Chapter 649. Do Something.


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– Not so not, because if not, the zombie abyss will still be in the inner city. Besides, when I was standing next to the abyss, it seemed to burst open, well, of course, it’s possible that I’m just a decent citizen of Bo, ”Zhang Xiaohou laughed, forcefully drawing a smile.

“If you go, then I will too,” said Su Xiao Lo.

– Monkey, did you really decide to jump there? – Mo Fan sternly looked at Zhang Xiaohou.

“Brother Fan …” Zhang Xiaohou was looking at Mo Fan, he suddenly caught his breath, and then continued intermittently, “so many people died, I don’t want to see death, let… let all be alive.” I myself do not know if there is a connection in the traditions of my family with these villages, I also don’t know if I have any relationship with them … Even if one thousandth is enough, one ten thousandth, and even if not … I don’t want to wait until the zombie sinks swallow up the whole city, its inhabitants, you … But I can survive, and then I will regret that I did not die, because I could … because I could save everyone!

Zhang Xiaohou sobbed, he saw the horror of a zombie abyss, and how terrible it was to die in it, but still it is better to jump.

He cried because he was afraid, he had never experienced such horror, but his words just went straight from his heart.

Not because he is some great one, but if suddenly it turns out that he has some kind of relationship, then it would be better for him to die!

Zhang Xiaohou’s words echoed through the bell tower, echoing from the gut of everyone present there, hitting every higher level mage.

Mo Fan wanted to dissuade Zhang Xiaohou from this, but these words sounded quite convincing.

– Fan Gu, I drank the sacred source, if I jump, what do you think will happen? – Mo Fan looked at Fang Gu, and asked with a serious look.

“I don’t know either, but it is known from our covenants that the sacred water of the city of Bo is stronger than the water from the wells … Did you drink all alone?” I think that the undead of the zombie depths will not touch you, but their ancestor will not be happy, – answered Fan Gu.

– Mo Fan, are you coming too? – Zhou Ming asked in amazement.

– One way or another I will die, but I choose otherwise. However, there is already someone to jump, but I’m worried about the other, as we get to the zombie depths, which are still quite a few kilometers away, and a whole horde of undead blocks all the way, ”answered Mo Fan.

This puzzled all those present.

And indeed, the zombie depths outside, the undead outside, respectively, to reach it is also not an easy task!

– Oh, and are we any knickknacks! – Zhu Meng puffed out his cheeks, and then said nobly.

– We will cut your way! – decisively said Dusyao, taking a step forward.

“Me and Li Yu Jian love gambling, so who will kill fewer undead before he dies will run errands in the other world after another.” What is happening now is already better, I even had a little hope for a miracle, to kill, to kill! – Senior Judge Shi Zheng was unstoppable.

“All life is nothing but a casino,” said Li Yu Jian.

Han Ji’s eyes began to shine when he saw that high-ranking officials had decided to cut through the road.

This information was enough to inspire them, and it was much better than deathly silence!

I wonder what is happening in the soul of Salan?

“To prevent Salan’s insidious plans, I’ll protect them until we reach the zombie abyss!” Said Han Ji.

– Chairman, are you also going to leave? – the mysterious was amazed.

– Salan is among us, because he can do something against it, because I will personally protect them, even if he is brave enough to go into the hands of his death! Said Han Ji coldly, as if that person was in decline, he was not at all.

– Well, the chairman decided to fight shoulder to shoulder with us, what else to talk about. All high-ranking officers go into battle, but in any case, it is necessary to leave several walls to guard, ”gave the order to the assistant commander Yao Ting.

– Zhang Xiaohou, you are worthy of imitation, our military district is proud of you! – Fei Jiao hit Zhang Xiaohou with all his strength.

– It is not known how much more zombies will drift, therefore we need to cut a road as soon as possible, through the hordes of the undead, and safely deliver these people!

– Everything is on your shoulders, how it will end, you will become heroes, we will lose, also nothing, we will meet at a feast in the afterlife, we will raise our glasses for the glorious battles.

– Chairman, what about Hujing? – asked the mysterious white and gray.

“Since he showed up here, it means preparing for the death of Salan, so they decided to just lock in the bell tower …” said the chairman.

Mu Ho really is preparing for the death of Salan, and is kneeling there, as if in prayer, in general, extremely crazy!

Like there is no point in killing, it’s best to judge them.

And if everything can be resolved, then simply killing him will be too little!

But even now, Mu Hae is ready for death, he also laughs wildly, says that this is a ceremony, that he canonized, about Salana, about the god of death, sometimes says different words that are not connected with each other, and looks really like crazy.

Now there is no one to deal with him, they all have a common goal, and it must be reached soon!

“Yao Ting, are these only from your squad?” Han Ji asked.

– Only they, in the inner city, need to leave guards, otherwise we will leave, the magic barrier will be destroyed, the undead will rush into the city, the result is …

“True, enough people must be left in the city so that the black church suddenly does not revolt,” said Lu Xu.

“There are too few people, not enough to make it to the zombie depths,” said the mysterious white and gray.

“I have a plan, it requires big sacrifices … And only voluntary consent,” said Shi Zheng.

Everyone listened to the plan of Shi Zheng, their faces immediately changed, and some expressed disagreement.

But Shi Zheng stood his ground firmly, he said: “I say it voluntarily. And I need only volunteers, there’s no such a thing, we don’t have much time, and we will just go kill. ”

– Then … Do not shirk, tell everyone.

– The people in the greater mass are cowards, it is unlikely to decide on this, besides they are not magicians.

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