Chapter 659. The Mirror of the Evil Eye


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All light gray, completely in white clothes, with wet hair from the rain …

The mysterious white and gray stood on the wall and looked at the magicians returning back, he had a hard life from this view, it was not easy to rush ahead, but even less could return back, because even the highest-level magicians died in this battle. .

In the crown there were only weakly visible reflections of magic, and soon everything would be filled with corpse stench, because the magic of the detachment of military magicians is becoming dimmer and dimmer.

And when the light of magic finally goes out, it will mean the complete defeat of the whole force.

Looking into the distance, the white-gray saw a top-level magician killed there, but he could not distinguish who it was from the battle with the rocky tyrant.

– Need to go with reinforcements? – asked the employee of the association who remained in the garrison.

Mysterious gray shook his head, if you still decide to send support, then under unfortunate circumstances, this wall is unlikely to hold out until dawn.

It was already deep night, the magic became barely visible, and it was already impossible to transmit any information, so it remains only to look silently into the distance.

– It seems that this is Zuo Feng! – shouted someone.

Mysterious looked down, and found two high-level magicians in the middle of a handful of skeletons, to the inner walls they had nothing at all …

Next to the extreme left was still a man in a leather jacket, and together they broke through the road to the inner wall.

– How is it? – immediately asked the mysterious.

“Already successfully delivered to the zombie depths, but there was a terribly powerful afterlife wind, so we could not go further, but I am sure that they are already there, and dived under the zombie depths,” said Zuo Feng.

– So you also do not know if they are alive? – mysterious gray frowned.

“Yeah,” Zuo Feng nodded.

There was no information, and this already made people worry.

“The eldest, the man introduced himself as an elder of the village, and says he saw the imperial tomb,” the magician of the elite guards came running to tell.

– Saw the imperial tomb? What does it mean, where is he?

– In the bell tower!

The mysterious gray glanced at the far left and Yao Nan, and the three of them already wanted to go to the bell tower, as the highest magician who was returning to the inner walls noticed.

Yao Nan, finding out who he was, ran over to meet with joy.

– Shef, and the fat man? – feeling not okay, asked Yao Nan, looking into Daxiao’s pale face.

Dusiao was extremely saddened, and did not answer.

Yao Nan understood Dusyao the answer …

A huge black-eyed monster died, and this was the inviting beast Dusyao for many years …

– Are you hurt? – Changed the theme of Yao Nan.

“It’s okay, much deeper than a wound in the heart,” answered the lord of the hunters Dusyao.

There is a subtle spiritual connection between contract animals and conscripts, and the death of a contract beast leaves a very serious wound in the soul of the magician, so there’s absolutely nothing strange that the master of the hunters is completely white.

“Lord Hunters, come with me to the bell tower, it seems that the elder of the village of Hua Susan has dealt with the imperial tomb, and is now waiting …” said the mysterious gray.

“I’ll be here waiting for the chairman of the union and the rest, while you go,” said Dusiao.

– Okay.

At first, Mo Fan believed that there was a gray cloud cover at the top, although it turned out to be the most ordinary clouds, but after carefully looking, he noticed that there was someone swarming around, and he realized with horror that they were spirits and bodies of little demons!

“Hellish demons are over our heads,” Fan Gu stated.

Such spaces should be very complicated, but you can be sure that they are among the dead and the demons of the zombie depths, and the sky above them resembles the mouth of a smelting furnace!

Even more amazing is that sometimes the clouds in the sky descend, as if it is going to rain …

This cadaver rain!

– Tomb ahead, let’s go? Liu Zhu asked.

Ahead the earth rose upwards, forming steps like those of castles in the mountains. The steps were wide, and if you lift your head, you could see that they ended up somewhere very far away …

All five began to climb, and at least one of them pleased, if it started to rain from corpses, then they will not touch them.

The snow-white tomb and this dirty, stinking corpse world didn’t fit together at all, and if it weren’t for this muddy thing, in which there is something much more terrifying, then one could say that the tomb is a heavenly temple in the midst of evil.

Continuing to rise, the five looked like ants, climbing on a crumpled white-white sheet of paper, only now on some steps were stone statuettes, something resembling Mo Fanyu.

“You think they can move?” – quietly asked Liu Zhu.

“Most likely they can, I don’t think that they are just here for decoration,” said Mo Fan.

“Brother Fan, do you think they look like quartz magic monsters?” – asked Zhan Xiaohou.

– Looks like you think so too. Apparently, the river of lost sands also began more than two thousand years ago, ”said Mo Fan.

“It scares …” Fang Gu went ahead faster than anyone, “but we still need to see an ancestor who left many generations to guard the wells.

“Well, if your ancestor is compliant,” said Mo Fan.

During this terrible disaster, too many people have already died, which has already forced others to surrender. And Mo Fan now hopes that everything will end as soon as possible.

“Why does a bronze mirror weigh here?” – Zhang Xiaohou raised his head, and saw a fancy big bronze mirror!

Translations by AxomiaHoiMoi Tranlations.
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