Chapter 655. The path to the depths of the zombies!


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Yao Ting raised his head, carefully looking at the rocky tyrant.

After the spell was cast, the points in space that had been previously marked by Yao Ting began to emit silver rays, which, intersecting each other, created silver axes (similar to compass axes). These axes literally pierced the monster from the head to the chest!

Yao Ting made the last movement in space, but now you could clearly see the black axis, which pierced all the others!

The black axis was parallel to the ground. The tip of the axis, not having time to completely unwind, turned into a deadly tip, which appeared in the back of the rocky tyrant!

The sound of an axis made such that it was like the ringing of a stretched string. This deadly axis caused the tyrant to stop for a few seconds … then a fountain of blood spurted out of his neck!

Blood flowed like a stream, gradually filling the earth.

The tyrant like to cry, but the death axis in his body only increased the flow of blood!

Prior to this, high-level wizards tried in vain to inflict at least some kind of injury on a rocky tyrant, and Yao Ting blew his blood with only one attack!

The monster himself did not even suspect that among people there are those who can resist him!

– The magic of the highest level of space! – the rest of the highest level mages, admiring what had happened, also hurried to create star galaxies.

Only the magic of the highest level was able to deliver a significant blow to the monster, but the high-level magicians, having united, could also achieve an obvious effect.

Everything, even strong protection, was the highest level of magicians excellent.

The spatial compass / death axis spell has enabled other higher level mages to complete their star galaxies.

Star galaxies, which were composed of star clouds, very soon pushed the dark clouds that covered the sky.

– I first! – heard the voice of Zhu Maine, whose body was already surrounded by electric lightning.

A summed * (Summan – ancient night lightning god) halberd appeared in his hand …

– Cara lightning: violated the ban!

The halberd in the hands of Zhu Maine, as if by its electrical discharges, seemed to divide the airspace. From a distance, it was evident how electrical discharges, merging together, create a powerful weapon!

Zhu Man jumped high with a halberd in his hand, and his weapon was divided into nine guns!

Nine summed halberds were now around a rocky tyrant, forming a heavenly punishment!

The tyrant was practically unable to move … at the moment when he stopped, the subled halberds struck his body with a thousand lightning strikes!

For such a huge monster, top-level lightning magic could provide a paralytic effect, giving other top-level magicians the opportunity to use their magic!

Within a radius of 2-3 kilometers, you could see how the magicians of the highest level shake their magic!

Watching the seven magicians attacking the rocky tyrant, Mo Fan had already forgotten why he was here!

– Now! In the depths of the zombie! – heard the voice of Han Ji.

One of the elite security mages released the magic of the wind, which helped the rest to move faster.

Ahead was Dussiao, who could not find his people. Around him was only a crowd of rotting corpses.

The tyrant also tried to attack, but the magic of the highest level stopped him. Anyway, the task of this group of magicians was to destroy the rocky tyrant, but not to get involved in a battle with another undead!

– Chairman! Ahead, at a distance of six hundred meters, there is a large number of governors and deceased giants, we will not be able to get through! – reported news Zuo Feng.

Zuo Feng was undersized. There were a lot of people, so Mo Fan did not immediately see the undersized. Apparently, the two of them were outstanding high-level magicians, so they fought their way along with Dusyao and the rest of the magicians.

– Zombie abysses are close! You can not stop! – heard the voice of Han Ji.

“But it’s really very hard for us …” said Zuo Feng, but in return he received only a sparkling light in the eyes of Han Ji.

Zuo Feng understood everything without words and said nothing more.

– Go ahead at the same pace! Said Han Ji to the mages.

Han Ji gave instructions to the elite guards. Although they were high-level mages, their combat effectiveness was much higher than that of higher-level mages.

Mages of elite guards continued to release their own protection.

Han Ji knew that now there was no time for entertainment for the mages of the elite guards, therefore, walking ahead, he also began to create a star cloud.

The starry cloud was green. Mo Fan did not even have time to feel the fluttering of his magical aura, as high-level magic had already been released!

Jade glow of this magic does not overlap the glow of other elements. The charge of the magic of the plant element that formed on the palm of Han Ji flew far, far away and landed in the thick of a regiment of rotting corpses.

After about two seconds, Mo Fan saw a giant black flower!

The flower was simply amazing! In size it was like a small mountain. The petals of this flower were bloody mouths that began to absorb the ghouls!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
Read from for authentic translation

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