because of you! ”

Ton Moo He became cold, as if he were keeping the situation under control.

Mo Fang did not have the same pride that Mu He had. Now the number of hostages, which Mu He held in his hands was countless!

But most importantly, they had a lever of influence – the location of the tomb of the emperor!


A magical association gathered under a huge bell tower: Mo Fan, Han Ji, Zhang Xiao Hou, Zhou Min, Mu Bai, Fan Gu were there. In addition to them, there were the chief of the elite guard Wang Qi, the head of the magical court Shi Zhen, the head of the Hunters Union Chu Jia.

Elite security wizards wore purple clothes, standing militarily in rows.

Han Ji commanded the greatest magic party, whose magicians listened unconditionally to his orders.

The head of the elite guard Lu Huan did not come, he stubbornly remained at his post. In the end, evil spirits have already struck the golden magic circle.

The tyrant-like tyrant was already advancing, entering the forbidden zone.

But as soon as the rocky tyrant approaches, the death sentence will already be carried out. Mages under arrest will die.

“Turns out the deacon wears a blue rain coat!” Chief Justice Shi Zheng glanced down, from the high bell tower could be seen how slowly a man dressed in a blue raincoat was rising.

He walked alone.

But everyone understood that in his hands is the life of millions of people!

Mu He did not even put on a mask, as was persuaded.

The solemn ceremony was already held, there was no longer any reason to pretend. We can say that Mu Hae showed his true face, dropping the mask and becoming the god of death.

Rising up the stairs, the magicians of elite guards were around him, who in one moment could destroy this deacon of the black church. But if Han Ji does not order, no one dares to move.

“Have you taken Zhang Xiao Hou with you?” – Mu He appeared before the magicians, on his face was a stinging grin.

Zhang Xiao Hou stood next to Han Ji, coldly staring at Moo He.

Perhaps both of them thought that this scene was exaggerated, it was obvious that they were confronted by a person who had committed unpardonable crimes, but it was impossible to immediately execute him. It came to the point that, losing hope, the magicians were ready to negotiate with the black church.

Mu He first looked at Zhang Xiao Hou, and only then spoke: “A part of his memory was destroyed. In fact, it is necessary that he fully remember, but do not expect that he will tell you everything. When he remembers, he will immediately hang himself. I can tell you the location of the tomb of the emperor. You can wait until he takes the antidote, and then see for yourself – if what I said is true. Of course, the prerequisite is that you let go of the innocent mages. ”

Mu He, pronouncing the words “innocent of nothing”, specifically focused on this, as if he were sorry for the talented magicians, whom they were brutally supposed to kill!

The magical association had authority to administer justice, but they never fell into such a dead end. They really underestimated the power of the black church, it was the most cruel mistake!

And the black church seemed to specifically want to make a real hell of a magical association. Smugly appearing, they gave a hard slap to the magicians.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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