Chapter 651. The execution of the wind.


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In the tower on the city wall, crowds of magicians, hunters, students, military magicians, elite protection magicians, primary, secondary, high, higher levels, magicians with elements of lightning, water, fire, wind, light, earth …

– Assault squad, destruction! – shouted Han Ji

As soon as the order was given, four top-level magicians raised their glittering wings, which immediately opened up. Even after they were in the black ocean of evil, you could see their magical halos!

Four straight lines appeared, it was clearly visible how black evil spirits disappeared under the power of these four mages of the highest level, as if the red carpet was spread out in the depths of evil spirits. Numerous corpses and skeletons located in the diameter of 400-500 meters were wiped off the face of the earth!

The land under the magicians-stormtroopers suddenly became fire red after they began the slaughter!

Suddenly there was a rain of fire, the drops of fire were very large. Black clouds are hot.

A whole crowd of elite guards with an element of fire simultaneously applied high-level magic, fiery rain fell layer upon layer upon the earth, the earth, seized by evil spirits, turned into a burning sea of eyes that filled all around!

– Come on! – shouted Han Ji, waved his hand, in a flash the purple eldezhda elite guards turned into a defense that covered Mo Fang, Zhang Xiao Hou, Fan Gu, Su Xiao Luo. Stepping on the fire ground, they rushed forward.

In the four rows of magicians, all were high-level magicians, luminous constellations appeared near each of them, and luminous maps of the starry sky exuded inexhaustible energy. At that moment, one could see that the magicians in front were using the magic of the wind level!

The blue wind surrounded the lineup of magicians in purple robes, turning into a strong hurricane. Hurricane rushed forward, put out the flames. Undead, which burned beyond recognition, ran across a wind knife and turned into debris.

As if sailing in a windmill, the blue wind streams drew outlines around the protection that Han Ji had created. A detachment of elite guards flew into the air along with Mo Fang and the rest at a distance of 400-500 meters, the inner walls were left far behind.

After 400-500 meters, the number of skeletons suddenly increased, snow-white skeletons seemed to gain strength, if one of the magicians dared to enter their place of accumulation, all this evil began to cut them, waving all sorts of weapons.

The main means of attack for skeletons was cold weapons: bone knives, sharp sabers, hammers and spears ….

The constitution of the skeletons was different, it was possible to determine their age by the color of the bone substance. Mo Fan looked at the line of elite guards that were in front and found that the number of skeletons was surprisingly large. Their bone substance is strong, like iron. They radiated cold brilliance, but the worst thing about them was their eyes trying to find something alive in their path for the purpose of destruction!

* Loud roar

They opened their mouths, their chins fell down, their mouth without teeth looked especially sinister.

The skeletal giant, radiating cold light, began to growl loudly, at one point the skeletons turned into a mighty army, filling all space.

– Water curtain!

– Water curtain!

– Water curtain!

High-level wizards with an element of water floated their magic, beautiful blue constellations scattered about a kilometer in diameter, each magician of elite protection in purple clothes at the same time covered with a glow of water.

One by one, like a waterfall, water curtains appeared around, in front of, behind and behind the four magicians. The water curtain has become a small safe magic circle. In the end, the veil closed all around, which was not visible and the gaps.

Mo Fan felt that he was under the protection of this water magic circle, level by level the water curtain tremendously defeated the attack of the skeletons, as if by a shower it was throwing away the weapons of the skeletons, only the sound of falling bone weapons could be heard: ding ding dong. In the end, the water curtain stopped.

– Kill the skeletal giant! – ordered Han Ji.

When the order was given, Mo Fan vaguely felt the magical shadow sweep past with the speed of an arrow and disappear from his side, and then carried off to the center of the skeleton squad.

The skeletal giant was huge, it could be well seen. Without waiting for Mo Fan to make out the giant, some top-level magician threw a lightning bolt, and suddenly, everyone heard the sound of a devastating blow.

The face of a skeletal giant has become ugly from horror. His skin was woven from skulls. Suddenly, at one moment, all these skulls one by one fell from his body.

– The obstacle is eliminated, I will guide you on another part of the way! – There was a ringing voice from the crowd of skeletons.

The edge of the blue wind began to cut skeletons from all sides, the blue wind claimed thousands of skeleton lives.

The crushed bones crumbled to the ground, creating a thick snow-white layer. Thousands of wind blades suddenly found themselves in the hands of a silhouette.

– A thousand wind blades! Execution of the wind!

The spell chopped everything in its path, the blue light sparkled wildly. The snow-white skeleton abyss was divided into long lines, the skeletons turned into fragments!

The power of the execution of the wind made the numb from the surprise of the magicians who were in the depths of the undead. In the diameter of several hundred meters the evil spirits were wiped out!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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