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The killing intent flashed through the mind. In an instant, Lin Bingli’s body moved, as if blending with the endless ice frost, move towards Chu Xingyun’s direction.

“Gu cyan mountain, make a move!” 阎 感觉 感觉 感觉 感觉 感觉 感觉 感觉 感觉 感觉 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林 林

“It’s ridiculous that both of you want to stop me.” Lin Bingli didn’t look at the two men, behind them, ice frost ancient door reappears, they easily suppressed them, unable to move half a point.

Lin Bingli fell in front of Chu Xingyun, with one hand pressed, cold light like a star, like an extreme sky stars, revealing a murderous intention.

Chu Xingyun bit his teeth, the body’s spiritual power broke out unreservedly, and the hollow sword stabbed out, and once again condensed into a hollow wind blade, and slammed into the palm of Lin Bingli.

But this time, Lin Bingli apparently moved to kill, and did not stay at all.

I saw her palm blasting, directly smashing the hollow wind blade, cold qi Yu Wei does not diminish, in contact with Chu Xingyun body for a moment, the whole body of the Meridians are frozen, even the blood, has become extremely stiff.

“You just didn’t be very arrogant? How is this skill?” Lin Bingli is all in a killing intent. He is a master of life and death, and his power is turned into a palm. He buckles on Chu Xingyun’s neck and turns it slowly. lift it up.

Chu Xingyun The whole face became red and wanted to move. The body was completely frozen by cold frost. Even if it was a piece of spiritual power, it could not be motivated. It should be completely swayed by Lin Bingli and could only stare at death.

“In this regard, in Shui LiuXiang’s share, I still want to spare you a life, but didn’t expect you to be so ignorant, a humble cock, dare to swear in front of me, I really don’t know where you come from. ”

Lin Bingli tightly buckled, the spirit is like a knife, so that Xu Xingyun’s 7 acupoint is beginning to flow out of fresh blood, but she does not mean to let go, full of indifference: “Now, let me know, I want It is easy to kill you.”

The sound suddenly turned cold, and Lin Bingli’s right hand came out and extended a finger, like a flowing light, to Chu Xingyun’s eyebrows.

This finger is cold to peak.

Not touching the body, Chu Xingyun shuddered, as if Death God’s Dark Scythe had been hung on his neck, ready to harvest his life.

“Damn, can it be that back to heaven?” Looking at the cold ice fingers, Chu Xingyun deep in one’s heart, suddenly gave birth to a strong sense of powerlessness.

If it was the last life, like the Heavenly Spirit powerhouse like Lin Bingli, Chu Xingyun could kill hundreds of people at random, and even disdain in the eyes, even the ants are not as good.

But at this moment, Chu Xingyun is no longer a Ba Tian Martial Emperor of aloof and remote.

In the eyes of Lin Bingli, he is not an ants. He can suppress it at his own pace. He wants to kill and kill. There is no resistance at all. What he can do is only waiting for death.

“It’s over.” Chu Xingyun’s gaze became dim, cold ice on his finger, a gorgeous ice bloom, reflected his eyes, constantly expanding, and even his eyes completely enveloped.


The violent cold qi raging, passed Chu Xingyun’s face, let his closed eyes, suddenly opened up, some difficult to channel: “I am not dead?”

Looking forward, I don’t know when Shui LiuXiang appeared in front of him. The delicate body stood straight, and it was the smothering of Lin Bingli, which was hard to stop.

“Shui LiuXiang, you…” Lin Bingli apparently didn’t expect this scene, his eyes widened, and immediately, he saw Shui LiuXiang’s body, and there was a very cold temper, which shocked her whole person. Fly out.

After doing this, the extremely cold gas disappeared immediately, and Shui LiuXiang’s body swayed violently, his mouth opened, and he spit out a few fresh blood and tilted his head down.

When Chu Xingyun saw it, he immediately hugged Shui LiuXiang and looked at Shui LiuXiang’s delicate and pretty face. It was already red-stained by fresh blood. The breath between breath and breath was like a cold wind. It is cold.

“Flower, how do you be so stupid, can you be that you don’t know how to do this, will Nine Extreme Cold Veins break out in advance and hurt the internal organs?” Chu Xingyun eyes red, the palms are frozen by the cold cold qi qi, Also unaware.

It turned out that Shui LiuXiang had forcibly ignited the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins and gained a short-lived power. He came to Chu Xingyun and blocked the damn finger for him and repelled Lin Bingli.

But at the cost, the cold qi in Shui LiuXiang has been completely released, no longer subject to any suppression, and beginly madly eroding the internal organs.

In this case, even if you take more Baiyang Dan, it will not help, and it will be irreparable!

Shui LiuXiang opened his eyes with some difficulty, his palms extended, and he sighed Chu Xingyun’s face. He said softly: “Cloud big brother, you are my husband, this is the only person in the world who is good to me, let alone illuminate Nine. Extreme Cold Veins, even if it makes me die immediately, I don’t want to see you hurt a little.”

Upon hearing Shui LiuXiang, Chu Xingyun’s eyes became empty and his hands trembled.

In front of this scene, he actually has a feeling of deja vu!

In the last life, they encountered the endless Beast Tide, Shui LiuXiang in order to save him, blocked in front of him, using life to stop the deadly claws and save his life.

In this world, Shui LiuXiang is also trying to save his life, willing to come forward, and even broke out Nine Extreme Cold Veins in advance, so that own suffers from the cold qi phagosome.

This move made Chu Xingyun’s heart hurt and painful.

His Two Lifetimes are people, and in the end, they still fail to protect Shui LiuXiang and protect his beloved woman.

Not far away, Lin Bingli stood up and swayed.

Her eyes look at this, the tone is indifferently said: “Shui LiuXiang, you will not hesitate to release the cold qi of Nine Extreme Cold Veins, but also to save the life of this brat, you can think that with such a cold qi, Can you stop me?”

Mindfulness, the huge ice frost ancient door became incomparably clear, landed, and burst into a cold, so that the original cold space completely turned into the ice frost World, even the surrounding Earth Spirit force, They were all frozen into ice frost, and they fell.

Seeing Lin Bingli still want to make a move, Shui LiuXiang took a deep breath, seems to have made the final decision, said: “Your ultimate goal is to let me join the Jiuhan Palace, completely control my body Nine Extreme Cold Veins, well, I promise you, as long as you agree to let go of the cloud big brother, I am willing to go to the Jiuhan Palace with you, and everything will follow your instructions.”

Listen, Lin Bingli’s heart is happy, if you can get the full power of Shui LiuXiang, then the Jiuhan Palace is equal to the Nine Extreme Cold Veins in advance, which is exactly what she wants to see.

As for the life of Chu Xingyun, she wants to kill, but she can give up.

As she said, Chu Xingyun, but the ants are nothing more, because a cockroach ant’s low-lying life, which broke the major event of the Jiuhan Palace, is simply not worth it.

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