Chapter 653. Throne Tyrant !!!


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– Dead people are too powerful! Break is unreal! – Zhu Maine’s voice was heard from a height.

Mo Fan looked up and saw Zhu Meng, behind whose wings were fiery wings.

On his body were wearing thunder armor, which he used in Hangzhou. The glow of the armor made him a heavenly knight of fire and lightning! The elite security mages recognized the assessor in him only when he went down!

His peaks this time could not be seen, but it was she who would give his image complete completeness!

– Relax! I have! Break through! – I heard the voice of a mature man. He was Dusiao.

There was a roar. The earth began to open up. Mo Fan looked around and saw a monster beside him … his dimensions were huge!

Mo Fan looked up and saw a skull of a young guy instead of the head of this monster! His hair shimmered like silk, and his black pupils glittered so that all the undead around could feel his power!

In the next moment, this monster was already rushing forward. The rotting corpses he carried were so weak compared to him that everything around him was spattered with their blood!

A crowd of draft creatures appeared in the air. Among them were a swift bloody wolf, whose dimensions reached 2-4 meters, white armored insects, a rocky monster, brown-tailed creatures, whose dimensions ranged from 5 to 10 meters …

On the ground all this time, the black-eyed conscript monster Dusiao remained in charge. A crowd of draft, numbering several dozen animals, in seconds killed the undead, but the draft Dusyao differed brutal spirit. The wave formed from his trampling curled over one hundred dead flesh at once, and with one blow of his claws the rotting corpses threw over a long distance!

Among the ghouls were toxic, which represented the greatest danger to the magicians, as they were not afraid of death, and could rush into battle, even having lost half of the body. The magic against them was powerless, and it was during these moments that the draft animals came to help, although they were not particularly helpful in raking these trumpacks, but they showed themselves perfectly in the melee!

In a thick layer of ghouls, draft animals could make a hole. The fighting ability of the bloody bird was in no way inferior to the combat power of the draft beast Dusyao. Even when the bird flew up from the mages of the elite guards, Mo Fang was not able to see her rider, but he clearly saw that during each attack she was destroying more than a hundred rotting corpses …

The bloody bird did not belong to those animals that could boast of their distance abilities in flight. During the flight, a bloody bird could instantly turn into a bloody silhouette with a cutter function. Each ray of light, reaching a length of 10 meters, could chop rotting corpses into pieces …

“Our path is blocked behind us,” came the voice of the military. The space behind was already overloaded with black rotting corpses …

From this place to the inner wall was about half a kilometer, and the rotting corpses flooded the local neighborhoods were literally confusing.

– Then go ahead!

– We go after the lord of the hunters Dusyao!

The lack of paths to retreat noticeably spurred the magicians. They moved firmly to the attack on the hordes of rotting corpses, the draft animals were ahead, the magicians of the elite guards were backing from the air, the military from the sides, and the rest – from behind!

Finally, the draft beast Dusiao was able to connect with four top-level magicians. Now they are moving forward together …

– Where is Wang Qi? – Dusiao asked, counting only three top-level magicians.

“He’s dealt with a few corpse giants, he’s surrounded.” He should be in that direction … it’s not all good … “said Yao Ting.

– Should we save him?

– Do not have time! We continue to make our way forward! Said Han Ji.

“But …” Doubiao sounded doubtful.

Losing one mage of the highest level for the team was not entirely wise.

“He’s coming …” Han Ji said gravely.

Dusiao was stunned. He raised his head and saw the silhouette that rose like a mountain in the midst of the ghouls!

This picture noticeably frightened Dusiao!

It is no wonder why Han Ji said that they would not have time to help the magician … here there was already a rock-like tyrant!

This is the leader of the undead! Even at the highest level mages from this creature begin to shake your knees!

“He’s about the same era as a totem serpent …” Mo Fan looked at him with his head up. The legs of this monster could destroy the whole area!

As soon as this tyrant is fully recovered, the deadly risk for a group of magicians will increase markedly!

The group of magicians needed to move forward a few more hundred meters, because there were still about two kilometers to the zombie depths

There was a crash … The tyrant is already approaching !!!

His tramp was heard again. From the severity of his legs the ground was covered with cracks …

– My God! Is it possible for a man to bear with such a monster?

– Thype tyrant! Thype tyrant!

– In his eyes, we must be even less than cockroaches …

The approach of this monster wiped out the entire determination of the people …

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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