Chapter 645. Water Flow – Raging Sea!


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Black Church needs a lively Salan!

They say that they can inform about the whereabouts of the grave, because in all this calamity the worst is not rain, but the fact that the awakened emperor will wake up all the other commanders!

It was hoped that if you find the burial of the emperor and prevent him from waking up, the rest of the undead will disappear too!

– Let go of the people! – ordered Han Ji.

A group of guards brought out the captured Zhu Meng, who seemed calm. He was calm because he understood that the attempt to deal with Salan would not be crowned with success.

Zhu Meng straightened his mustache and, looking at Mo Fang, said: “I never would have thought that it was you who would save my life!”

– This is a fight for life and death. It’s hard for everyone now, ”said Mo Fan.

“Eh, I haven’t thought yet that this magical association could come to this,” Zhu Meng breathed.

– To save people is much harder than to kill them! – answered Mo Fan.

Zhu Meng was only stunned at first, and then forced a smile.

Zhu Meng was released, and with him the rest.

Han Ji did not release the detainees at his whim; he did this in order to leave the suspects behind.

Dusiao was also released, but when he began to step forward, Han Ji gestured to be stopped.

“Now speak,” Han Ji’s speech was as if he had assumed full responsibility for this disaster. And if it were not for key information about the location of the burial, he would have torn Mu He long into small pieces!

Mu Ho said nothing. He just walked through the courtyard and stopped at a stone railing.

He glanced at Zhang Xiao Hou and found that the black haze around him was becoming weaker. Nodding with satisfaction, he ran his eyes along the north side.

Silence persisted for some time. Deacon Hongjing did not say anything, which was enraged by Han Ji!

– Do not rush! Soon you will see for yourself … just before nightfall …, – Hongjing continued to stand in its place, and his eyes were also all turned to the north.

He was not looking in the direction of the north gate, but in that very distance, which was already gripped by darkness …

Not reaching the middle of the area, there were still vague silhouettes of high-rise buildings, but the rest of the territory was covered by rotting corpses, skeletons, demons. Everything was covered by these bloodthirsty eyes …. Even high level magicians did not see so many creatures at the level of the commander in chief!

The twilight was approaching, the rain continued to pour, and the distant territory was becoming increasingly dim — there were so many undead behind it all that it was impossible to even count it!

Three kilometers from the gate, the waves began to wind up, the bubbling of which was audible in the inner part of the city!

The feeling was created that all this action was striving towards the city, and all the empty space around was filled with undead!

The water was still some distance away from the clock tower … the water gushing like ten waterfalls … At that moment, Mo Fan felt like he was seeing the sea in front of his eyes!

“Lu Juan has already spoken,” said Zhu Meng.

– The head of elite security? – asked Mo Fan.

– Yeah. Its power is equal to the strength of Han Ji. If I fought with him, then after several rounds I would have suffered a most severe defeat! He alone can overcome the skeletal lord! – said Zhu Meng.

Along with the words of Zhu Maine from the inside of the city, there were sounds of breaking glass that were part of a building that defended the city.

Mo Fan raised his head and saw a huge skeleton, whose bone wings shook space with tremendous force!


Drops of water pounded on the golden barriers.

Golden protective barriers were very powerful. They did not react to falling raindrops, but from the flapping of the wings of the skeletal ruler, the raindrops were like arrows that attacked barriers!

How powerful should he be?

“Since Lu Juan has advanced, then the skeletal ruler cannot just watch everything from afar.” His highest-level water magic is the water flow: the raging sea can wipe out thousands of dead people at once! Said Zhu Meng.

“The magic of the highest level …,” Mo Fan echoed his words.

Twilight was gathering, and the people standing on the roof of the clock tower could see Lou Juan breaking through the veil of rain to kill the skeletal ruler!

Lu Juan used high-level magic, but high-level magic was also given to him with a bang. His magical glow was even stronger than what was emitted simultaneously by a whole group of magicians who were guarding the wall!

The people on the tower were high-level wizards, among whom were also wizards of the highest level, but none of them were able to break through the golden protective barriers, as did Lu Juan!

You could say that Lu Juan’s belligerence was the only hope of the whole city!

This magician! Even the gathering twilight could not hide the glow of his talent!

– Sadly not that such a magician is on the defense of the city …. The sad thing is that he is the only one! Said the senior deacon Hongjing.

– It seems that you deliberately delayed time. The moment of your death has come! Said Han Ji, in a chilling voice.

“Although the time of my death has come, but very soon you will wait for the emperor to come too!” – said Hongjing.

After a while, the deacon Hongjing looked into the distance, and his whole body began to shake in joyful convulsions.

– Came. He came…. Haha Ha ha ha!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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