Chapter 652. Cut Through


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– exe, foreman Lin Si! Shouted Han Ji cheerfully.

Han Ji, after he became the head of the magical association of the bell tower, did not particularly fight against monsters, and now, being surrounded by crowds of monsters, he remembered the former battle off the coast of the sea.

– For the ancient capital! – a beautiful silhouette flashed in the crown, one could imagine how good she was in her youth.

This is the foreman of the Hunters Association, Lin Si, her position in the hierarchy is even higher than the leader of the hunters, although she was also in terms of execution, but this did not diminish her determination to cut through the bloody path.

The wind … It was the secret of the wind, and Zhang Xiaohou had the main element just the wind, and he always believed that the wind allows us to slip away, create interference to the enemy, but when he first saw the highest level wind magic, he realized how wrong it was: wind did not respond to any description.

It was real wind magic. Everything around was littered with the skulls of the undead, which loomed an even circle.

Zhang Xiaohou from this kind was given a diva!

– Lined up in rows, and all full speed ahead! – Han Ji’s voice sounded in each ear.

By order, the elite guard magicians immediately lined up in a square, their star maps merged into one, and a bright flash of magic smashed the crowds of the undead around.

Elite security mages made their way forward, leaving behind piles of bones. Lin Si cleaned the field around, giving the opportunity to the elite security mages to line up in a square.

The magic barrier of the water curtain was not a permanent defense, and the undead followed densely behind the magicians, periodically bumping into the blue water wall!

– The dead, the dead are attacking!

It is not clear which side sounded the voice, but it came to all the military magicians.

Mo Fan was already a kilometer away from the inner wall, and all this time he was surrounded only by the undead and the corpses of people lying on everywhere.

What they did was still too little. Only after destroying a mob of skeletons, a legion of rotting corpses appeared before them, which had previously been pulled to small gates by volunteers, and now it is not clear whether all volunteers were killed or they were sent here by more intelligent undead who knew that the main forces of the enemy were not there!

The extreme number of the dead was great, and from all sides they attacked a group of people who now looked like a small island in the middle of a black raging ocean, finally cutting off the way back to the inner walls.

– The tyrant gives them orders, you need to take the fight! – it is obvious that the commander was a magician of the element of the spirit, since everyone could hear his voice in his head.

Everything around was black and black, the magicians of the element of light were already barely clearing the air from the breath of death!

– Deadly poison, storm of deadly poison!

A legion of rotting corpses attacked, and the corpse poison swirled in the air, absorbing a military detachment at a frantic speed …

The power of the storm was felt even behind the inner walls, the people on it watched helplessly as a military detachment covered the corpse’s poison …

It is black, everything is black and black around, even the light of magic is barely noticeable, not to mention the tiny figures of magicians, as if absorbed into the belly of a terrible monster. From what he saw people on the wall fell spirit!

“Is this … Is this the end of the world?”

“I see nothing but rotting corpses.”

– This is the result, it makes no sense to leave the magic barrier.

The remaining magicians were the last hope of the people, and at the moment they were only tearfully complaining.

The small gates were covered in blood and the battlefield in front of them was littered with the corpses of the dead, the front of the northern gate was seized by a storm of deadly poison, taking the inhabitants of the city by surprise.

– There is a light, look, brightens! Shouted a military mage standing on the wall.

“Indeed the light … Cadaveric poison weakens, but no!” It dissipates, corpse poison dissipates! – from joy shouted another magician.

More and more magicians on the wall looked at the holy golden glow in the midst of a storm of carcass poison. Several tens of thousands of golden swords pierced poisonous monsters, and the storm subsided …

Gold and milky-white light replaced each other, immediately illuminating the silhouettes of bursting magicians, which formed iridescent constellations, star systems, star clouds, inspiring others with their magnificence!

“They are all right, the magicians of light have scattered the storm of deadly poison, and now they are counterattacking!”

Joyful sounds scattered across the wall, spreading to the inner city, to every nook and cranny, to every refuge.

Most of the people were not on the wall, because they did not see how people were fighting to die with the legions of evil spirits, but they heard about what was happening, and every good news sparked a light of hope in their hearts!

Breakthrough, people can break through the thick of the undead! Even if the undead is hundreds or thousands of times more than magicians!

– Long live the magicians! Long live the magicians!

– Long live the magicians! Long live the magicians!

At this moment the magicians were the stronghold of human hope, during the invasion of the undead, at a time when the undead destroyed their homes, only magicians are able to cope with them!

You can look at the countless ruins, then, as the squad of magicians move forward, you can be proud of them, hope for them, because whatever terrible situation happens, they will look for a way out, they will fight for everyone!

This is steadfastness, this is the hot human blood in their veins, which allows them to do so amazing things … Giving other people light in the darkness!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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