Chapter 647. Apotheosis.


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– Zombie depths gradually approaching the inner part of the city! – Without letting say Mu He, said Mo Fan.

These words of Mo Fan, literally destroyed all the hopes of the people!

Zombie depths approaching the inner part of the city!

Zhu Meng reacted first. He figured out how this manifestation of the abyss was!

For the first time: the area of the lost sands river is about 600-700 kilometers west of Xi’an.

The second time: the neighborhood of the salt reservoir – where the villages were!

The third time: at a distance of 30 kilometers north of the city!

At the same time the abyss manifested itself already in the city!

Zhu Maine was shaking … now he could not believe his eyes and the picture that appeared before him!

– Next time, the zombie abyss will absorb all! And she will not care whether it will be simple inhabitants or high-level magicians! We all die!

– Ha ha ha! The apotheosis of the triumph of our church! Salan crown this celebration! All bow before him!

Zombie deep all this time was a cunning plan of the black church!

No wonder why Zhang Xiao Hou saw then near the zombie depths of Mu He, it was all arranged in advance by the black church! Were there still those who considered Salana and his minions as a common mob?

This Salan is the real death god who plunges everything into darkness!

He was not disturbed by the fate of millions, the hordes of the undead were for him only a step up!

It was a solemn ceremony of the black church on the occasion of Salana’s apotheosis!

This zombie abyss is so terrible, but is it as bad as the heart of Salan’s black?

The senior deacon Hongjing was already standing on the clock tower and looking north.

Han Ji regretted – his heart turned into ashes.

However, what was the point now to regret something?

Undead surrounded the city, a zombie abyss could arise right in the city in broad daylight, and then the entire ancient capital would be absorbed along with its inhabitants!

Tears streamed down Han Ji’s face. He fell to the ground, becoming a helpless old man …

– Salan … I implore you! Take whatever you want! However, let go of the inhabitants of the city! – Han Ji’s voice trembled.

From the formidable chairman of the magical association in the clock tower only a trembling voice remained.

People could not believe their eyes …. The formidable Han Ji, who was always the first to rush into battle, was now kneeling in front of the black church.

A stranger was standing there too. His eyes expressed emptiness.

From the very beginning he did not think of the idea of the black church!

The grave of the ancient emperor was in a zombie abyss – it was already impossible to stop the whole process.

The quagmire was already approaching the inner part of the city …

Now all threadlike hopes have been torn off.

The stranger looked at all the high-ranking magicians. On each of their faces, one could see the collapse of hopes, on each … except one ….

“Chairman, it makes no sense anymore,” the stranger helped Han Ji to rise.

If Salan needed the power and recognition of a magical association, then he had already received them.

As Hongjing used to say, it was the ceremony of the deification of Salan, who has now become the god of death!

It is not known how much this solemn ceremony was planned!

The secrets that were known to the black church were far beyond what was known to the magical association!

They knew about the secrets of the villages, knew about the connection of the city of Bo with these villages, knew the secret of the zombie depths, and even knew when it would appear!

Have they really been waiting for all this time of death?

Even the elite guards did not have the strength to destroy Salana! As a result, all suffered!

At that moment, when the mysterious stranger was in a state of complete disappointment, one guard slowly approached him and held out something.

The stranger opened the parcel and saw a signal that only he could decipher … his eyes swayed …

This man finally delivered the news!

He ran his eyes through what was written, automatically deciphering on the move … his hands shook.

Hope! There is still hope!

The mysterious stranger, whose face was covered with gray-white cloth, looked at Fan Gu, Mo Fan, Zhang Xiao Hou and the others, however, remembering that one among them should be Salan, whispered Han Ji in his ear a few phrases.

The light flashed in the eyes of Han Ji.

– Seriously? Can you trust this person? Han Ji asked.

– Absolutely! Said the stranger with certainty.

– But will they? Han Ji asked again.

– We have no other choice. Even fading hope is hope! Said the stranger enthusiastically.

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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