Chapter 654. The Spatial Compass: The Death Ax!


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– Stop it! Shouted Han Ji.

If the tyrant-like tyrant catches them, then the consequences of this are even hard to imagine! Han Ji himself took responsibility for the safety of Mo Fang and the others. It is impossible for the black church to find out about their plan, otherwise it will immediately take action to prevent them from entering the zombie abyss.

Han Ji himself could not participate in the fighting, as he was fully responsible for the safety of people. If they die, the mission will fail!

It is also a good thing that there were quite a few top-level magicians in Xi’an, and a whole squad could be made up of high-level urban magicians. Only by rallying all forces, you can break through the undead!

“Zhu Meng, Lin Xi, Shi Zheng, Yao Ting, Lu Xu, Chujia, Li Yu Jian … you will lead the second squad of elite guards, a team of senior hunters, and high-level volunteers. Having rallied, give battle to the rocky tyrant. You must not let him get in our way! You need to do this even at the cost of your own life! – instructed Han Ji.

In total, seven top-level mages were sent to this case, a squad of elite guards, which consisted of about thirty people, the same number of hunters and about twenty high-level volunteer magicians. As a result, a whole team gathered, which consisted of about a hundred first-class magicians, whose level was not lower than high!

And the whole team was sent to fight only one creature!

Very soon, silhouettes appeared in the sky: magicians, looking up from the ground, headed for a task!

Each of the magicians had at least three elements. What to say … the power of their magic was simply unpredictable and iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow!

The mere burial of the heavenly flame destroyed the crowd of rotting corpses that surrounded the rocky tyrant, clearing the way for him!

Although most of them were high-level magicians, the creation of a star cloud is a very complex process and requires a lot of magical energy. That is why many of them used mid-level magic!

The tyrant was very ferocious. All the corpse giants in the district submitted to him, however, he took this fight alone!

The magic of a high level is cruel, but the body of this tyrant is as if only stronger!

– Deep freeze: sarcophagus!

It was unclear which of the magicians released this magic, however, the funeral ringing had already spread around the district, and with it the ice sarcophagus itself appeared in the air, which could forever freeze an animal of the commander-in-chief level without any problems!

However, the rocky tyrant only raised his hand and brought it down on this piece of ice!

A huge icy sarcophagus, unable to withstand such a blow, fell, lounging at the same time to pieces!

After that, the tyrant rose heavily and headed forward!

Countless cracks appeared in space, which were the result of this heavy blow!

The gaps in the black space immediately began to spread, and it became clear that now this high-level ice magician was the main target of the rocky tyrant!

The gaps continued to expand, and magicians with flying artifacts that were in the air were now forced to scatter, since resisting this spatial gap was simply unrealistic!

Mages were frightened!

– Do not panic! Spatial breach creates vibrations, dodge them! However, do not disperse! – said Yao Ting.

Being a magician of the highest level space element, he, like no other, was well aware of the nature of spatial gaps. Yao Ting warned the rest of the magicians that they can calm these vibrations!

As a result, even if the spatial gap crawled further, and protection against it was not enough, the most important thing was to find the place of its appearance, the only way to dodge it!

– Oh, you, thousand year old ghoul! Old and enough! – cold voice said Yao Ting. Around it has already formed a glow, and the elemental systems formed in a star cloud.

However, the star galaxy, which with its bright glow literally eclipsed everything around us, soon began to emerge!

Yao Ting’s body somehow began to shake mysteriously and the next moment … disappeared!

The tyranude attentively followed his black pupils for what was happening …

He did not immediately realize that this man appeared right in front of him … His frightening eyes began to emit rays, which now were directed directly at the magician!

The man in the blue robe disappeared under the gun of these rays, but the imprint of his silhouette still remained in space!

The tyrant-like tyrant roared loudly, indeed his powers were simply terrifying! With a crash he went on!

It turned out that the magician in blue clothes already appeared on the monster’s shoulder! And now there were two of them … two Yao Ting !!!

Yao Ting also hit everyone! All this time he was behind the tyrant’s back — this particular place was not subjected to its spatial influence!

His silhouette again became ghostly!

Yao Ting continued to play with space, then hovering, then speeding up in it!

Finally, Yao Ting appeared before the tyrant himself … He just opened his hands, directing his eyes …

– Spatial compass: the death axis!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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